Friendship newspaper

Friends and family are like twinkling stars that guide us on our path through life. They provide support and a feeling of security no matter where we are. It’s particularly important to stay in touch during these coronavirus times.

By using our Friendship newspaper template, you now have the chance to say thank you and put shared memories onto paper. Add your personal text and photos to the layouts and print your Friendship newspaper from as little as 1 copy. As a gift, a surprise or newspaper greeting by post.

  • Design your own newspaper

  • Original gift idea

  • Free Designer with exciting tools

  • 4 newspaper pages full of ideas

  • Print from as little as 1 newspaper

  • Online ordering process

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Design your Friendshipnewspaper online

Discover our 4-page newspaper template today and add your personal content directly to the pages. The best thing about it: all items and layouts can be positioned exactly where you want them. Insert headlines, rearrange photos and enlarge text - you'll find user-friendly tools in the Designer to create your newspaper in the blink of an eye. Tell the story of a great friendship or collect wonderful family moments. The newspaper template offers plenty of scope for unique ideas. Simply click on the red button “Design your Friendship newspaper online” to launch the free Designer tool. Get involved and start your newspaper project today!

Send a caring newspaper and overcome the coronavirus

The coronavirus has upturned our daily lives. Meeting friends in the park, going to the cinema or simply wandering around shopping centres are now prohibited or restricted in some way. This makes it even more important to stay in touch with our loved ones and show support for one another. A custom-made newspaper full of shared memories and experiences is the perfect way to do this. Personal newspapers are a way to be close to someone despite large distances and health measures. Create a unique paper today using the free Designer tool and send it direct to friends and family. After designing it, you can start the online ordering process and provide the recipient’s address for delivery. Newspapers overcome boundaries: while the coronavirus is currently separating us from each other, newspapers bring us together again.

Newspaper template in detail

Our newspaper template helps you to fill your Friendship newspaper with love. Every page oozes creative ideas and guides. The layouts provide example designs which you can use as a guide. Creating a newspaper isn't rocket science. Take a look at our template and get designing:

  • Photo collages: When words fail us in times of strong emotions, a picture says more than a thousand words. Numerous spaces for pictures are incorporated into the layouts which you can fill with your own snapshots. Nostalgic photos of school days, magical holiday moments, legendary birthday celebrations - add your personal photos to the newspaper pages and arrange them as you wish.
  • Timeline: Time flies but memories last. Combine your text and pictures in a timeline and bring back memories of unique experiences. When did you meet for the first time? In which year was your best trip together? Which date changed your life? A timeline lets you remember the stages of your friendship or the milestones of your family history.
  • Personal description: This is a place for compliments. What characterises the other person? What are their talents? Why are they so important to you? You can list the key characteristics and features in memo format.

Design your Friendship newspaper as a gift

It’s difficult to find a personal, yet well-designed gift. Some people spend sleepless nights dwelling on what to get someone, only to end up sending flowers or pralines again. Anyone wanting to truly surprise their best friend, brother or parents should opt for something particularly unique.
This is where the Friendship newspaper comes into play. A custom-made newspaper with personal quotes and pictures is guaranteed to touch hearts. What initially appears to be a genuine shop-bought newspaper is in fact revealed to be a loving gift upon closer inspection. Those who find postcards too boring and photo albums too old-fashioned will love the innovative Friendship newspaper. A refreshing way of touching the heart of those you care most about.

Design your newspaper’s front page

The front page is the admission ticket to your Friendship newspaper. It should be evident right away what your newspaper is about. Therefore, it’s best to address your loved one by using their name or nickname in the title. This will arouse their attention and interest. Decorate the front page with personal photos to be on the safe side. Ideally, you should choose pictures that show the two of you together. This way, the reader will quickly realise that it's not a normal newspaper but a unique gift made just for them! Along with direct speech and personal snapshots, it's worth inserting a short paragraph as an introduction. Here you can explain what the friendship or family mean to you. The introduction is also a teaser to continue reading and delve further into your newspaper.

Online newspaper printing from just 1 copy You're just a few steps away from creating your Friendship newspaper for friends and family, and having it printed from as little as 1 copy. How to proceed:
  1. Create a free user account using your name and email address.
  2. Choose the Friendship template, enter the order quantity and launch the Designer tool.
  3. Design your newspaper using our online tools and fill the template with your own text and pictures.
  4. Click on the preview feature and make the finishing touches to your newspaper.
  5. Place your newspaper in the shopping basket and complete the online ordering process.
Your newspaper will soon be on its way. Fill in the address of the recipient as the delivery address to have your newspaper sent directly to their letterbox. Enjoy using our Designer tool and creating your Friendship newspaper.