Designing a travel diary as a creative newspaper

Every journey is an adventure that makes your life a little richer. Unfortunately, many memories fade with time. In order to preserve your unique experiences for a long time, you should therefore record them in your own travel diary. Just like a classic diary, you make small notes for each day of your trip. From beautiful moments to personal thoughts and feelings to interesting encounters and new friendships. Once you have written down or photographed something, it can never be lost from your heart again!

We tell you Tips & Ideas on how to write and print your travel diary. Take a look at our template directly. In our online designer you will find prepared pages with themes and examples, which will make it easier for you to get started with the design.

Template for your unique travel journal

Travel diary template with ideas and examples.

Just take a look at the template and you'll be gripped by travel fever. You can create your travel diary either during your trip or as a souvenir after your trip. Simply load your own texts and pictures into the pages. With the Fill-in template it's quick and intuitive. You don't need to install any extra software. Our designer programme works 100% online and you can start immortalising the unique moments of your trip right away. Let our travel journal template convince you:

  • Print-ready templates to fill in
  • Art design: postcards, stamps & notepads
  • Large photo areas in Polaroid look
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • Printing from 1 piece

Design a travel diary online

Why keep a travel diary?

A travel journal is a great way to pause and recall the best experiences of the day. Sit back and allow yourself a moment of peace. Close your eyes, breathe in and out again. Which impressions are worth writing about? Which photos did you take? And what was your absolute magic moment? Whether it was a sunrise on a dream beach, a climbing tour through mighty mountains or a relaxed city trip. A travel diary helps you to organise your thoughts and memories and preserve them for eternity.

To keep the entries in your travel diary as fresh as possible, we recommend that you add them briefly as text or images to the template every evening. Take 10 to 15 minutes in the evening with a glass of wine and try to recount the day chronologically in your head. Page by page, you will create an authentic travel diary. After the trip, when you're back in the doldrums of everyday life, your travel diary will be like a treasure chest full of memories that you'll still enjoy rummaging through years later.

7 ideas for your travel journal

Ideas & Themes for a Personal Travel Journal

But what all belongs in a successful travel diary? Where should you start and how can you keep the day alive in your memory? Just follow these 7 ideas and write down the details every day to take you back again and again to the most beautiful places in the world:

  1. Accommodation: Where did you spend the night? Under the stars in nature or in a luxury hotel. The place and the place name are probably the most important information for the individual reports in your travel diary.
  2. Meals: What did you eat that day? Were there any unusual dishes or local specialities that you had never tried before? If you document special meals with photos, it will seem to you later when you read it, as if you still have the taste exactly on your tongue.
  3. Weather: Whether it's a heavy snowstorm or 40 degrees in the shade, the weather and temperature have a big impact on your trip. Use rainy days to add previous highlights to your travel diary template.
  4. Meetings: You meet many interesting people when you travel. Sometimes a chance encounter is even the beginning of a lifelong friendship. Make a note of the people you have met. You can also write down names and contact details. This way you can meet again later and share your travel experiences.
  5. Unique moments: The moment of arrival, the first rays of sunshine in the morning or a selfie from the highest mountain top. The experiences on holiday are precious treasures that you should keep. That's exactly what the pages of our template are made for. In your travel diary, you can string together unforgettable moments like a string of pearls.
  6. Feelings & Thoughts: Your travel diary is only really worth reading if you provide intimate insights into your thoughts and feelings. Don't just report on positive things, but record all the emotional ups and downs. The expectant hours at the airport, the exhaustion after a long hike through the desert or the awe in front of an ancient temple - be honest with yourself and describe your spontaneous perceptions and feelings.
  7. Tickets, Postcards & Bills: What makes your travel diary even more credible are receipts from all the places you went to on your trip. From a visit to a delicious restaurant to an underground ticket to rare stamps from the souvenir shop. After your trip, you can scan your cards and notes and easily embed them into the template as an image or PDF.
Design a travel diary online.

