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Design Your School Newspaper on Your PC Now

Here you can design the coolest school newspaper in the world with just a few clicks. Simply choose a template and start our free online designer. Our creative tools and templates will help you realise your dream of your own school newspaper in no time at all. Each page shows you great ideas, motifs and layouts that you can use as a guide. After designing your own school newspaper, you can order your individual quantity. Whether for the class, the year group or the entire school: we print your school newspaper from as little as 1 copy!

Design and print a classic school newspaper online

Classical school newspaper

Design and print your primary school newspaper online

Primary school newspaper

Design and print graduation newspaper for school online

Graduation newspaper

Design and print high school graduation newspaper

High school graduation newspaper

Design and print your student newspaper online

Student newspaper

Design and print class newspaper online

Class newspaper

Create a School Newspaper or High School Graduation Newspaper as a Stylish Magazine

Would you like to create your school newspaper in a noble magazine look? Then we have the right templates for you. Whether in classic DIN A4 or handy DIN A5 mini format. Thanks to the razor-sharp colour and photo printing, your school magazine will be a real feast for the eyes. Another advantage: your school magazine is more durable and robust in a magazine format. So, you can read it as many times as you want in its freshly printed shine without losing joy while doing so.

Design and print your school magazine online

School magazine

Design and print your high school graduation newspaper online

High school graduation magazine

School Newspaper or School Magazine - Formats to Browse & Marvel At

While a newspaper radiates nostalgic charm, magazines score points with high-resolution text and images. Do you prefer the look of a thin and feather-light newspaper or the elegance of a chic magazine? No matter what you decide: With us, you can order and print your personal school newspaper in any desired quantity.

School newspaper

280 x 400mm

60 g/m², 80 g/m² or 90 g/m² paper

From thin & greyish to grippy & extra white

Retro feeling

4 to 40 pages

Printing from 1 student magazine

School magazine

Either DIN A4 or DIN A5

135 g/m² paper

First-class print quality

High-quality color & photo printing

4 to 40 pages

Printing from 1 school magazine

Creating & Printing a School Newspaper on a PC - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver internationally?

We deliver to the UK as well as to all countries in the EU. We will take care of all formalities.

How long is the delivery time for my self-made newspaper or magazine?

For orders outside of Germany and Austria, the delivery time is going to be 6-8 working days. The delivery is made via DPD. Depending on the order quantity, your newspaper/magazine will either be sent in a securely packed envelope or in a sturdy cardboard box.

How can I pay for my school newspaper?

You can pay for your school magazine either via PayPal, credit card or instant bank transfer.

What format does my school newspaper have?

We produce your school newspaper in the format 280 x 400 mm. This corresponds approximately to the size of a DIN A3. If you prefer to produce your school newspaper as a high-quality magazine, you can also choose between DIN A4 and DIN A5 formats.

What paper should I have my school newspaper printed on?

You can choose from 3 types of paper for the printing of your school newspaper. Whereas our thin 60 g/m² paper looks similar to an original newspaper, our 80 g/m² and 90 g/m² papers offer you more stable pages with a better grip. Your colours and photos look particularly intense on the extra white 90 g/m² paper. Our 135 g/m² magazine paper is even higher quality and more luxurious.

From how many copies can I order my school magazine?

We print your school newspaper in your individual desired quantity. Whether it's 1 newspaper as a showpiece, 30 newspapers for the whole class or 500 newspapers for all pupils and families. You can order your self-made school newspaper from us in exactly the quantity you need.

Can I use the templates & the Designer programme for free?

Of course! You can test all of our student newspaper templates for free and start designing straight away. Even without a user account. If you don't like a template, you can simply close the Designer programme and try out another one.

How many pages can I create for my school newspaper?

You can create your school newspaper from 4 to 40 pages. Individual pages can be flexibly added or removed in the online designer. The only important thing is that the total number of your pages at the end of the design process is divisible by 4.

Where can I find ideas and content for my graduation newspaper?

Next to exam answers and course reports, funny profiles and rankings also belong in a graduation newspaper worth reading. Let our blog articles inspire you and get genius ideas for your graduation newspaper.

What belongs on the front page of a school newspaper?

In addition to the name of the newspaper, a large-format photo of your class or school should be placed on the front page. You can also place the publication date and a price or a small weather report on the cover. This gives your newspaper an authentic character. You can find more instructions and information for the cover pages in our blog article: Discover cool covers for school newspapers.

What name should I give my school newspaper?

The name is an important factor for the success of your school newspaper. We have collected a few original names for you and listed them here: 13 creative names for school newspapers.

Can I also print my own PDF as a school newspaper or school magazine?

Of course. If you feel more comfortable using your own software, you can always design your school magazine with software such as Word or InDesign and then upload your PDF. Click here for the PDF upload for newspapers and here for the PDF upload for magazines.