Create a Digital Photo Album Online to Flip Through

A digital photo album is the best idea to have your best pictures all the time and anywhere close at hand. From city trips and sightseeing tours to sunsets and animal photographs to snapshots of birthdays and weddings. We will show you how you can create a digital photo album to flip through on your PC with just a few clicks.

Our useful online designer has the appropriate templates and layouts ready for you to fill out with your own photos in a flash. After the design, you will receive a personal URL to your digital photo album including a PDF download. How to do this, you will find out in the rest of this article.

How Can I Create a Digital Photo Album?

With the help of our online programme, you can create your digital photo album to flip through in just a few moments. For that, you don't need any special IT or design skills. Simply start the programme and replace the placeholders with your personal photos.

Each page presents you a typical arrangement for your photos and collages. Whether you use the ready-made models or completely create your own designs is entirely up to you. You can place as many photos as you like on the pages.

Design a Digital Photo Album Online on Your PC

After that, you decide how long you want to book your digital photo album. We’ll magically transform your photo album into a flipbook to flip through and send you the link via email. Whether on your smartphone, tablet or PC, you can now access your digital photo album on any device and share it directly with friends and family.

  • Create a digital photo album to flip through on your PC
  • .
  • Includes data-reduced PDF download
  • Online programme with creative templates
  • Flexible monthly booking
  • Optional: Professional printing starting with 1 copy
Create a Digital Photo Album Now


After designing and booking, you can download the PDF file of your digital photo album at any time. But please remember: The page-turning and sound effects are solely included in the online version of your photo album. You can access it at any time using the URL input.

Discover Digital Photo Album Examples

You would like to know what your digital photo album will look like later? Then take a look at our example and click through the pages. Don't forget to turn on your speaker to listen to the cool sound while turning the pages!

Digitales Fotoalbum online am PC gestalten

Example Digital Photo Album

Advantages of a Digital Photo Album

A digital photo album offers you many advantages. Of course, print products are not bad in themselves, but there are a lot of benefits to creating your photo album digitally, making it worth it to consider:

Accessibility & Availability

Permanent Availability and Accessibility of a Digital Photo Album

A digital photo album can be accessed anytime and anywhere. You no longer need to carry heavy tomes around with you but can conveniently open and show off your photo album via your own URL.

Share with Friends & Family

Send a Digital Photo Album Directly via a Link to Other People

You can share your digital photo album in no time with your favourite people. Simply send them the URL of your photo album and share your wonderful experiences, memories and snapshots.

Cost Savings

Low cost for digital photo album

Those who create their photo album in digital form save money. You only pay a low fee for the URL and hosting. At the same time, you can send the link to your photo album all over the world. This is much cheaper than, for example, printing 50 copies and possibly sending them by post.

Environmental Friendliness & Durability

Eco-friendliness of Digitally Created Photo Albums

Compared to a printed product, you are far more eco-friendly with a digital photo album because the carbon footprint for electricity and server power is nowhere near as large as with printing on paper.* Additionally, your digital photo album is everlasting because it is not exposed to weather (light, dust, wear and tear).

*But don't worry: in our shop, all printed newspapers, magazines & maps are also produced in a climate-friendly and CO2-compensated way.

Haptic Effects

Digital Photo Album to Flip Through with Haptic Effects

Nevertheless, you don't have to miss out on haptic effects in a digital photo album. Your photo album simulates both the optical page turning and the sound of rustling paper. This makes your photo album a special experience for all senses.

Digital Photo Album Ideas

Creating a digital photo album to flip through works well on many occasions. Often, beautiful pictures get lost in the depths of your phone storage. Or they slip so far down the Facebook or Instagram feed that they are simply no longer seen.

That's why it's better to save your snapshots in a clear digital photo album and to present them in a creative arrangement. Here are some ideas for creating a digital photo album:

💒 Weddings: A digital photo album is made for capturing the most beautiful pictures of the wedding ceremony or the wedding party. Instead of putting them all in one unorganised folder, you can present them here in the appealing look of a scrollable online album. You can then simply send the link to all the guests via e-mail or WhatsApp.

🥳 Birthdays: Whether as a throwback to a legendary birthday party or directly as a digital gift for the birthday boy or girl - an online photo album is a creative idea that stands out from the masses of boring flowers and vouchers.

🎓 Graduation Parties: Collect the best photos from your graduation party and compile them in an unforgettable digital photo album. There's hardly a better keepsake.

🏖️ Vacation Trips: Photo albums of trips and holidays are one of the absolute classics. A digital photo album to scroll through can be created in no time. You don't have to wait a long time for a printed copy, but can place your pictures from your dream holiday in the templates immediately and show them off.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Reunions: With a digital photo album you will keep your family reunions in memory for a long time. Not only the children and grandchildren, but also grandma and grandpa will be very happy about it. If your grandparents don't use a PC or don't have a smartphone, you can also have your photo album printed. This way, they will have a wonderful souvenir which they can display in their home. You can find more information on printing your own photo album at the end of this blog article.

Create a Digital Photo Album Now

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Digital Photo Album?

Here, you can book your digital photo book flexibly. Simply choose a monthly subscription term, and we will provide you with your own URL after the order, which you can access anywhere and everywhere as well as share with your fellow human beings. The longer you book, the cheaper the price per month. Here you can find our cost overview:

Runtime Price per month* Total cost*
1 month 12,00 € 12,00 €
3 months 11,00 € 33,00 €
6 months 10,00 € 60,00 €
9 months 9,00 € 81,00 €
12 months 8,00 € 96,00 €

*Net prices.


At first, you can book your digital photo album for a maximum of 12 months. After the booking period, you can simply choose a new subscription with your desired monthly term, if required.

Additional Digital Photo Album Print in Magazine Look

You put a lot of effort and creativity into the design of your digital photo album and would therefore like to have it printed additionally? Then send us a message either via our contact form or directly to We will then place the high-resolution PDF of your digital photo album in the shopping basket for you. There you can then enter your desired quantity and order as usual.

Digital Fotoalbum nachträglich als Magazin drucken

This is what makes your printed photo album special:

  • High quality 135 g/m² paper for intense photos and colours
  • Classic DIN A4 or handy DIN A5 format
  • Stable stapling
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • Short run printing starting with 1 copy

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