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Templates for employee newsletters, company newsletters and celebratory publications

Professional Templates for Employee Newspapers, Company Newsletters & Festive Publications

Take your company's internal communication to the next level with your own employee newspaper. Whether as a monthly company newspaper, as a high-quality festschrift for a milestone anniversary or as a creative farewell gift for the retirement of proven colleagues. Our practical tools and templates help you to create a professional print product that reflects the values and culture of your company with just a few clicks. Simply choose a suitable template and then start our comfortable designer programme. After the design, we print your self-created employee and company publication in your individual desired quantity. Even in small editions from 1 copy!

Design & print Employee Newspaper

In addition to having your own company app, it is always worthwhile to publish a printed employee newspaper. Newspapers stand for up-to-dateness, seriousness and reliable information. Perfect for your company's image! With a staff newspaper, you don't need to download any extra software or work through complicated instructions. Here, it's simply a matter of opening the pages, starting to read and feeling good. Benefit from the professionalism and familiarity of print and use our templates to create a unique employee magazine that strengthens the community spirit within your company. Especially popular: homemade farewell newspapers for deserving colleagues and retirees. You can also find templates for this in our repertoire, which you can easily design with your personal texts and photos.

Create your own employee newspaper with classic template

Employee newspaper

Words of greeting from the management, profiles of the staff, exciting trade fair reports - a self-produced staff newspaper is an indispensable mouthpiece for your company. Our template offers you classically scenic layouts that you can bring to life within a short time with your individual ideas and content.

Company newspaper

What are the big projects of the next months? What products and innovations will you enter the market with? And how do the individual departments actually work together in detail? Take a look behind the scenes of your company and create a unique company newspaper.

Create your own company newspaper with template

Create your own colleague farewell newspaper

Colleague farewell

A beloved colleague is changing departments or jobs? Then say him or her goodbye with a lovely farewell newspaper goodbye. From humorous anecdotes and profiles to congratulations and farewells and a large chronicle of the past years. Use our ready-made designs to create a fabulous colleague farewell newspaper.

Festive retirement newspaper

Look back on an impressive career and make a personalised retirement commemorative newspaper step by step in our online designer to create an unforgettable keepsake that immortalises proud achievements and a fulfilling working life on paper.

Design your own festive newspaper for retirement and retirement

Create anniversary newspaper for companies and employees yourself

Anniversary newspaper

Every round company anniversary deserves its own newspaper. Take your readers on a journey through the past and review the history of your company from its foundation to the present. The harmonious layouts and templates of our anniversary newspaper are a perfect match for your company celebration!

Print employee newspaper

If you feel more comfortable designing your staff newsletter with a proprietary programme such as Word or InDesign, you can also directly upload your finished PDF file and have it printed. No matter how you proceed: We print your self-created employee and company newspaper in any desired number of copies.

Have your own PDF printed as a real employee newspaper

Design & print company magazines and commemorative publications

With the ready-made templates of our online programme you can create an individual company magazine with a glossy look with little effort. Magazines score with their excellent feel and your brilliant photos and colours. Thanks to the non-slip and silk-matt 135 g/m² paper, the pages glide pleasantly through the fingers without immediately creasing or yellowing. Whether in the classic A4 or in the compact A5 format: Here you can create a first-class magazine for companies and company parties that will still invite you to read and browse many years later.

Create your own staff magazine with stylish template

Employee magazine

A timeless employee magazine is the ideal flagship for your company's success and reputation. The prepared themes and designs of our template are an excellent source of inspiration. Simply open our free online tool and start adding your reports and images to the pages.


With a specially created celebration, you can dignify the upcoming company anniversary. Our practical template will help you from the first to the last page. You can either use the prefabricated sample pages true to the original or quickly adapt them to your individual corporate design. With a few simple steps, you can use our online designer to create a fabulous commemorative publication that will give your event that certain something.

Create your own festschrift for companies and clubs

Create your own agency magazine with template

Agency magazine

A self-designed PR magazine helps you to increase the awareness of your agency and convince potential clients of your inexhaustible creativity. Whether as a free give-away in your reception area or as a targeted advertising mailshot. Make your individual agency magazine now and really get started!

Festive Year Review

A annual review in magazine format is a great opportunity for companies to recall the highlights and milestones of the past year. The template presents you with professional templates for timelines and chronicles that you can fill in with your own data.

Create your own annual review as a high-quality magazine

Print your own PDF as a premium employee magazine

Print employee magazine

Fast upload, automatic print data check, high-quality print. Feel free to design your employee magazine with the software of your choice and then upload your PDF file in no time at all. We print your self-made magazines and commemorative publications in small editions from 1 copy!

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