Print PDF as postcard

Here you can print your individual postcard online. Simply choose your desired order quantity and upload your PDF file. Whether InDesign or Photoshop - create your postcard with a programme you feel comfortable with. We print your self-made card on photo-friendly postcard paper. Also in small editions from 15 copies.

  • Print your personal postcard
  • Upload your own PDF
  • Original 350 g/m2 postcard paper
  • Print from 15 pieces

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Print your own postcard

Postcards are a true all-round talent. Whether as a holiday souvenir for the pinboard, as an invitation to a big birthday party or as a promotional free card campaign for your company. Self-made postcards are eye-catchers that are immediately understood everywhere. With us you can now have your individual postcards printed in flexible quantities. From small order quantities for private occasions to huge quantities for professional print marketing campaigns: design your card with a programme of your choice and upload your PDF file afterwards. We print your photos and motifs on classic postcard paper. Famous, popular, successful! Printed postcards are known all over the world and hit the mark with the recipient! Get your messages out there now and create your own personalised postcard set.

Get PDF ready for postcard printing

Printing postcards is so easy! Just follow the sample instructions in our print-data-sheet and create a design with your own text and photos that you can send out ready to post. We print your postcard either in DIN A6 format or in maxi format. Both formats have their own advantages. While the DIN A6 format corresponds to the dimensions of a classic postcard and fits well in the hand, the maxi format impresses with its imposing size and photo area.

Technical data postcard DIN A6

Checklist Printing data
File PDF
Page number 2
Format 148 mm x 105 mm
Crop 3 mm
Franking zone 74 mm x 40 mm (reverse, top right)
Reading zone 50 mm (back, right centre)
Coding zone 148 mm x 15 mm (reverse, bottom edge)
Divider Length: at least 50 mm
Width: 1-2 mm
Colour space CYMK

Print your own PDF as a postcard in DIN A6 format

Technical data postcard maxi format

Checklist Printing data
File PDF
Page number 2
Format 235 mm x 125 mm
Crop 3 mm
Franking zone 74 mm x 40 mm (reverse, top right)
Reading zone 70 mm (back, right centre)
Coding zone 235 mm x 15 mm (reverse, bottom edge)
Divider Length: at least 50 mm
Width: 1-2 mm
Colour space CYMK

Have your own PDF printed as a postcard in maxi format

Order & print your own postcard online

You've already created your postcard and want to print it now? Great! Here's how to proceed:

  1. Select your desired order quantity in the price table or enter your precise number of items in the input field below.
  2. Select the appropriate format in which you have designed your postcard.
  3. Click on the grey button Upload PDF file and add your self-made postcard.
  4. Add your postcard to the shopping cart.
  5. Indicate your delivery address and payment method and complete the online ordering process.
If you have any further questions about printing, design or the ordering process, please feel free to send us a message via our contact form. We have already answered frequently asked questions here in our FAQ:

How do I avoid white flashes on the map border?

To ensure that your images and motifs are flush with the edge of the card, you should set a bleed of 3 mm when designing. The bleed is a narrow strip around the card that is cut off during production and therefore not printed. If you pull your photos slightly into the bleed frame, they will end up smoothly with the edge of the card.

Are there any free templates I can use to print my postcard?

If you need help or inspiration with the design, we recommend our intuitive card designer. Here you will find sample templates and designs for different occasions. Simply start the online programme and fill the samples with your personal content in no time at all. Here you can find our templates for postcards.

When will my postcards be printed and delivered?

After receiving your order, we first check your postcards for data correctness and postal conformity. If everything is correct, we will send your postcard to print immediately. After 5 to 7 working days at the latest, your securely packaged set of cards will already be in your letterbox.

Will my postcard be ready to send after printing?

In order to be able to send your postcards without any problems, you have to design them according to the guidelines of Deutsche Post. This includes the franking zone, the coding zone, the reading zone and a narrow separator line on the back of the card. While the coding zone and the franking zone remain completely blank, you write the address of your recipient in the reading zone. Your address is placed in the top left-hand corner of the sender zone. If you place the fields correctly, you can send your postcards straight away.

What is so special about postcard paper?

Our 350 g/m2 postcard paper gives a haptically valuable impression. While thinner papers tear or crease quickly, postcards are stable and flexible at the same time. So a professionally printed postcard can pass through many hands or be pinned to the fridge for a long time without losing its original shine.

How many postcards can I order?

We print your self-made postcards and greeting cards from a print run between 15 and 15,000 copies. If you would like to order a larger quantity of more than 15,000 cards for the B2B sector, please send us an enquiry to We will find a quick solution and include your bulk order in our planning!

How can I pay for my postcards?

You can pay for your custom postcards either via PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or credit card.

Ideas for custom postcard printing

In today's digital age, postcards are really flourishing again! Where emails and chat messages get lost in the virtual hustle and bustle, printed cards convey a personal message that stays positive in the recipient's memory. For both private and business purposes - homemade postcards have an unmistakable charm that sets you apart from the grey masses and the competition. Let us inspire you here, for which occasions it is worthwhile to print an individual postcard:

  • Birthday & Wedding Invitation Card: A self-designed postcard is the best way to announce an upcoming wedding or birthday party. Simply write the location, date and time on the front and enhance your design with an atmospheric photo. With a creative invitation in card form, you can be sure that your guests will make a note of the date and mark it in the calendar with a red pen.
  • Holiday greetings: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year - postcards are made for holiday greetings. Whether you send a card to family members and relatives who live far away or create an official greeting card for all the customers and colleagues of your company - your postcard will ensure joyful smiling faces in rows.
  • Advertising mailings: Next to flyers, postcards are the most successful information carriers for letterbox and household advertising. Draw attention to the opening of your new car dealership, give your neighbourhood a taste of the diverse treats at your bakery or send your cards as a discount voucher for the next visit to your hair salon. Postcards are quick to create and distribute. Start designing now and have a promotional postcard printed that will make your business known everywhere!
  • Free cards to hand out: Free cards and free postcards are a clever giveaway with which you can bind your customers to you in the long term. With free cards you can, for example, announce upcoming special offers, start competitions or inform your customers about changed opening hours or times of use. From gyms and swimming pools to hotels, restaurants, museums and concert halls: Place your Free Cards either directly at the entrance or at the sales counter, where they can be easily seen by everyone and quickly put in their pocket.