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Employee Newspaper

Here you can design and print your individual employee newspaper. From classic company newspapers, current company news to serious image brochures and business reports. Discover our template for an employee newspaper and fill the pages with your own texts and images. With just a few clicks you can produce a professional print product for your internal corporate communication. Simply select your desired print options and start the free designer programme.

  • Create your own employee newspaper
  • Template with sample designs
  • Insert your own content online
  • NO extra software installation
  • Fast printing from 1 newspaper

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Design your own employee newspaper

An employee newspaper is an important tool to improve the communication channels in your company. Introduce new employees in profiles, report on exciting projects and give sports and leisure tips right next to the daily work routine. In an employee newspaper you have a chance to provide the staff with important information and strengthen the community spirit.

It only takes a few steps to design your employee newspaper using our online template. Insert headlines, create layouts, upload photos and company logos. The designer is a building kit with a variety of tools for creative newspaper makers. Each page shows you inspiring designs that support you on the way to your personal employee newspaper. You can either use the original layout of the sample pages or completely redesign them according to your own ideas. The online designer gives you all the freedom you need to create your individual staff newspaper.

You don't have to be a design professional. Forget complicated formatting and layout programmes and start designing the pages of the template with themes related to your company. In the designer you will find a lot of tools that support you to create a complete employee newspaper within a short time. Right from the start, all templates and tools are at your disposal. After designing, you have the option to print your newspaper on authentic paper.

5 reasons to create your employee newspaper

Creating your own employee newspaper is worthwhile in many ways. Whether as an information sheet for colleagues or as a promotional newspaper for customers and business partners - no matter in whose hands your employee newspaper ends up: A self made print product always cuts a good figure and enhances your company's reputation. Here you will find 5 undefeatable reasons why our template for a professional employee newspaper pays off.

  1. Bridge builder: When the company is constantly growing, many departments lose contact to each other. Therefore, use an employee newspaper to connect your colleagues and strengthen the sense of unity. An own newspaper keeps all colleagues up to date with the latest news. Especially when there are several company locations, it can help overcome distances and reduce misunderstandings.
  2. Transparency: Wherever things get confusing in the company, an employee newspaper ensures transparency. Illustrate the different work processes and explain the basic organisational structures. That way, everyone knows what's going on.
  3. Esteem & motivation: An employee newspaper is always a sign of respect and appreciation. In portraits and reports you can highlight individual employees and show the whole company what an important function they have. Whether it's planning or production - every employee contributes to the success of the company with their dedication and commitment. Make it clear in your employee newspaper that every team member is unique and valuable.
  4. Entertainment: The entertainment value must not be neglected in an employee newspaper. Therefore, don't just provide figures and statistics, but also exciting content. From background stories and funny work slogans to crossword puzzles. This makes the appearance of your company much more likeable.
  5. Advertising & Marketing: Employee newspapers often have an effect that goes far beyond the boundaries of the company. Through the families and friends of the employees, the newspaper also reaches other households. So it makes sense to fill empty spaces in your newspaper with advertisements for your own products.

Make your staff newspaper now - ideas & content

You want to make your staff newspaper now, but are still looking for the right content? In addition to the classic profiles and letters to the editor, there are numerous other ideas that will make your employee newspaper more attractive and give it a high recognition value. Get inspired here:

  • Introduction: Make it easier for new employees to take their first steps in the company and give them the opportunity to introduce themselves in detail to the staff. An official introduction helps to get in touch with colleagues more quickly.
  • Raffles: Lotteries, competitions, quizzes. Raffles are a particularly popular way to give your employees a treat. You can announce the winners in the next issue of your newspaper.
  • Surveys: Start surveys in different departments and present the results as a diagram in your employee newspaper. Who has the cutest dog in the office? Which floor has the best coffee? And what was the most innovative project in recent years? Simply create a questionnaire and distribute it to your colleagues!
  • Complaint box: An employee newspaper is successful when it is honest and deals openly with criticism. Give your colleagues the possibility to address unsolved problems and make suggestions for improvement. This way, the workforce can optimise individual work processes and actively help shape the future of the company.
  • Tips for everyday working life: What characterises a good morning routine? Which sports exercises help with back pain? Which breakfast cereal is a real energy bomb? And what is the best way to cope with stressful situations? Advice for everyday working life will help your colleagues feel good at work.

Print your employee newspaper in any quantity

Whether it's 10 newspapers for your team or 1,000 newspapers for all the company's locations: We print your employee newspaper in any desired order quantity. After designing, simply confirm the Preview and add your newspaper to the Shopping cart. Here you will find everything you need to know to print your company newspaper.

Is the online programme free?

Yes, the use of our online tools and templates is free. You are welcome to browse around and to explore the programme on your own. Costs are only incurred when you order your employee newspaper via the shopping cart and have it printed.

How can I save my employee newspaper online?

At first you need your own user account, which you can create with a valid e-mail address. Simply log in, start your employee newspaper and save it under your own name. In your user account, you can access your employee newspaper at any time via the menu item Saved Projects.

When will my staff newspaper be printed?

Our printing day for employee newspapers is Wednesdays. Send us your order by Tuesday 2 pm and you will receive your newspaper as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the obligatory 5 to 7 working days delivery time applies.

Can I order my employee newspaper in any print run size?

Yes, we produce your staff and company newspapers in precise quantities. Even in small print runs starting at 1 copy. Simply enter your order quantity in the calculator above and have the price calculated automatically. If necessary, you can still change the order quantity after the designing process.

What type of paper is best suited for my employee newspaper?

There are 3 different paper qualities to choose from for printing your employee newspaper. If you prefer a newspaper-like paper, we recommend the 60 g/m2 paper. The pages are light as a feather in your hand. Just like you know it from real newspapers. If you want to create a staff newspaper with sturdier pages and stronger colours, our 80 g/m2 or 90 g/m2 paper grades are the right choice for you.

Delivery To UK

We also deliver your newspapers and magazines to the United Kingdom. We take care of all customs formalities and import permits.

Delivery to United Kingdom

For Customers from Switzerland

For deliveries to Switzerland we recommend using the service of will then take care of all customs formalities and delivery to your door for a small fee. The best way to do this is to register with before you log in.