Graduation paper template with ideas and sample pages

With the right ideas, your graduation newspaper will be an absolute hit with students and teachers. But what topics and contents characterise a worth reading graduation newspaper? And what should not be missing in any case?

With our practical tools and templates we give you lots of ideas with which you can design and print your personal graduation newspaper in a short time. Take a look at our Sample pages and content tips below. You are sure to find the right sources of inspiration in our article.

Designing a graduation newspaper with creative templates & ideas

Make your life easier and use our prepared designs to design your graduation newspaper. Each page presents you with cool ideas to guide you. From the front page to profiles and rankings to funny sayings and exam answers, the templates are the perfect jumpstart to create your graduation newspaper in just a few clicks.

With the help of our free online programme, you can add your own texts and photos to the layouts in no time at all. This saves you a lot of work and nerves. You don't need to learn complicated graphics software, but can start designing your individual graduation newspaper on your PC right away.

All pages are free.

All pages are pre-formatted and ready to print. So you can finish your graduation paper stress-free and conveniently order it in your individual desired quantity.

Templates and ideas for an individual graduation newspaper

  • Designing a graduation newspaper on your PC
  • Online designer with templates & ideas
  • No software download required
  • Newspaper size 280 x 400 mm
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • Papers from newspaper typical to extra white
  • Print from 1 graduation newspaper

Design your graduation newspaper now

Discover ideas for your graduation newspaper

Our graduation newspaper template is full of exciting ideas & content. Just replace the placeholders with your own text and photos and voilà: You have a memoir for the ages.


Our designer program is free and works 100% online. So you can have a look around at your leisure and try out the different tools and templates.


Special profiles are a great idea in graduation newspapers to introduce all students of your class or year in detail. After all, everyone is proud when they read their own photo and kind words about themselves in the newspaper. Besides formal details, you may of course also include some funny and ironic information. This increases the entertainment value of your graduation newspaper. Here are some points and questions for the design of your profiles:

📋 name/nickname

📋 Size

📋 Birthday

📋 Eye colour

📋 Greatest talent

📋 Later desired profession

📋 Most annoying feature

📋 Favourite movie

📋 Favourite dish

📋 Standard excuse for forgotten homework

📋 Never leave home without ...

📋 Life motto

📋 Favourite subject

📋 Hobbies

📋 In 10 years ...

📋 Most embarrassing moment in school

📋 Book title to my life

Whether a single profile in a large portrait or several profiles combined on one page to save space, the template for our graduation newspaper presents you with various variations on how you can arrange and arrange your profiles on the pages.

Template with 1 wanted poster
Final paper with template for 4 profiles
Template with 4 wanted posters

Final paper with template for 6 profiles
Template with 6 wanted posters
Final paper with template for 7 cover letters
Template with 7 wanted posters


If you put several profiles together on one page, you will keep your graduation paper nice and slim. This is also a great idea to save paper and printing costs and keep the workload in check. Try out our templates for yourself and see how you can design your classmates' special letters in a flash.

Design your graduation newspaper now


From class clowns to sports stars! Next to profiles, rankings are among the most popular ideas and content in graduation newspapers. Our templates have prepared winners' podiums for this purpose, which you can combine with your own questions, names and even photos. Here are ideas for rankings that will make your graduation newspaper a hit:

🏆 Saying

🏆 Blaumacher

🏆 Entertainer

🏆 Lab bag

🏆 Coffee Aunt

🏆 Future Chancellor

🏆 Math genius

🏆 Always top styled

🏆 Swallower

🏆 Bullshit

🏆 Sloth

🏆 Joker

🏆 Beautiful hair

🏆 World ruler of tomorrow

🏆 Workaholic

🏆 Trendsetter

🏆 Surfer Boy/Girl

Templates and ideas for rankings in a graduation paper

Upload PDF
The templates in our online designer are sample pages that will help you design everything from the cover to the back page. However, if you feel more comfortable with your own software such as Word or InDesign and would like to design completely new ideas, you can of course also have your own print data printed as a graduation newspaper. Go directly to the PDF upload. The automatic print data check checks your file and gives you - if necessary - tips for improvement.

Design your graduation newspaper now

Sayings & exam answers

Do you remember the legendary sayings and jokes from the playground? Have you collected a few cracking answers from your classmates' exams over the years? Then our template is the perfect place to add a dash of humour to your graduation paper and make your readwinners laugh.

Your personal texts and ideas can easily be loaded into the prepared designs. If you have already prescribed the best sayings on your PC, inserting them via key shortcuts CTRL+C and CTRL+V is even particularly fast.

Templates and ideas for funny sayings and exam answers in a graduation newspaper

Design a graduation newspaper now

Children photos

An extremely popular idea for graduation papers are earlier-today comparisons with children's photos. Simply ask your classmates if they still have old photos from childhood or from when they started school. You can then present them next to current photos or directly make a funny search game out of them. This way, the readers of your graduation newspaper have to find out which child's photo matches which student.

Templates and ideas for a graduation newspaper with old children's photos

Design graduation newspaper now


The cover is one of the most important pages of your graduation newspaper. This is where it is decided whether your newspaper will be curiously opened or quickly disappeared into the dusty cupboard shelf. It must be clear from the first glance that this is not a run-of-the-mill newspaper from the newsstand, but a unique and self-made graduation newspaper.

With these ideas you can give your cover an authentic and unmistakable look:

📰 Name of your graduation paper

📰 Motto

📰 Class/year

📰 Date of publication

📰 Price information

📰 Large group photo

📰 Headlines & editorials

Templates and ideas for a graduation newspaper cover

Design a graduation newspaper now

Design & print graduation newspaper - cost overview

Now that you have researched enough ideas for your graduation newspaper, would you like to check the printing costs before designing it? Then our price table will give you a quick overview.

You can order your graduation newspaper in your individual desired quantity and have the costs calculated at any time in real time using our calculator.

format Number of pieces Paper Number of pages Price*
280 x 400 mm 10 60 g/m2 40 82,23 €
280 x 400 mm 25 60 g/m2 40 115,67 €
280 x 400 mm 50 60 g/m2 40 196,71 €
280 x 400 mm 75 60 g/m2 40 267,99 €
280 x 400 mm 100 60 g/m2 40 367,07 €
280 x 400 mm 200 60 g/m2 40 647,49 €
280 x 400 mm 500 60 g/m2 40 1,583.65 €

*Gross prices include VAT; shipping costs within Germany already included.