Create portfolio on PC as newspaper and print in small edition

Whoever wants to stand out from the competition has to come up with something extraordinary. Because despite all the effort, many application folders end up straight in the shredder. What they lack is the recognition value and the certain wow effect. Whether for the university, for a creative agency or for a project tender in the field of architecture - you need a format that stands out from the crowd and at the same time creates a serious impression. Simple emails with PDF attachments are often not enough.

This is exactly where a self-made newspaper comes in handy. Thanks to the latest digital printing technology, it is now possible to design individual newspapers for your own use and have them produced at a low price. Perfect for your portfolio! A newspaper is a proven print product with which you can present your expertise and your skills in an expressive way. We show you how you can now print your portfolio online as an authentic newspaper.

Create & print portfolio as newspaper

A portfolio as a PDF on your PC is good. A portfolio as a professionally printed newspaper is better! The interleaved sheets of newspaper create a harmonious overall picture and increase the visual value of your application documents. Now you can have your portfolio printed as a real newspaper. And in the desired quantity, even from edition 1. You can choose between two options for the design and printing:

Upload your own PDF

You can design your portfolio with a programme of your choice and then conveniently upload your finished PDF file. Whether it's InDesign, PowerPoint or Word - design your portfolio with software you feel comfortable with. After the upload, our print data check checks your PDF for errors. If everything fits, your portfolio gets the green light for our printing presses.

  • Print portfolio as a real newspaper
  • Upload your own PDF
  • Quick print data check
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • 3 paper types to choose from
  • Fast printing from 1 copy

Print your own PDF as a newspaper

Create with our Online Designer

If you don't have your own software, our intuitive newspaper editor is the best solution for you. Choose a suitable template from our range and simply start the free newspaper program. Insert texts, upload photos, move layouts. You don't need to be a design professional. After just a few minutes, you'll be using the tools and functions like an experienced media maker.

  • Design a portfolio as a newspaper online
  • Beginner-friendly programme
  • No software download
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • 3 paper types to choose from
  • Fast printing from 1 copy

Discover templates for newspapers

5 advices for a successful portfolio

Sample newspaper pages for a unique portfolio

To make sure your portfolio hits the mark and wins over your readwinners from the first page to the last, consider these 5 pieces of advice:

  1. The cover page is probably the most important page of your portfolio. This is where it is decided whether the reader will eagerly open your portfolio or whether he or she will quickly put it back in the desk drawer. Therefore, place great value on the choice of words and the design. There is no point in saving your best pictures and messages until the end. Because most of the time the reader doesn't even get that far. Rather, show your strongest content directly on page 1. If the cover page is a visual stunner, then you have a good chance of making the shortlist.

  2. Tell your unique success story. How did it all start? What were the most exciting projects of the last years? And what are your individual strengths? Tell about your career so far, ideally in the form of a hero's journey on which you had to overcome many hurdles and obstacles. Detours and setbacks should also be included in the portfolio! This makes your story much more credible and likeable.
  3. Cite namely references. If you have already cooperated with major clients or well-known brands, you should definitely not hide this. References help you to strengthen confidence in your performance and abilities. You can either write exciting reports on special projects or design a page on which you list all the logos of the companies with which you have worked successfully. Each reference is a showcase and a signboard that makes your portfolio more valuable.
  4. But references alone are not enough. It is even more important to describe concrete and illustrative example scenarios. Take the reader of your portfolio by the hand and let him or her participate in the individual steps of an exemplary project execution. From the first creative brainstorming to the planning phase to the final design and implementation. This way, your clients and readers can quickly get a convincing picture of your person and way of working.

  5. Last but not least: Keep the red thread! Your portfolio should reflect your talent and not look like a chaotic mess. Therefore, place a list of contents in front of your portfolio and organise your topics and focal points according to sectors. To make your portfolio as clear as possible, you should also use uniform fonts and recurring colours. All these are additional orientation markers that create a harmonious reading experience.

