Write personal texts for wedding newspaper

A successful wedding newspaper depends on personal texts. Whether dignified, romantic or with a touch of humour - if you strike the right note, the wedding newspaper will be an unforgettable gift that the bride and groom will be happy to look at every once in a while, throughout their marriage.

At the same time, writing texts is a lot of work. Whereas photos and family trees can be inserted or designed quickly, a lot of heart and soul goes into coming up with texts. How do I find the right words? Are the headlines worded correctly? And which topics are best received in a wedding newspaper?

To save you a lot of time and work, we have listed some text examples for wedding newspapers down below to actively help you write. Simply adjust the names and the date and voilà: you have a personal report that will make the bride and groom's eyes shine. Afterwards, you can add your texts to the templates in a flash with the help of our online designer and have your wedding newspaper printed starting with 1 copy.

Text from Parents for a Wedding Newspaper

Dear bride and groom,

a moment, it seems, was enough as the small hands we held became big and strong hands, which today promise each other to be together forever. Your childhood days, full of innocent laughter, small challenges and triumphant successes, are behind us, and before us is the image of a couple ready to embark on the next great adventure.

There have been times when we wanted to protect you, when we have found words of comfort and encouragement. Today we are standing here, realising that you can protect, comfort and encourage each other. It is an indescribable feeling to see how our children go their own ways and yet in everything they do, they reflect the values and principles we have given them.

Our wishes for you are innumerable. We hope that your days will be full of sunshine and joy, that you will find a safe haven in each other during the tumultuous times of life, and that your love will continue to grow and blossom like the most magnificent flowers in a garden. And as the years pass will pass and days turn into decades, we are hoping that you will look back on a lifetime of memories and say, "We did it together."

Text from Grandparents for a Wedding Newspaper

Our beloved grandchildren,

when we look back on our many years, we see a mosaic of memories - some clear and vivid, others blurred by time. But today, this moment will surely be one of the brightest stars in our memory. Your love, so young and yet so deep, reminds us of our own early days, of the promises we made to each other, and of the journey we took together.

Love is not always easy. There are days when the sun shines and everything is easy, and then there are days when the sky is grey and the burden is heavy. But if there is one thing we have learned, it is that true love does not exist only in the easy moments but proves itself in the challenges. In the times when you choose to stand together and fight the storm together.

We hope that you will honour the values and traditions, passed down to you through your families, in your shared life together. May you always find the happiness to laugh at small joys, support each other in complicated times and pass on the legacy of love that is now in your hands.

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You can simply copy your own personal texts and paste them directly into our templates for wedding newspapers and wedding magazines. And that’s how it works: Copy your text with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C and then double-click on the placeholder texts in our templates. Now mark the whole text there so that it is highlighted in blue and then insert your text using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V. Then, your text appears in the template.

Text from Friends for a Wedding Newspaper

Dear ones,

From the first tentative encounters to this beautiful wedding day - what an amazing story you have already written together! Your relationship has unfolded before our eyes and it has been a true privilege to be allowed to witness every highlight, twist and loving look between the two of you.

Some relationships seem superficial and then there are those that are intense and meaningful. Yours undoubtedly belongs to the latter category. All the times we spent together with you two, whether at a simple dinner, a holiday together or meetings in town, we have felt the depth of your connection.

Your love story has inspired us to believe in the magic of true love. It has reminded us that true love is not just about being stuck together all the time, but about being there for each other no matter what. As you are preparing for this new chapter, we would like to extend to you our best wishes as well as our sincere admiration and offer you our perpetual friendship.

Text from Siblings for a Wedding Newspaper

Dear Bride, dear Groom,

when we think of the past years, memories of shared adventures, small arguments, mutual support and countless inside jokes come up. As siblings, we cried together, laughed together and went through thick and thin. Today, here we are, watching one of us take the next big step in life.

As you begin this new and incredibly important stage, we would like to pass on to you a few words we gathered from our own experiences: In every relationship, there are ups and downs, but it is the shared values, understanding of each other and unconditional love that form an unshakeable bond. We learned that communication is key and that small gestures out of love often mean more than big gifts.

We are sure that the bond that binds you, will grow even stronger and deeper as you continue this journey together as a couple. And remember, no matter how stressful life may get from time to time or how many challenges come your way, you will always have a family that has your back and will never let you down.

Text from Groomsmen for a Wedding Newspaper

Dear bride and groom,

We still remember the very first days of your relationship - the shy looks, the first date, the endless phone calls, and the first holidays together. As your witnesses, we have had the honour of observing many of these moments up close and following your development as a couple first-hand.

