Retirement Home Newspaper

Give the residents of your retirement home a great deal of pleasure and create a unique house newspaper now. Whether as a monthly home newspaper or as a surprise newspaper at Christmas. Here you can create your personal home magazine with just a few clicks. Simply start the free designer programme and load your own texts and photos into the template. After designing, you have the option of having your house magazine printed in the desired quantity. Even in small print runs from 1 copy.

  • Design your house magazine now
  • Easy-to-use online designer
  • No software download required
  • Creative templates
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • 3 paper types to choose from
  • Print from 1 house newspaper

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Design & print a care home newspaper in the quantity of your choice

A house newspaper is the perfect idea to inform and entertain the residents of your nursing home. From birthday lists to meal plans and programme overviews to fun puzzles and rhyming quizzes. The template of our home newspaper shows you many patterns and ideas that actively support you in the design. All pages can be filled with your personal pictures and reports in no time. You don't have to be a design expert or download complicated software. Our programme is a practical online construction kit for newspapers with which you can design your own layouts in a flash. All pages are already correctly pre-formatted and waiting for your exciting content. Afterwards you can order your house newspaper online and have it printed in a precise number of copies.


The great advantage of a printed house newspaper is that especially the older residents of your retirement home can do something with it. After all, everyone is familiar with the medium newspaper! So that the magnifying glass can stay in the drawer, we recommend that you make your texts, lists and photos in the newspaper a little larger. We produce your house newspaper in a format of 280 mm width x 400 mm height. This is roughly equivalent to DIN A3 and offers you plenty of space and scope for your ideas and content. If you want your in-house newspaper to be particularly similar to a real newspaper from the newsstand, then we advise you to use our feather-light and greyish 60 g/m² paper. If you prefer the pages of your house newspaper to be more stable and grippy, then you'd better choose our 80 g/m² volume paper or our extra white 90 g/m² paper.

Fill house newspaper template with custom text & photos

Designing a creative house newspaper for retirement homes is child's play with our template. Simply click on the placeholders in the pages and replace them with your own texts and photos. All objects can be moved, replaced or removed free on the pages. After just a few moments you will be moving through the newspaper pages like an experienced editor-in-chief! Try it out and explore our home newspaper template on your own.

Insert your own text into the house newspaper template

Insert texts into house newspaper
Insert own photos into house newspaper template

Insert photos into house newspaper

Create a home newspaper now - frequently asked questions

You want to start designing your home newspaper now, but still have a few questions about printing or mailing? Then the quick answers in our FAQ will help you directly. Just click on the question and get the information you need. If you can't find what you're looking for here, send us a message via our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible and will be happy to advise you personally.

When will my in-house newspaper be printed & delivered?

We always print house papers and short-run home papers on Wednesdays. Ideally, you should order by Tuesday at 2 p.m., then you will receive your newspapers as quickly as possible. This is usually at the end of the week or the beginning of the following week. For all orders arriving later, the usual 5 to 7 working days delivery time applies.

How can I pay for my house paper?

You can choose between PayPal, credit card or instant bank transfer. Alternatively, we can also activate your account for purchase on account on request.

How many pages can I design my house newspaper with?

In our online designer you can design your in-house newspaper with a size of 4 to 40 pages. You can flexibly add or remove individual pages. Please make sure that at the end of the design the total number of pages of your newspaper is divisible by 4.

What does it cost to design and print my home newspaper?

The design of your home newspaper is completely free with us. You can use our designer programme and our templates freely. So take your time to look around and test the various tools and templates. You can calculate the costs for the print in the calculator above. Simply select your desired order quantity, number of pages and type of paper. You can try out various combinations and have the price displayed in real time.

How do I design the front page of my home newspaper?

On the cover of your home newspaper, in addition to the title of your newspaper, you should also list the name of your institution, issue number and publication date. You can also create a great newspaper effect by placing a small price in the top right-hand corner. It is up to you whether this is meant to be serious or funny. It also makes sense to give the residents of your retirement home a small preview of the content to arouse their curiosity. This encourages them to turn the pages and read on. It is also nice to show the photo of a resident in each issue.

Can I also have my own PDF file printed as a real in-house newspaper?

Yes! If you feel more fit in designing with your own program like Word or InDesign, you are also welcome to upload your self-made PDF file. Click here to PDF upload. Our automatic print data check will tell you whether everything is fine with your newspaper or whether there is still a need for action.

Order a house newspaper online in 5 steps

Choose your print options and click on the red button Design a house newspaper online.

Upload your personal texts and pictures into the house newspaper template.

Check and confirm the preview and add your house newspaper to the shopping cart.

Complete the online ordering process.

Distribute your house newspaper after 5 to 7 working days in your retirement home and put a smile on the faces of the residents.

Home Newspaper Template - Creative Templates & Ideas

Our template is the ideal jumpstart for your first own house newspaper. Each page presents you with prepared samples and ideas from which you can draw inspiration. If you don't like a page, you can simply remove it. And vice versa: if you particularly like a page, you can duplicate it with one click. It has never been easier to create a customised house newspaper and to individually adapt it to your interior.


Design house newspaper with birthday list template

What is the birthday of which resident in your retirement home? With the template of our birthday list you can add all names and dates to your house newspaper.

Personalised special letters are a great idea to introduce the home's residents in detail and actively involve them in the home's newsletter.

Design home newspaper with profile template

Designing a house newspaper with a template for puzzles and games

From fun quizzes to rhyming word searches to crunchy brainteasers. Build varied games and puzzles into your home newspaper to keep your residents entertained.


With the template of our Events Calendar, residents can keep track of all important dates and events. In this way, you can ensure that your house magazine remains present in the room for a long time or is even pinned to the notice board as an info sheet.

Hauszeitung mit Vorlage für Kalender und Veranstaltungen gestalten