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Facebook & Instagram are like an online photo album that we share live with our friends. Diligently we post selfies, holiday photos and pictures of beautiful places. Sometimes even every day. But if you post a lot, you quickly lose track. The photos move further and further down the profile. Until no one sees them any more and you lose sight of them yourself.

Save your favourite posts now and print them as a creative newspaper. A newspaper is a feather-light and elegant format that will make your photos shine like brand new. Our template shows you ideas & examples on how to turn your profile into a real social media newspaper in just a few clicks.

Design template for your Facebook & Instagram pictures

Create Social Media Photos as a Real Newspaper

Link your accounts to our online programme and add your photos, posts & comments directly to the newspaper. Our template presents you with print-ready pages that are eagerly awaiting your content. Each page is a design suggestion that you can use as a guide, but you don't have to. You can either use the designs one-to-one or create your own. Write headlines, add text, place images, sort the layout - you hold all the reins here. You don't need to be a design expert to do this. The online programme works Without software download. All tools can be learned in a few seconds.

  • Insert & print Facebook & Instagram images
  • Fast account linking
  • Template with Instagram look
  • A lot of free space for your lovey-dovey posts
  • Print from 1 newspaper

Create social media photo newspaper

Practical profile linking & convenient image upload

In Designer, you'll find handy plug-ins that give you immediate access to images from your accounts. Just a few clicks and you are connected to your Facebook & Instagram profile. This saves you the annoying search in your smartphone memory. You no longer need to transfer your photos from a smartphone to a computer or copy them individually from your profile. At the touch of a button, all published posts automatically appear in the picture archive. From here, it's just a short jump to your newspaper. You can either drag and drop the pictures into the template or replace a prepared photo area with your snapshot. From trips & excursions to unforgettable evenings with friends and family to a personal food & fitness blog. In no time, you can create a photo journal that puts your digital life story on paper

Edit Instagram & Facebook photos in the template

After uploading, you can arrange your Facebook & Instagram photos on the pages exactly as you like. Whether as a large, page-filling image or many small photos as an atmospheric collage - simply move your posts back and forth according to your taste. In our online programme, you also have the option of editing your photos directly in the template. For this, you have a whole construction kit of online tools at your disposal to make your pictures more beautiful.

  • Enlarge or reduce your images to the right size in no time at all
  • Adjust image detail: Zoom into your images and select the image detail. It's easy with the slider.
  • Filter: From nostalgic to luminous - put a cool filter over your pictures.
  • Brightness & Contrast: Fine-tune the adjustment.
  • Transparency: You want to combine your images with texts? Then simply increase the degree of transparency.

Create social media photo newspaper

Design and print social media photo newspaper

Stylish print templates for Facebook and Instagram photos

Give your Facebook & Instagram photos a makeover and create a personalised social media newspaper. If you find normal photo books boring, then our newspaper is the right format for you. We print your photo newspaper in a handy size of 280 mm width x 400 mm height. The pages offer you lots of space for your posts and pictures without looking bulky. These are the advantages over an ordinary photo book:

  • Extraordinary look & feel: A newspaper is a real attention magnet. Many people only know newspapers as news papers from the kiosk, but not as a photo profile they created themselves. Anyone who sees your Facebook & Instagram photo newspaper immediately wants to flip it open and browse through it.
  • Inexpensive printing: A photo newspaper is an inexpensive alternative to a photo book. Especially when printing larger order quantities, the price difference becomes noticeable. While 150 photo books are hardly affordable, the cost of a newspaper (depending on paper and number of pages) drops below 1 euro.
  • Lightweight transport: Photo newspapers can be folded quickly and packed into your bag. Weighing only a few grams, they are not at all noticeable when carried. Perfect, then, to take with you and proudly present to your friends.

A newspaper is a real eye-catcher in every respect. It exudes a distinctive charm and stands out from old-fashioned printed products. Why is it now worth printing your Facebook & Instagram pictures? Let our ideas inspire you:

  • Personal keepsake: Weddings, birthdays, travels - your social media profiles are a collection point for unique experiences and emotions. Don't let all these precious moments go to waste in the digital desert and bring them into the analogue world. You will receive an original memento in newspaper form that immortalises your online chronicle on paper.
  • Creative gift: You have posted many photos with friends, family or your partner in your profile? Then surprise your loved ones with a homemade photo journal and show them how important they are in your life.
  • Gain new followers: The social media photo newspaper is also suitable as a promotional tool. Whether you want to boost your lifestyle blog or push your company's Instagram presence. Print your newspaper and send it to potential customers and buyers.

Print Instagram & Facebook photos as newspaper now

Your posts look so much prettier when printed. Network with your accounts now and turn your selfies, likes & comments into a unique newspaper. First design online, then print inexpensively. And this is how it works:

  1. Click here on the blog on the button Create a social media photo newspaper.
  2. Choose your desired number of pieces, number of pages and type of paper.
  3. Open the free designer programme and link to your Facebook & Instagram profiles in the images menu.
  4. Add your photos to the template and design your paper
  5. Check your design in the preview and add your newspaper to the shopping cart.
  6. Indicate your address and payment method and complete the online order process.
Once your order has been received, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Then it's just a matter of sitting back and waiting. Within the next 5 to 7 working days your social media will already be in your letterbox. Freshly printed and ready to read!

Create a social media photo newspaper