Your love story is a testament to patience, understanding, affection, and unconditional trust. Together you have overcome all hurdles and shown what it means to truly be there for each other.

As you embark on this new experience called marriage, we would like to remind you to always cherish the little moments, to dream together, and to repeatedly strengthen the love you feel today so that it will continue to feel fresh and alive. Your bond is something special and we are so proud to be standing here today, celebrating this moment with you.

Text for a Wedding Horoscope for the Guests

🐐 Aries: You bring the energy and vigour to festivites! This wedding will inspire you to break new ground.

🐃 Taurus: Stability and reliability are your hallmarks. Your advice will be valuable to the bridal couple in the years to come.

👨‍👧‍👧 Gemini: Your dual nature causes fun and excitement. This celebration will remind you to always look at life from both sides.

🦀 Cancer: You bring emotional depth to the festivities. Your warm-hearted nature will be appreciated by the bride and groom for years to come.

🦁 Leo: With your charm and charisma, you are often the centre of attention! You will help the couple keep their marriage alive.

👼 Virgo: You have an eye for detail. Your help with the preparations will not go unnoticed.

⚖️ Libra: You bring harmony and balance. Your stability will help the bride and groom find equilibrium in their own marriage.

🦂 Scorpio: With your passion and intensity, you will bring zest to any conversation. You will remind the bride and groom to always appreciate their deep connection.

🏹 Sagittarius: Your optimism will encourage the bride and groom to explore new horizons together.

🐏 Capricorn: Your fortitude and determination will set an example for the bride and groom to survive all crises.

🌊 Aquarius: Your creative and innovative nature opens up completely new perspectives for the bride and groom.

🐟 Pisces: Your empathetic and compassionate nature brings comfort and serenity to the bride and groom in hectic times.

Text for Wedding Horoscope of the Bride and Groom

🐐 Aries: Your energetic love brings a constant breath of fresh air.

🐃 Taurus: Your consistency makes your relationship unbreakable. Keep it up!

👨‍👧‍👧 Gemini: Double the fun and twice the joy are awaiting you in marriage.

🦀 Cancer: A home full of comfort and love is in store for you.

🦁 Leo: Your relationship will be one of passion and loyalty. A royal couple!

👼 Virgo: Attentive to detail and organised - your marriage will be perfect!

⚖️ Libra: Harmony and balance characterise your future. A life in balance!

🦂 Scorpio: Passionate feelings and intense moments await you.

🏹 Sagittarius: Travelling and exploring together will enrich your marriage.

🐏 Capricorn: With perseverance and commitment, you will accomplish anything you set out to do.

🌊 Aquarius: Innovation and creativity will always accompany and reinvent your marriage.

🐟 Pisces: Romance and deep affection mark your future togetherness.

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Funny Text for Marriage Counsellor in a Wedding Newspaper

Never argue hungry. A chocolate bar can work wonders!

Lost your remote control? Ask your partner. It always works.

Marriage means you always have a teammate for board games.

When you both laugh, the argument is forgotten.

Surprise eggs are not just for children. Surprise your partner!

The question "Pizza or salad?" answers itself.

Sleep deprivation? No problem if you stay awake all night together.

A joint evening of watching TV series together solves many problems.

Marriage is: loading the dishwasher correctly together.

Partner sucks? Think about the day you gave your wedding vow.

Original Questions for an Interview with the Bride and Groom

What was the exact moment when you knew: this is it?

What is your shared song?

What was the craziest adventure you had together?

What mutual characteristic makes you particularly proud?

What is the secret recipe of your love?

If you were to make a film about your love story, what would the title be?

Which quote best describes your relationship?

What do you wish for the first year of marriage?

Is there a ritual or tradition you would like to maintain in your marriage?

What do you imagine growing old together will look like?

Texts for Congratulations in a Wedding Newspaper

May your love be as constant as the stars and always light your way.

For the start of your life together, we wish you endless sunshine - even on rainy days!

One heart, two souls. May your connection grow ever more intimate and strong.

Love, laughter and a happy ending - these are our wishes for your journey together.

Here's to a lifetime full of adventures, shared dreams and countless happy moments!

May your marriage be the most beautiful chapter you have always wanted to write.

Finding happiness is an art. Preserving it is a feat. All the best on this wonderful path!

Wishes come and go, but true love remains. Here's to eternal times full of affection and happiness!

Every day you spend together shall be sweeter than the one before.

Congratulations on the start of the most beautiful adventure of your life!

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