Template for wedding newspaper on authentic newsprint paper

The choice of paper determines the style and feel of your wedding newspaper. Do you like a paper that is as newspaper-typical as possible, with thin and feather-light pages? Or do you prefer a silk matt magazine paper for brilliant photos and colours?

In our little paper guide, we tell you which type of paper is right for your wedding newspaper.

Wedding newspaper printing on authentic paper

Love printed on paper! With us you can create an enchanting wedding newspaper with just a few clicks and have it printed in the quantity of your choice. Either use the creative templates of our online programme or directly upload your own PDF file.

Whether as a wedding newspaper on nostalgic newsprint or as a real magazine on elegant glossy paper. We offer you a wide range of paper types to choose from. Here you can make a personalised wedding newspaper on exactly the paper you like.

Templates for a wedding newspaper on typical newsprint paper

  • Create a wedding newspaper online or upload a PDF
  • Suitable paper types & grammages
  • As a newspaper (280 x 400 mm) or as a magazine (DIN A4)
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • Printing from 1 copy
  • Free delivery

Wedding newspaper - 49 g/m² paper

If you attach great importance to an original and authentic newspaper feel when designing your wedding newspaper, then our 49 g/m² paper is the right one for you. The paper is particularly light, has a grayish colour and shimmers through a little when you hold the pages up to the light. So it's exactly what you're used to from a real newspaper!

Wedding newspaper printed on 49 g/m² paper


The characteristic 49 g/m² paper is available for our PDF upload with a minimum size of 16 pages. If, on the other hand, you use our online designer and are interested in the 49 g/m² paper, you are welcome to send us a message via our contact form. We will then activate the paper for you.

Wedding newspaper - 60 g/m² paper

Newspaper-like and pleasant to the touch. The 60 g/m² paper comes very close to the character of a real newspaper, but is minimally more grippy in the hand. Here, too, the pages are translucent and greyish in colour. Visually, this paper has a great retro look, which suits traditional wedding newspapers and wedding anniversary newspapers especially well.

Wedding paper printed on 60 g/m² paper


You can choose the newspaper-like 60 g/m² paper from a size of 8 pages.

Wedding newspaper - 80 g/m² paper

If you want to create your wedding newspaper on a standard classic, rough-grained paper, our 80 g/m² paper is perfect for you. The pages are much more stable than an original newspaper and give you a better feedback when turning the pages. The structure of the paper here leaves a lifelike impression.

Wedding paper printed on 80 g/m² paper


The classic 80 g/m² paper is available for sizes between 4 and 12 pages.

Wedding newspaper - 90 g/m² paper

You can achieve a strong and intensive colour and photo print for your wedding newspaper with the 90 g/m² paper. On the extra white pages, your content stands out vividly against the page background, which increases the comfort and reading pleasure of your newspaper. In addition, the pages feel robuster, which protects them better from tears and creases.

Wedding paper printed on 90 g/m² paper


Whether as a small wedding booklet or as an extensive wedding newspaper - the 90 g/m² paper can be used for circumferences of 4 to 40 pages.

Wedding magazine - 135 g/m² paper

Our magazine formats in A4 and A5 offer you a particularly noble and exquisite variant for wedding newspapers. High-resolution images, pin-sharp texts, silky-smooth pages: The 135 g/m² paper is the best choice if you want to design your wedding newspaper with the look and feel of a quality magazine.

Wedding newspaper printed on 135 g/m² paper


You can have your wedding magazine printed on 135 g/m² paper in sizes from 4 to 40 pages. While the pages of our newspapers are printed on sheets and loosely inserted into each other, the magazine is stapled together.