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Newspaper Templates - Create your own newspaper

The Smartpaper Designer is a layout programme with pre-made newspaper templates that you bring to life with your own content. You don’t have to be an expert to design a newspaper. The Designer is there to help you, every step of the way. The programme is designed for anyone wanting to create their paper on their computer and print a specific quantity of them.
Writing text, uploading photos, inserting headlines and rearranging layouts - the Designer acts as a building programme with various different tools. This is why the editable newspaper templates are so practical. You can twist and turn all of the elements. Step by step, you'll design the individual pages of your newspaper, until everything is as you want it and you’re satisfied with your masterpiece.

Creating an editable newspaper online - Getting started

First, you'll need to create a free user account before you can start designing your newspaper. You need a user account in order to save your newspaper project. After that, the choice is yours: which editable newspaper template will you choose? Do you like the photo newspaper with large pictures? Are you looking for a traditional daily paper layout? Are your friends getting married and you would like to design a wedding newspaper? Or perhaps it’s a newspaper for your sports club? Our templates have newspaper examples for every occasion. Aside from that, we offer a blank newspaper template as well. Choose the design you like best and which suits your ideas. We have many newspaper templates to choose from.
Clicking on the template will take you to the product page. Here, you'll find a clever calculator. Order quantity, number of pages, paper quality - it's up to you how you would like to make your own newspaper. Our print options in detail:

  • Quantity: How many newspapers would you like to print? Simply enter the quantity desired in the box and confirm it in the table above. We can produce your newspaper from as little as 1 copy.
  • Pages: Determine the number of pages in your newspaper. The Designer lets you create a newspaper ranging from 4 to 40 pages.
  • Paper: Choose a paper type. Do you prefer thinner and lighter paper or studier, more durable newspaper? Grammage describes the weight of the paper in grams per square metre. For richer colours and a pleasant feel, we recommend our 90 g/m2 paper.
  • Format: The format describes the page dimensions of your newspaper in millimetres. We can print your newspaper in a handy, compact size (280mm wide x 400mm tall).
Our clever calculator automatically updates based on your chosen options to give you a price in real time. You can try out different combinations and tailor your editable newspaper according to your specific wishes. Then, click on the red button “Create a newspaper online”. This will launch the Designer. Time to get started!

Design tool for newspaper publishers - an overview

In the centre of the Designer you will find the currently open newspaper page. You can insert your text and pictures as well as amend the layout. It has never been easier to make your own newspaper. Simply click on any item to place it where you want. The features on the left-hand side help you to design your newspaper:

  • Pages: All of your newspaper pages will be listed in order. Here, you can rearrange the page order, delete, duplicate or insert new pages. However, make sure that the number of pages complies with the requirements of your chosen product options.
  • Pictures: Add your own photos to the library. Hover over the picture with your mouse, click and hold the cross symbol and position it where you want in the layout. Next, you can edit the size, zoom and position of your pictures on the page.
  • Shapes: Insert logos, icons or comic art to break up your newspaper, as a sea of text is off-putting. Create diversity by inserting small picture elements in the text.
  • PDF: Incorporate your own PDFs into your newspaper. Note: All fonts in your PDF must be embedded. Non-embedded fonts cannot be printed for technical reasons.
  • Text blocks: Insert new blocks of text in the layouts. All newspaper text can be enlarged, edited and placed where desired.
  • Options: Options allow you to control how the text and picture elements are used. You decide whether your newspaper's content can be moved, maximised/minimised or rotated during the design process. Our magnetic guidelines are particularly useful. These lines help you to create a harmonious, uniform layout and neatly arrange the individual items.
  • Load/save: Here you can save and open any newspaper projects you have already started. A good newspaper isn't always created in one go. Use our save function to take a break from your projects and recharge your creative batteries.
  • Login: Do you not have a user account yet? Then get one now. A user account is required to save and order your newspaper online.
  • Maximise/minimise: Take a careful look at your newspaper project and maximise the page view. In contrast, you can also minimise the view.

Editing newspaper text blocks

Make your own newspaper as outstanding as possible. A successful newspaper thrives on exciting articles and reports. The Designer has the right tools to help you present your text in a stylish manner. Simply click on the text box to view a mini menu. As with standard writing programmes, you select the size, colour and font. Bold and italic fonts are also available in the Designer. Additional features include line adjustment and text clarity. All text boxes can be duplicated or deleted at the click of a button. A double-click takes you to the writing mode. You can insert your own text straight into the newspaper template. To move text, simply click on the text box. Drag the text box using your mouse and place it where you want.

Editing newspaper pictures

Add all your photos to the Designer photo library. From here, you can easily copy the photos to the pages in the newspaper template either by drag & drop or the upload feature. As you wish. Clicking on the picture opens a small photo-editing menu. You'll find a slider for zooming in on the picture along with a small smiley face. The smiley face assesses the quality of your pictures. Grainy, unclear images are unpleasant to look at and will annoy your readers. If the smiley face is laughing and green, your picture resolutions are fine. Including high-resolution pictures, will make your own newspaper more enjoyable to read.
Using the three menu items on the right-hand side, you can incorporate additional filter settings or make your picture more transparent. The transparency effect is great for making the text in your pictures easier to read.

Print space

The print space determines the maximum printable area of a newspaper. Every newspaper, even an editable one, has a narrow white border that is left empty for technical printing reasons. This means that all text and photos beyond this border will be cut off. The Designer automatically displays the print space. If your content extends beyond the border it will disappear. Therefore, make sure that your content is placed inside the print space border of your newspaper template. The preview feature will also help here.

Check the preview and order online

Once you edited your newspaper template according to your wishes, you must first check the preview before ordering your newspaper online. You'll find the preview button at the top of the Designer. The preview shows exactly what your newspaper will look like when printed. It’s a binding print view of your order. Are there still any spelling mistakes in the titles? Have all photos been included? Are your text blocks clearly displayed? Use our preview feature to make corrections and add the finishing touches to your newspaper.

Once you are satisfied with your newspaper, place it in the shopping basket. You can now begin the order process. Enter your address, delivery address and payment method in the form. We’ll print and deliver your custom-made newspaper in 5-7 working days.

Design your newspaper online now - how to get started

  1. Create a free user account using your name and email address.
  2. Choose a newspaper template.
  3. Enter the order quantity, select the print options and open the Designer by clicking on the red button “Design a newspaper online”.
  4. Create your newspaper. Use the various tools in the Designer programme.
  5. Check and improve your newspaper using our print preview.
  6. Place your newspaper in the shopping basket.
  7. Fill out the form and complete the order process.
  8. You’ll receive confirmation of your order by email. Your custom-made newspaper will be delivered to your door a few days later.
The Designer is looking forward to your creative newspaper ideas!