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Design Your Wedding Newspaper on Your PC Now

Here you can design a personal wedding newspaper as a gift for the bride and groom. Simply start our free online designer and start uploading your own texts and photos to the pages. With just a few clicks, you can create a unique wedding newspaper that you can print and order in your individual desired quantity.

Design and print a classic wedding newspaper online

Classic wedding newspaper

Design and print a modern wedding newspaper online

Modern wedding newspaper

Design and print a tabloid-style wedding newspaper online

Boulevard wedding newspaper

Aquarelle wedding newspaper online design and printing

Aquarelle wedding newspaper

Design and print silver wedding newspaper online

Silver wedding newspaper

Design and print golden wedding newspaper online

Golden wedding newspaper

Create a Wedding Newspaper as an Elegant Magazine

Capture the most beautiful day of your life on elegant fine paper and design a wedding newspaper that will last forever! Here you will find ready-made templates that will help you design your wedding newspaper from the first to the last page. Whether as popular DIN A4 or as small DIN A5 - your magazine-like wedding newspaper will look great in any size!

Design and print wedding magazine online

Wedding magazine

Wedding magazine for silver wedding online design and print

Wedding magazine silver

Wedding magazine for golden wedding online design and print

Wedding magazine gold

Wedding Newspaper or Wedding Magazine - Formats to Fall in Love With

You can design your wedding newspaper either in the style of a real newspaper or as a high-quality magazine. Whereas a newspaper has a cool and nostalgic retro look, a magazine offers you brilliant images and colours in a glossy style. Both variants have their own charm and will put a smile on the faces of the bride and groom.

Wedding newspaper

280 x 400mm

60 g/m², 80 g/m² or 90 g/m² paper

From thin & greyish to grippy & extra white

Retro feeling

4 to 40 pages

Printing from 1 wedding newspaper

Wedding magazine

Either DIN A4 or DIN A5

135 g/m² paper

First-class print quality

High-quality colour & photo printing

4 to 40 pages

Printing from 1 wedding magazine

Creating & Printing a Wedding Newspaper on PC - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver internationally?

We deliver to the UK as well as to all countries in the EU. We will take care of all formalities.

How long is the delivery time for my self-made newspaper/magazine?

For orders outside of Germany and Austria, the delivery time is going to be 6-8 working days. The delivery is made via DPD. Depending on the order quantity, your newspaper/magazine will either be sent in a securely packed envelope or in a sturdy cardboard box.

How can I pay for my wedding newspaper?

You can pay for your wedding newspaper either via PayPal, credit card or instant bank transfer.

What format does my wedding newspaper have?

We produce your wedding newspaper in the format 280 x 400 mm. This corresponds approximately to the size DIN A3. If you would like to have your wedding newspaper be produced as a high-quality magazine, you can also choose between DIN A4 and DIN A5 formats.

Which paper should I have my wedding newspaper printed on?

You can choose from 3 types of paper for printing your wedding newspaper. While our thin 60 g/m² paper looks similar to an original newspaper, our 80 g/m² and 90 g/m² papers offer you sturdier pages with more grip. Your colours and photos will look particularly intense on the extra white 90 g/m² paper.

From how many copies can I order my wedding newspaper?

We print your wedding newspaper in your individual desired quantity. Whether 1 newspaper as a personalised gift for the bride and groom, 10 newspapers for friends or family or 100 newspapers for all guests. You can order your wedding newspaper from us in the exact quantity you need.

Can I use the templates & the Designer programme for free?

Of course! You can test all our wedding newspaper templates for free and start designing straight away. Even without a user account. If you don't like a template, you can simply close the designer programme and try out a new one.

With how many pages can I create my wedding newspaper?

You can create your wedding newspaper from 4 to 40 pages. Individual pages can be flexibly added or removed in the online designer. The only important thing is that the total number of your pages at the end of the design is divisible by 4.

What belongs on the front page of a wedding newspaper?

In addition to the names of the bride and groom, the cover should include a large-format photo, ideally showing the bride and groom in a romantic pose. You can also place the date of the wedding and a price or a small weather report for the day of the wedding on the cover. This gives your newspaper an authentic character.

Can I also print my own PDF as a wedding newspaper or wedding magazine?

Of course. If you feel more comfortable designing with your own software, you are welcome to design your wedding newspaper with your own software such as MS Word or InDesign and then simply upload your PDF file. Click here for the PDF upload for newspapers and here for the PDF upload for magazines.

Design Your Wedding Newspaper Online: A Unique Piece for Eternity

The big day is approaching and what could be more personal and heartfelt than a self-designed wedding newspaper, which duly unfolds the romantic backstory of the bride and groom? Our designer programme makes it very easy for you to design your wedding newspaper online. Forget complicated layout programmes and benefit from our intuitive user interface, which guides you step by step through the design process. You'll become the editor of a great love story in no time at all and surprise your guests, family and friends with a wedding newspaper that comes from the heart and captures all the emotions on newsprint. A gift that is sure to amaze! Simply choose your template and start designing your wedding newspaper online right away.

Wedding Newspaper Template: Your Key to an Unforgettable Gift

Looking for a wedding newspaper template? You've come to the right place! Do you dream of surprising the bride and groom with a personal and creative gesture? But graphic design and layout are not really your speciality? Then why not take a look at our lovely wedding newspaper templates, which showcase every little story or anecdote of the couple. From romantic proposals to funny snapshots of everyday life in the relationship - with our ready-made ideas, layouts, themes and sample pages, you can create a masterpiece in no time at all. And the best thing about it? You don't need any prior technical knowledge of printing or design. Simply select your desired template for a wedding newspaper and start adding your ideas to the pages right away. No matter whether you opt for a simple or extravagant template: printed on nostalgic newsprint, your gift will be an absolute highlight and will be remembered forever.