Templates for school newspapers with your own name

The name is an important factor for the success of your school newspaper. If the name is funny or particularly imaginative, both students and parents will immediately want to open the newspaper. That's exactly why it makes sense to think about the title of your school newspaper even before you start designing it.

We have brainstormed for you and listed here 13 creative names for a school newspaper. Take a look at the list of names and then use our practical templates to create your student newspaper directly online on your PC. With the help of our free online designer you can add your individual names, reports and pictures to the newspaper pages in no time.

13 original names for your school newspaper

It is important that the name fits your school and arouses the curiosity of your readers at first sight. For example, the name of your school newspaper can contain a play on words, pick up on a known term from everyday school life or simply consist of an adjective. Here you will find 13 fabulous ideas for naming your school newspaper.

💡 Pupil's Echo

💡 Class Gossip

💡 School Corridor Courier

💡 Break time whisper

💡 Crib Sheet Reloaded

💡 Schoolyard Report

💡 Smart School News

💡 School Insight

💡 Free period

💡 Message folder

💡 Thirst for knowledge

💡 Fresh from the press

💡 Cheese leaf Clever

Create your own school newspaper now

Our practical template helps you to create your student newspaper in a flash on your PC. With just a few clicks, you can add the name of your newspaper to the front page, insert reports you have written yourself and upload photos.

Just start our free online designer and explore the freely designable templates of the school newspaper on your own.

Create your own school newspaper online with a custom name

  • Create your own school newspaper on the PC
  • Pre-made sample pages & ideas
  • Easy-to-use online programme
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • 60 gsm, 80 gsm or 90 gsm paper
  • Print from 1 school newspaper

Design your school newspaper now

Create primary school newspaper with personal name

Whether as a fun media project, a graduation newspaper for 4th grade or a gift for parents and grandparents. The Template of our primary school newspaper presents you with exemplary layouts that will help you with advice and support in the design.

You can easily customise the cover or fill in the prepared pupil profiles. See for yourself and create your unique primary school newspaper now. Create your own primary school newspaper online with a customised name

  • Create your own primary school newspaper
  • Colourful templates & templates
  • Easy-to-use online programme
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • 60 gsm, 80 gsm or 90 gsm paper
  • Print from 1 primary school newspaper

Design a primary school newspaper now

Design school magazine with customised title

Do you want to create your school magazine as a high-quality magazine in A4 or A5 format? Then the template of our school magazine is just right for you. Simply open our comfortable online designer and load your content directly into the pages.

From the name of the school magazine in capital letters to class trip reports worth reading to interesting teacher interviews. All content can be freely moved and rearranged, so with little effort you can create a chic school magazine the world hasn't seen before.

Create your own school magazine online with a custom name

  • Create a high quality school magazine
  • As a classic A4 or compact A5
  • Practical magazine designer with templates
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • Elegant & high resolution 135 g/m paper
  • Print from 1 school magazine

Design a school magazine now