Get portfolio printed as newspaper at low price

With us you can have your portfolio printed as a real newspaper in a small print run. Even from just 1 copy. While a single newspaper is still comparatively expensive, the reduced printing price is especially noticeable for larger quantities. From a certain order quantity, your portfolio costs less than 1 euro per copy. In addition to the print run, the number of pages and the choice of paper quality play an important role in the price calculation. Would you like to have your portfolio printed as a slim brochure on thin paper or as a comprehensive booklet on colour-intensive paper? Take a look at our price lists:

Slim portfolio on featherweight paper

Format Number of pieces Paper type Pages Cost
280 mm x 400 mm 1 60 g/m2 8 56,75 €
280 mm x 400 mm 5 60 g/m2 8 58,83 €
280 mm x 400 mm 10 60 g/m2 8 61,40 €
280 mm x 400 mm 25 60 g/m2 8 69,13 €
280 mm x 400 mm 50 60 g/m2 8 82,00 €
280 mm x 400 mm 200 60 g/m2 8 180,67 €

Comprehensive portfolio on grippy paper

Format Number of pieces Paper type Pages Cost
280 mm x 400 mm 1 90 g/m2 40 57,86 €
280 mm x 400 mm 5 90 g/m2 40 64,36 €
280 mm x 400 mm 10 90 g/m2 40 73,79 €
280 mm x 400 mm 25 90 g/m2 40 107,61 €
280 mm x 400 mm 50 90 g/m2 40 147,94 €
280 mm x 400 mm 200 90 g/m2 40 557,94 €


Printing multiple copies of your portfolio is worth it! Have you ever considered displaying your portfolio in the reception area of your agency or studio for free? Your visitors can put the papers in their pockets as free samples and get inspired again by your offers at home.

Newspaper templates for your personal portfolio

You can create your portfolio as a newspaper even if you don't have in-depth printing or design skills. Simply use our print-ready templates and load your personal texts, photos and motifs into the layouts. With the help of our free online programme the design is very easy. You don't need to bother with annoying formatting or complicated print adjustments. Each template already presents you with correctly formatted pages, which you can fill with your own ideas and content as you please. Get inspired now and discover our colourful range of newspaper designs. There is sure to be a suitable template for your portfolio.

Create a classic portfolio with universal newspaper template

If you want to give your portfolio the touch of an authentic newspaper, then we recommend our universal newspaper template. Here you will find classic and stylish layouts that promise the best reading comfort. The arrangement of the texts and images is based on popular newspaper formats, as you are used to from professional publishing houses. But here, too, each page can be redesigned according to your individual wishes and ideas. Move your personal content on the pages until you are completely satisfied with your design.

Design portfolio with universal newspaper template

Create portfolio as a classic newspaper

Design stylish portfolio with social media template

Smart, stylish, creative - this template is a paper dream of all social media users. Digital meets print: in a flash, you can transfer your Facebook and Instagram posts here and create a portfolio in newspaper form from your account. The pages shine in a fresh, inspired by Instagram art design, which makes every influencer feel at home immediately.


Use our handy Facebook and Instagram plugins to share your posts. With just one click, you can export all the photos you've posted from your profiles and add them to our online designer's database. From here, all you have to do is drag them into the layouts and place them where you want them. This saves you a lot of annoying searching and copying work.

Design and print portfolio online with stylish template

Create portfolio with stylish template

Design portfolio as an expressive photo journal

The design of our photo newspaper offers you plenty of space for your snapshots. This is especially worthwhile for extensive portfolios with a large number of pictures. On 4 to 40 pages you have enough space to present the range of your photos in all their glory. Whether you want to create an effective portfolio for your photo studio, a photographic project work or a private photo collection as a hobby photographer - the photo newspaper shows you expressive variations on how you can arrange the images in your portfolio. Our online designer also offers you diverse options for image editing. In addition to image cropping and size, you can also fine-tune your photo with appealing filter settings. Turn every image in your portfolio into a masterpiece!

Design portfolio with lots of photos and images

Create portfolio as a photo newspaper

Create portfolio with blank template as newspaper

If prefabricated layouts are too restrictive for you, you can also create your portfolio as a newspaper with our blank template. Let your creativity run wild and breathe life into the white sheets with your content. Cover letter, CV, project presentation - within a few moments you can create unique layouts with our online designer that will captivate every reader. You are not bound to any specifications and start virtually from scratch. The font, the size of the headlines, the number and position of the images: You alone are in charge here!

Create a portfolio with a blank template as a real newspaper

Create portfolio with blank template