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Stop time and turn your favourite experiences into a fabulous photo book. With our practical online programme, you can create your own photo book in just a few clicks and have it printed at an affordable price. Our diverse formats and templates help you showcase your best pictures in an appealing way. And without expert knowledge or software installation. Our designer programme provides you with exactly the right tools to design your photo book to your liking in no time. You'll end up with a sleek and modern photo product that pays off, especially when printing multiple copies. Elegant paper, brilliant colours, durable staple binding: Simply choose a suitable design from our template pool and create your own photo book with a magical magazine look.

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Baby photo book

Create baby photo book with creative template in A4 or A5

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Photo book Best friend

Create a photo book for best friend in A4 or A5

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Wedding photo book

Create wedding photo book in A4 or A5

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Photo book New York

Create photo book New York in A4 or A5

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City break Photo book

Create city trip photo book in A4 or A5

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Summer Holiday book

Create holiday photo book in A4 or A5

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Christmas photo book

Create Christmas photo book in A4 or A5

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Photo Book Design at a Low Price - Phototastic Formats

Whether as a tried-and-tested DIN A4, as a small DIN A5 or in a trendy square format, all formats cut a fine figure and can be printed particularly cost-effectively thanks to our modern digital printing. With the help of our ready-made templates, you can design your personal photo book in the size you want. While the classic A4 format offers you plenty of space for impressive panoramic photos, the small A5 mini format scores with its compact and handy design. Innovative square formats are also particularly popular. They give your photos a symmetrical and harmonious frame and are perfect for selfies or Instagram posts. Choose the format for your photo book that best tells your story and suits the style of your photos.

Photo book A4 or A5

Product details for photo book in A4 and A5 format

Square photo book

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Create a Digital Photo Book to Flick Through Online

If you don't want to print your photo book or photo album, but just want to create and present it online, then our flipbooks are just the thing for you. In this blog, you can find out how to create your own online photo book in just a few steps. Including cool page-turning and sound effect!

Create a digital photo book online with a page-turning effect

Create a digital photo book - to the blog

How to design & print a photo book at a low price - frequently asked questions

Do you deliver internationally?

We deliver to the UK as well as to all countries in the EU. We will take care of all formalities.

How long is the delivery time for my self-made photo book?

For orders outside of Germany and Austria, the delivery time is going to be 6-8 working days. The delivery is made via DPD. Depending on the order quantity, your photo books will either be sent in a securely packed envelope or in a sturdy cardboard box.

From how many copies can I have my photo book printed?

We print your personal photo book from as little as 1 copy. Thanks to the slim magazine look and our affordable digital printing, however, it's worth ordering several copies at once. The more photo books you have printed, the cheaper the price per copy becomes.

In which formats can I create my photo book?

You can create your photo book with us in a variety of formats. While DIN A4 and DIN A5 are among the ever-popular classics, our square formats are particularly innovative. Whether in the large version (21 x 21 cm) or in the mini version (14.8 x 14.8 cm): Our square formats give your pictures a charming and harmonious frame that immediately invites you to browse and marvel.

How many pages can I design my photo book with?

In our online designer, you can design photo books with sizes from 4 to 40 pages. It is important that the total number of pages at the end of the design process is divisible by 4.

How many pictures can I add to my photo book?

There are no limits to the number of photos you can use. In our online designer tool, you can create your customised collages and layouts with just a few clicks. If you have a lot of photos, it may take up to 5 minutes to generate the preview. In the meantime, just grab a coffee and sit back and relax until everything has finished loading.

Can I save my photo book online?

Yes, definitely! A beautiful photo book is usually not created in one day. Simply create a free user account in our shop and save your photo projects flexibly. You can save several projects at the same time in your account and name them individually.

How will my photo book be processed?

We produce your photo book on high-quality paper with quality grades ranging from relatively thin 90 g/m² to elegant 170 g/m². The pages are held together by a durable 2-staple binding. We do not offer an extra cover. This means that the paper used for the cover is the same as the paper used for the inside. So you can have an even and all-round successful photo experience.

Which paper should I choose for my photo book?

For printing, we recommend our elegant 135 g/m² paper (glossy picture printing). This type of paper is both cost-effective and particularly photo-friendly. Vivid colours, crisp print details, pleasant feel - printed on 135 g/m2 paper, your photo book will cut a fine figure!

How can I pay for my photo book?

The payment options available to you are PayPal or credit card.

What do 10 copies of a photo book with 8 pages in A4 format cost?

10 copies of an 8-page photo book in A4 format will cost you 35.68 euros (gross). The same applies here: The more photo books you order, the cheaper the printing per copy will be.

Two young girls look into a self-made photo book

Couple in love look at their own photo book during road trip

Laughing friends leafing through their individual photo books in a café

Slim design, slim price: make your own personal photo book

Bring your memories to life without breaking your budget. In our shop, you can create several copies of your photo book at low cost. The cost advantage starts with the staple binding - a smart alternative to perfect binding that is not only cost-efficient, but also gives your photo book a modern magazine look. The additional avoidance of a hardcover simplifies production and makes your photo booklet even cheaper. Whereas with other providers you pay the same price for each additional copy of your photo book, with us you can print hundreds of copies for little money. Whether as a gift for the family, as a greeting to friends or as a decorative display in the living room. Create your affordable magazine-style photo book now and share your favourite snapshots with the whole world.

  • Create a photo book at a low price
  • Stylish & handy magazine aesthetics
  • Long-lasting staple binding
  • Paper types from 90 g/m² to 170 g/m² in matt or glossy
  • Print from just 1 copy

Feel the magic: your moments immortalised in an affordable photo book

The magic of a photo book lies not only in its visual brilliance, but also in the feel of each page as it glides through your hands. Creating an affordable photo book gives you the unique opportunity to experience your story haptically and share it with all your loved ones. With every turn of the page, you will feel the pleasant feedback of the paper and experience your memories up close. An affordable photo book is more than just a stack of paper - it's a token of appreciation, an artistic gift for friends or a loving family keepsake. Don't let your digital photos be forgotten and turn your favourite moments into a fantastic photo book!