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What could be better than crowning your graduation with a self-made Graduation Book? After the long hours of learning and cramming, an Graduation Book is the perfect keepsake to reminisce over unforgettable memories. Sturdy soft cover, elegant adhesive binding, high print resolution and up to 200 pages. With us, you can make an Graduation Book for eternity that will retain its print-fresh shine even many years later. Either use the creative templates of our online designer or upload your own PDF file. We print your Abibuch in absolute high-gloss look and premium quality, even in small editions of just a few copies!

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No software download required

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Classic DIN A4 format

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60 to 200 pages

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Soft cover & perfect binding

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Create Graduation Book with online designer - creative ideas & designs

You're just a few clicks away from your own Graduation Book. Our ready-made designs are first-class guides and sources of inspiration that will help you design from the first to the last page. From the cover, to specifics and rankings, to course reports and self-testing. Simply choose a theme template and start our free online programme. Here you can load your personal images and reports into the templates, just like in a construction kit. On the pages themselves, all elements can be moved, exchanged or removed free of charge. Step by step, a unique Graduation Book is created that will make the eyes of your classmates and teachers light up.

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Graduation Book Blank Template

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Print your own PDF as an Graduation Book

Do you prefer to design your Graduation Book with another software like Word or InDesign? Then you can make use of our practical PDF upload and have your Graduation Book printed in your individual desired quantity. Simply choose your quantity and number of pages and upload your self-created PDF in DIN A4 format. Once your order has been completed, we will print and deliver your Abibuch to your doorstep within 5-7 working days. Then it's time to: Open it, read it and be amazed!

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The quick way to get your Graduation Book - here's how it works:

Design your own Graduation Book

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Create your Graduation Book with our online programme or upload your own PDF file directly

Print your Graduation Book

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Enter your exact number of copies and complete the order process.

Enjoy your Abibuch

Read and enjoy your self-made Abibuch

Pick up your homemade Graduation Book with joy

Create an Graduation Newspaper & Graduation Magazine in a sleek design

An Graduation Book doesn't always have to be a thick tome. Make your life easier and create a charming Graduation Booklet with a maximum of 40 pages. Either as an authentic newspaper or as an elegant magazine. This will save you a lot of time and nerves, especially during the tricky exam phase. Thanks to our online designer, the sample pages can be filled with your personal content in a flash. The trick: Simply place several mini profiles of your classmates on one page each. This way you can finish the design quickly and create more space for other topics. Take a look at our templates now and start creating your slim Abi newspaper according to your ideas.

Abi newspaper

Abizeitung mit maximal 40 Seiten online gestalten und drucken

280 x 400mm

60 g/m², 80 g/m² or 90 g/m² paper

From thin & greyish to grippy & extra white

Retro feel

4 to 40 pages

Interleaved newspaper pages

Printing from 1 graduation newspaper


Abimagazin mit maximal 40 Seiten online gestalten und drucken

Optional DIN A4 or DIN A5

135 g/m² paper

Premium print quality

High quality color & photo printing

4 to 40 pages

Sturdy staple binding

Printing from 1 abimagazine

Guide to original Graduation Books - profiles, rankings & co.

Take a look at our blog and be inspired by the many ideas for profiles, rankings and title pages. Once you've gathered enough ideas, you can simply jump back and start your Graduation Book project

Helpful ideas and themes for successful Graduation Books

Design your Graduation Book online now - frequently asked questions

Do you deliver internationally?

We deliver to the UK as well as to all countries in the EU. We will take care of all formalities.

How long is the delivery time for my self-made high school graduation book?

For orders outside of Germany and Austria, the delivery time is going to be 6-8 working days. The delivery is made via DPD. Depending on the order quantity, your high school graduation book will either be sent in a securely packed envelope or in a sturdy cardboard box. For the delivery adress, you can either enter your private address or the address of your school.

How can I pay for my Abibuch?

You can pay for your Graduation Book either via PayPal, credit card or Sofortüberweisung. If you need to purchase on account, please send us a message to

What format is my Graduation Book?

We print your Graduation Book in classic DIN A4 format (210 x 297 mm).

With how many pages can I design my Graduation Book?

With us you can design your Graduation Book with a size of 60 to 200 pages. If you use our online designer, you can choose between 60, 80, 120 and 160 pages to start with. In the programme itself, you can flexibly add or remove individual pages. You can also easily change the page sequence. However, please make sure that the total number of pages in your Graduation Book is divisible by 4 at the end of the design. If you only need 40 pages or less, we recommend our feather-light Graduation Newspaper or our elegant Graduation Magazine.

How will my Graduation Book be processed?

The cover of your Graduation Book is produced as a stable 250 g/m² soft cover, while the inside pages are printed on silk matt 135 g/m² paper. Thanks to the excellent print resolution of 1,200 dpi, texts, photos and graphics are presented in all their glory. Bold colours, razor-sharp textures and crisp details. Here you get an Graduation Book in premium quality. The pages are held together by a sturdy adhesive binding. The pages are glued together at the edge to form a book block, which makes your Graduation Book particularly handy and durable.

Can I use the online designer for free?

Yes! The designer programme and the templates are available to you free of charge. So take your time and try out the various tools and templates. Costs are only incurred when you decide to add your Abibuch to the shopping basket and have it printed.

How can I save my Graduation Book in the online desiger?

To save your Abibuch online, you must first create a free and non-binding user account. You can then manually save your Abibuch under your own project name at any time and access it via your account. You will then find your Abibuch in your account under the menu item Saved Projects.

What does the grey frame mean that is around the pages of my Graduation Book in the online designer?

The grey frame is the so-called cut with a width of 3 mm. For example, in order for your images to be flush with the page margin, they need to protrude minimally into this area of the bleed.

After designing with the online designer, do I still need to do any formatting?

No, you don't need to. The pages of our Graduation Book template are already laid out in the correct format and are just waiting to be enriched with your individual content. When you have finished designing all the pages, you can simply open the Preview and check the print preview of your Graduation Book. The Preview will show you your Graduation Book in exactly the same form as we print it for you.

Which contents should not be missing in a successful Graduation Book?

Besides rankings, course reports and teacher interviews, the profile of your classmates forms the most important core of your Graduation Book. Here you can introduce 1 to 2 students per page in detail and tell their personal story. Name, eye colour, hobbies, best sayings, portrait picture - even after 10 years you are still happy to see your younger me in the Graduation Book.

When is the best time to start designing my Graduation Book?

Ideally, you should start planning and designing your Graduation Book at the turn of the year. This will give you plenty of time to collect and proofread all the content. The big advantage of the templates in our online programme: All topics and layouts are already set out as examples. Thanks to the prefabricated motto and sample pages, your profiles and rankings can be inserted in no time at all. So you can create your Graduation Book yourself in a short time and without much effort and have it printed in first-class quality.