Vorlagen für Schülerzeitungen, Grundschulzeitungen und Abizeitungen

Design & print student newspapers & graduation papers online

Student newspapers are an exciting and fun project that motivates students to research and write. From breaking news from the playground to class trip reports and puzzle questions to profiles and teacher interviews. Use the creative templates of our online designer to design a varied school newspaper and have it printed inexpensively. Whether as a regularly published monthly newspaper, as a graduation newspaper for the 4th grade or as an Abitur newspaper after the exams have been passed. Our templates present you with diverse motifs and ideas with which you can create your individual student newspapers and graduation newspapers on your PC in no time at all. Simply choose a template and start uploading your own reports and images onto the pages. All this works 100% online and without prior software installation. After the design, you can have your self-made school newspapers and graduation papers printed in the desired quantity. Even from 1 copy!

Discover creative templates for school newspapers & graduation newspapers

Our templates make it easy for you to design your own school newspapers and graduation newspapers. The ready-made pages serve you as a starting aid and guide, which you can use to orientate yourself. Insert texts, edit headings, upload photos, move layouts. In the Designer programme you will find all the tools you need to design your school newspaper online with just a few clicks. All objects can be moved, exchanged or removed free on the pages. You alone are the editor-in-chief here: whether you insert your content one-to-one into the pages or create completely new designs is entirely up to you. As a newspaper creator, you enjoy maximum freedom of design.

Schülerzeitung mit klassischer Vorlage selbst gestalten

Classical school newspaper

Our colourful template comes with everything you would expect from a classic school newspaper. Joke pages, profiles, polls, class portraits - just start the online designer and start designing right away.

Primary school newspaper

A homemade newspaper to mark the end of Year 4 is the perfect memory of primary school days. Use the profile designs to introduce each pupil in detail. Printed in appropriate quantities, the primary school newspapers are also great to give to parents and grandparents.

Schülerzeitung für Grundschule mit Vorlage selbst gestalten

Abizeitung mit Vorlage selbst gestalten

Graduation Newspaper

School's out, let the party begin! With our prepared layouts and designs you can create an Abitur newspaper for your level in no time. After the online design, you can have your graduation newspaper printed in precise quantities.

Final Times Newspaper

Whether you're graduating from primary school, secondary school or vocational college, our general graduation newspaper template offers you creative templates for profiles, rankings & surveys. Quick to design and even quicker to print!

Abschlusszeitung mit Vorlage selbst gestalten

Studentenzeitung mit Vorlage selbst gestalten

Student newspaper

Make a real student newspaper now and report directly from campus. Cafeteria schedules, faculty awards, research reports, professor farewells, lecture tips - the templates give you plenty of freedom to put diverse topics about your university on paper.

Print school newspaper

You know all about snappy designs and would rather create your school newspaper with a proprietary program like Word or InDesign? simply upload your PDF file.

Eigene PDF als Schülerzeitung drucken lassen

Discover Templates for School Magazines

Plastic colours, high print resolution, best reading comfort. To ensure that your school magazines and graduation papers retain their print-fresh shine for many years to come, you can create them here as a high-quality magazine. Again, you have 2 options: You can either use the handy templates in our free online programme or upload your own PDF file directly. We print your school magazines and graduation magazines on photo-friendly and durable 135 g/m2 magazine paper. Available in the usual DIN A4 size or also in the handy DIN A5 mini format. Whether 25 magazines for your class, 100 magazines for your year or 1,000 magazines for the whole school. Simply choose your desired quantity and make your own school magazine.

Schülerzeitung als hochwertiges Magazin mit Vorlage gestalten

School magazine

A real feast for the eyes: the template of our school magazine impresses with original ideas, harmonious layouts and a uniform colour scheme. Launch the online designer and let your creativity run wild.

Graduation Magazine

Celebrate your graduation and create a magical graduation magazine that will forever connect you with your friends and classmates. The template contains 4 to 40 pages of ready-made designs in which you can insert your text and photos in a flash.

Abizeitung als hochwertiges Magazin gestalten

Eigene PDF als Schulmagazin drucken lassen

Print school magazine

If you prefer to design your school magazine with your own software, you can upload your PDF file here and have it printed. Even from 1 copy.

Your online printing for school newspapers & graduation papers

Schülerzeitung bequem am PC gestalten

Online Designer

✅ Easy design on the PC

✅ Tools & templates

✅ No software download

Eigene Inhalte in Vorlage der Schülerzeitung einfügen

Creative templates

✅ Ready-made designs

✅ Insert reports & images

✅ Great freedom of design

Schülerzeitungen online speichern

Save projects

✅ Save projects online

✅ Own project name

✅ Free customer account

Schülerzeitungen und Abschlusszeitungen online drucken lassen


✅ Various papers

✅ 4 to 40 pages

✅ From 1 copy

Zuverlässige Lieferung der Schülerzeitungen

Free shipping

✅ Reliable delivery

✅ 5-7 business days

✅ Express shipping available

Zufriedene Schüler mit selbst gemachter Schülerzeitung

Enjoying the newspaper

✅ School days printed on paper

✅ Excellent quality

✅ First-class look and feel