Printing with a clear conscience - now climate-friendly

Klimafreundlicher Druck

Climate-friendly printing of newspapers, magazines & postcards

Printing and protecting the environment at the same time? That's exactly what our climate-friendly online printing promises. Whether newspaper, magazine or postcard. With every order, we take care to keep the world in ecological balance. We determine the CO2 footprint of your print product and offset the greenhouse gases emitted. The offsetting is done by supporting a certified climate protection project in Colombia. For every ton of CO2 offset, another tree is planted in Germany. In this way, we combine global and regional commitment in one project. This is our contribution to conserving nature's resources and making our planet a better place in the long term.

Nachhaltiger Druck

Sustainable printing

We now print in a climate-friendly way. In cooperation with ClimatePartner, we calculate the C02 emissions of our print volume and offset this by supporting an environmental protection project. Everything that our printing consumes is given back to Mother Nature elsewhere.

Klimafreundlichkeit durch Co2-Kompensation

CO2 compensation

The compensation is achieved by participating in a Colombian climate protection project that protects the Amazon from increasing commercial deforestation. In addition to this international commitment, one additional tree is planted in Germany for every ton of CO2 offset.

Zertifikat für die Klimafreundlichkeit der Druckprodukte

ClimatePartner logo & label - your proof of climate friendliness

Download your personal label now and use it to certify the climate compatibility of your newspapers, magazines and postcards. You can integrate the label into your print products and show your readers and recipients that you care about environmental protection and sustainability. The Climate Partner label really enhances your image, especially in professional employee newspapers, advertising brochures and print mailings. You can configure the label online and use it immediately for the design of your print product.

Configure logo

Printing your own newspaper in a climate-friendly way

Newspapers are among the best-known and most popular print products of all. With us you can print your individual newspaper from 1 copy. Either use the templates in our convenient online designer or upload your own PDF file. Whichever way you choose, the printing of your newspaper will be offset one-to-one.

Zeitung mit Vorlage klimafreundlich gestalten

Design your own newspaper

✔Freeonline designer


✔Printfrom 1 newspaper

Eigene PDF als klimafreundliche Zeitung drucken

Print your own newspaper

✔ConvenientPDF upload

✔4to 40 pages

✔Printfrom 1 newspaper

Zeitung im Offsetdruck in großer Stückzahl klimafreundlich drucken lassen

Newspapers, brochures & advertisements in CO2-compensated offset printing

✔Powerfuloffset printing for large order quantities

✔Classicformats & paper types

✔Printingfrom 2,000 copies

Print your own climate-friendly magazine

High-gloss magazine printing: Discover our ready-made designs or go directly to the practical PDF upload. Thanks to our CO2 compensation, you can have your magazines printed from 1 copy with a clear conscience. Offsetting is also included in the price. So you don't have to worry about anything else and can concentrate fully on designing your magazines.

Magazin mit Vorlage klimafreundlich gestalten

Design your own magazine

✔Convenientonline designer


✔Printingfrom 1 magazine

Eigene PDF als klimafreundliches Magazin drucken

Print your own magazine

✔FastPDF upload

✔High-quality135 g/m2 paper

✔Printingfrom 1 magazine

Print your own postcards in a climate-friendly way

From wedding cards, christening cards and birthday cards to business Christmas cards. We have the right card for every occasion. Alternatively, you can also upload your own PDF here. We offset the C02 emissions of your cards so that you can send your greetings out into the world without harming the environment.

Postkarte mit Vorlage klimafreundlich gestalten

Design your own postcard

✔Creativecard designer


✔Printfrom 15 cards

Eigene PDF als klimafreundliche Postkarte drucken

Print your own postcard

✔DirectPDF upload

DINA6 or maxi format

✔Printfrom 15 cards

Climate-friendly printing - questions & answers

Climate-friendly printing - how does it work?

In cooperation with ClimatePartner, we calculate the CO2 value caused by the production of all our print products on an annual basis. To offset this CO2 value, we invest in a climate protection project that ensures the preservation of the Colombian rainforest. This keeps printing emissions and reforestation in balance. In return, you receive a certificate that verifies the climate compatibility of your print product.

Why print newspapers, magazines & postcards in a climate-friendly way?

The production of newspapers, magazines and postcards inevitably increases paper consumption and CO2 emissions. There is still a lack of technologies to prevent this. This makes it all the more important to take responsibility today and drive forward solutions for climate-compensated printing. Together with ClimatePartner, we are combating the global warming of our planet. To this end, we are participating in a certified climate protection project in Colombia that offsets the CO2 emissions of our printing processes by protecting the South American rainforest. The protection and reforestation of natural forests is an important key to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and preserving our planet as a home worth living in.

What do I have to do to ensure that my print product is printed in a climate-friendly way?

All print products in our store are climate-friendly. There are no additional costs for you. CO2 consumption is automatically calculated and offset. The certified logos and labels are available for you to download.

What can I use the labels for?

The ClimatePartner logos and labels are a sign of your mindfulness towards nature and the protection of our planet. You can use the logos to communicate your environmental awareness openly and transparently and to set an example for the sustainable use of the limited resources of our earth's forests.

What do I have to pay to print in a climate-friendly way?

As the compensation of CO2 consumption is already included in our prices, there are no additional costs for environmentally friendly printing. A small amount of your order is automatically donated to our sponsored projects. This is usually one to two percent of the value of your purchase.