Create a travel diary online while travelling - 4 benefits

Many travel diaries are clunky, heavy and unwieldy. They get in the way when you walk and take up important storage space in your backpack. Therefore, it is a good idea to prefer to create your travel diary online during your trip. After an eventful day, you can insert your texts and pictures directly into your travel diary on your PC in the evening. Our template for a travel diary can be created online in a flash and with just a few clicks. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection. Then you can create your travel diary digitally, save it flexibly and print it later in a stylish newspaper format. The online design is convenient and has many advantages:

  1. You are faster digitally: Writing with a pencil and handling a glue stick is tedious. Make it much easier for yourself. In our online designer programme you can type in your texts quickly and upload your photos with one click.
  2. Correct mistakes: Errors or unattractive designs can also be corrected in no time. While you often have to erase or even cut out entire pages in an analogue travel diary, our template forgives you many mistakes. Thanks to the easy-to-use online tools, you can change or move your content until you have created the perfect layout. The practical preview function shows you your travel diary in a binding print preview. Here you can check all pages and make the last corrections.
  3. Enjoy the day: When the sun sinks into the ocean in the evening, you need a clear view. The biggest mistake is to hide behind the diary and miss the best moments of the trip. Therefore, it makes sense to enjoy the day without interruption and let every second sink in. Always live in the here & now on your trip and only enter your experiences in your travel diary in the evening.
  4. Print later: You can take care of printing your travel diary later. First of all, look forward to the holiday, the sightseeing and the great attractions. You can then put the finishing touches to your travel diary afterwards. In the online designer, you can save all the texts and images in the template under your own project name and finish it at a later date.

Idea for bloggers - Turn your travel blog into a creative newspaper

Travel in beautiful scenery with mountains and rivers

You have already visited many unique places in the world and regularly write your own travel blog articles? Great, then you've already collected a lot of photos, reports and features. What's missing now is a creative print product that you can distribute to your friends, family and readers. Your photos and travel experiences will look even more impressive when captured on paper!

With us, you can turn your online blog into your own travel diary or travel book in just a few simple steps. And all this in a feather-light and filigree newspaper look. While photo books quickly gather dust somewhere in the cupboard, a homemade newspaper is a stylish format that everyone wants to open. A real attention magnet! Stand out from other travel bloggers and make a newspaper now that skilfully showcases your content.

In our online designer you will also find a helpful social media plugin. Here you have the possibility to link your travel diary with your Facebook & Instagram profile. This way, you have all the photos from your trips and holidays at your fingertips. You don't have to rummage through your folders and hard drives first. Just click on the Facebook or Instagram icon in the designer's picture menu and bring your pictures from your account into edit mode. Your favourite posts are far too good to sink further and further down the feed or disappear into digital nowhere. Instead, turn the travel pictures on your Facebook & Instagram profile into a fancy newspaper that transforms your digital picture galleries into analogue fireworks.

Design and print your travel journal online

After designing, you can have your personal travel diary printed in any quantity. And as a real newspaper! The newspaper look gives your travel experiences a unique nostalgic effect that no one can resist. Whether 1 travel diary as a personal unique specimen, 15 travel diaries to show off to the family or 100 travel diaries for the big returnee party - with the newspaper format you are always on the safe side in terms of price. While a large order of photo books often blows a hole in your wallet, newspapers are a cheap and charming format. Above a certain order quantity, the cost per copy even drops below €1. Here is a small calculation example:

1 newspaper (8 pages, 90 g/m2 paper) = 56,87 €
50 newspaper (8 pages, 90 g/m2 paper) = 86,66 €
200 Newspaper (8 pages, 90 g/m2 paper) = €197.83

For printing your travel diary, we recommend the extra white 90 g/m2 paper. This paper not only glides smoothly through your fingers, but also has a higher absorbency. Colours penetrate deeper into the paper fibres and thus appear particularly intensive and strong. Ideal for your snapshots! You enjoy excellent image quality and at the same time have the feeling of a natural newspaper. And this is how you can order:

  1. Choose the template of our travel diary and set your desired quantity, number of pages and paper type in the price calculator.
  2. Open the free designer programme and start filling the pages with your personal content right away.
  3. Review your travel diary in the preview function, add it to the shopping cart and complete the online ordering process.

Have you now collected enough ideas for your travel diary? Great! Then you're ready to go: switch to the designer now and start inserting your first texts and images into the template.

Design a travel diary online