Newspaper for grandma & grandpa

Finding a personal gift for the grandparents is not so easy, particularly during times of crisis like these when any acknowledgement is a good thing. If candles or grey socks sound too boring, we've got a flash of inspiration for you: show your grandparents that you’re still thinking of them in difficult times and surprise them with a custom-made newspaper. Bring a dose of joy with your own newspaper and help prevent your grandparents from feeling lonely during the coronavirus pandemic. You'll find a newspaper template in our Designer tool that you can fill with your own text and pictures. It’s quick and easy to use. Simply launch the free Designer tool and get designing your pages. We’ll then print your loving gesture as a genuine newspaper and can send it directly to your grandparents. A gift that really cheers anyone up.

  • Newspaper gift for your grandparents

  • Instant delivery to grandma and grandpa

  • Great joy at low prices

  • Newspaper printing from just 1 copy

  • Design 4 pages yourself

  • Top-quality 90 g/m2 paper

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Design a newspaper gift for your grandparents

The coronavirus has got the world firmly in its grip. As a result, many older people are unable to leave their homes and can’t receive visitors as the risk of getting infected is simply too high. Staying at home is the only sensible solution at present. However, sitting at home all day and staring out of the window is boring. You start to feel claustrophobic. So what can be done to help? Pralines, flowers and postcards only provide brief comfort.
If you really want to cheer up your grandparents, design them a little newspaper with great stories and family pictures. A genuine newspaper gift will be sure to bring a smile to your grandparents’ faces. Simply launch the free Designer tool and get creating. You'll have quickly designed a heartfelt newspaper that we'll send to your grandparents by post. Insert your messages, quotes and photos into the newspaper template now. We’ll take care of the rest. Newspaper printing and delivery from a single source!

Instant delivery to grandma and grandpa

When you order your newspaper, simply provide your grandparents’ address as the delivery address. We'll take care of postage and packaging for you! A few days later, your personalised newspaper gift will land in your grandparents’ letterbox.

Print magical family moments as a genuine newspaper for the grandparents

Include grandma and grandpa in family life and design a creative gift in newspaper format. The idea behind it all is to give the gift of love despite social distancing. Your grandparents are sure to be amazed when they find a personalised newspaper with family photos in their letterbox. Personal messages from the grandchildren will undoubtedly melt their hearts. 4 newspaper pages provides plenty of space for your messages and greetings. Let grandma and grandpa know that you're thinking of them. With your newspaper gift, you'll give them courage, strength and hope of overcoming this difficult period.
We'll print and send your newspaper directly to your grandparents from as little as 1 copy. Newspapers for the grandparents is our way of connecting families and making everyday life worth living again.

The gift for grandma and grandpa: Design your own newspaper in 5 steps

Smartpaper24 helps you design your own newspaper as a gift for your grandparents. It's really easy with our free Designer tool, particularly if you work on the templates together as a family and everyone incorporates their own ideas. This will help you design your 4-page newspaper gift for grandma and grandpa in under an hour. Here are some basic instructions:

  1. Create a free user account using your name and email address.
  2. Click on the product and launch the Designer tool by clicking on “Design a newspaper for grandparents online”.
  3. Add your own text and pictures directly to the pages. Your newspaper for the grandparents is ready to print right away and requires no additional formatting.
  4. Check and amend your newspaper using our preview feature.
  5. Add your newspaper to the shopping basket and complete the order process. Please remember to put your grandparents’ address as the delivery address.
Then your newspaper will be sent for printing. It will find itself on your grandparents’ kitchen table a few days later.

A personalised newspaper gift to combat loneliness

Cafés, parks and cinemas - everything is closed due to the coronavirus. That’s why a personalised newspaper project is the perfect distraction - helping you kill two birds with one stone. You'll have lots of fun with your little family editorial while creating a unique gift for grandma and grandpa. Simply click on the button “Design a newspaper for grandparents online” and fill the template with your text and pictures. As a bonus, your grandparents will find a tricky crossword puzzle and Sudoku puzzle on the last page. A perfect way to pass the time with the odd brain teaser.