Bridal couple holding a bouquet together after the wedding

Blue skies, bells ringing. The bride slowly walks towards the altar. The church organ begins to play the Wedding March and guests rise from the benches. All eyes are on the bride, her brilliant white dress and delicate veil. Ahead of her waits the groom. Nervous, captivated and full of anticipation. The time has come. Both say ‘yes’ and seal their bond for life...
A personalised wedding newspaper ensures that this momentous day will be remembered for a long time to come. Whether a gift for the newlyweds, a welcome gift for guests or as a souvenir for the entire family: a wedding newspaper puts unique moments on paper in a refreshing format. Those who find photo albums and postcards boring will love a wedding newspaper. We’ve got a few tips and tricks on how to create your own wedding newspaper online and print the number of copies you need.

Design and print a wedding newspaper - two options

Examples and ideas for a wedding newspaper

Smartpaper24 offers a fast and simple online printing service. You have to options when it comes to designing and printing a small quantity of wedding newspapers.

  1. Launch the free Designer tool and discover our wedding newspaper template. The Designer is a user-friendly layout programme to help you add your personal content straight to the news pages. All text and picture items can be placed exactly where you want them. You'll find ideas, designs and examples of wedding newspapers in the template.
  2. Already a dab hand with design programmes and require no further assistance? Then design your wedding newspaper using a software of your choice and upload your own PDF. In just a few clicks, you can select the order quantity, number of pages and paper quality using the calculator.
No matter which option you choose: we'll print your newspaper in Smartpaper One format from just 1 copy. Smartpaper One is a genuine newspaper in a handy size (280mm wide & 400mm tall). Create it using the Designer tool or send us your own print file.

Designing a wedding newspaper - style is key

Bride reading a wedding newspaper

The success of a wedding newspaper comes down to the right style. Before designing, you should consider what kind of reader reaction you’re going for. Would you prefer a traditional and romantic wedding newspaper or one full of irony and humour? It’s completely up to you. What’s important is that a common theme is evident in your newspaper and that the content isn't haphazard. Of course, stylistic inconsistencies can achieve a great effect. However, you should use changes in style sparingly and not confuse your reader too much. While you might want to report about the stag do for a humorous newspaper, family photos and romantic stories of first encounters are better for a celebratory one. Whether you want to make your reader laugh or bring them to tears, stay on the safe side with a consistent format.

7 ideas for a wedding newspaper

All options are open when it comes to a wedding newspaper. But where to start? Here are a few suggestions on how to make your wedding newspaper a hit:

  1. Personal descriptions: These are classic features of a wedding newspaper. Personal descriptions give you the chance to present the bride and groom with key words. To prevent your profile from being a lame list, you should be sure to include personal details along with their names, eye colours and heights. This might include nicknames and hobbies as well as character traits and quirks. A personal description presents the bride and groom in all their facets. Make sure you also include those little, affectionate eccentricities. All with a friendly twinkle in the eye, of course.
  2. First date stories: How did it all start and when did the first sparks appear? Give insight into the background of the love story, reports of obstacles along the way and then continue to the happy ending.
  3. Interviews: Interviews let friends and family have their say. Conduct the interview with a dictaphone or your mobile phone and then write it up later as a question and answer text in the wedding newspaper.
  4. Wedding wishes: Gather lots of wedding wishes from your close circle beforehand and present them as large quotations on an extra page.
  5. Photo gallery: Text alone isn’t enough. Too much text can be tedious for the reader. Therefore, lighten up your newspaper with pages of photos and collages. Family portraits, parties with friends, romantic candlelit dinner, shared holiday moments - photos add diversity and turn your wedding newspaper into a photo album that everyone will enjoy flicking through.
  6. Family trees: Family trees will bring a smile to the faces of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Present the family history with a comprehensive family tree and enhance the feeling of family belonging.
  7. Marriage advice: What makes for a successful marriage? What are the greatest everyday challenges? How to keep the love new and exciting? You can include funny quotes or wise life tips about marriage and love in a marriage advice section.

Template for designing a wedding newspaper online

Do you need help getting your wedding newspaper off the ground? Then take a look at our free wedding newspaper template and play around with the various online Designer tools. The template consists of pre-arranged pages and sample designs that you can fill with your individual content. Each layout is brimming with ideas: from memo-style personal descriptions and photo galleries to highlighted quotes. You can use the suggestions provided or redesign them from scratch as you wish. The Designer lets you think outside the box:

  • Insert your own text and pictures into the newspaper templates.
  • QR code generator: Expand your wedding newspaper with digital content.
  • Move items and rearrange layouts.
  • Remove, duplicate or add pages as you wish.
  • Save/load: Take a break and start from where you left off later.
  • Preview feature: Check the print view of your wedding newspaper.
  • Online ordering process: Place your newspaper in the shopping basket and order from just 1 copy.
The Designer newspaper templates are ready to print right away. You won’t need to change any settings or make any formatting changes. Save yourself the time and use our pre-made wedding layouts. This lets you quickly create a newspaper that the newlyweds will remember for a long time to come.

Create a wedding newspaper as a team

Good planning is key when it comes to designing a wedding newspaper. Attempting to throw one together the day before the ceremony will prove impossible, unless you want to spend a sleepless night full of stress and hassle. It’s better to start early with organisation. What you'll need: Courage, time and loving attention to detail. This is the only way your wedding newspaper will be a shining success.
No one is saying that you need to create the wedding newspaper alone. Make things easier by getting friends, relatives and witnesses to the marriage on board. Ask the sister of the groom for funny childhood photos, ask the bride's father for a moving introduction and have the best friends help put together a personal description. If you're clever when assigning individual tasks, you'll be able to put everything together on your PC later in just a few clicks. Small editorial meetings are also helpful: you can discuss things in more detail and concentrate on a joint plan of action for the design and print of the wedding newspaper.

The front page of the wedding newspaper - love at first sight

Title page of a real wedding newspaper with design examples

The front page is probably the most important page of your wedding newspaper. It determines whether the wedding guests leaf through it with interest or cast it aside. So what should feature on page 1? In brief: the best content to entice the reader to read on. The reader should immediately realise that it's not a normal shop-bought print product but a unique and personal newspaper. A large-format picture showing the bride and groom in love is a great way to grab attention. You can also mention the names of the bride and groom in the headlines. Write the main article underneath or next to the photo to encourage further reading. The main article features the first wedding wishes and explains what the newspaper is about.
A short table of contents along the margin will encourage the guests to keep reading. The front page should of course be sure to include some typical newspaper elements. For example, you can put the date of the wedding or a sale price in the kicker (at the top of the page). An imprint, on the other hand, should be featured on the last page of the wedding newspaper. These little details help you create a classic newspaper effect while enhancing the authenticity of the wedding newspaper.

Designing a wedding newspaper to commemorate the ceremony

Did the ceremony already take place a few months or years ago? Then it’s worth designing a retrospective wedding newspaper to remember the best moments of the event. Show ravishing pictures of the bride in her white dress, print the father of the bride’s speech or remember the moment the bridal bouquet was thrown - a weddings newspaper is a great way of looking back on a day that celebrates eternity. How about a wedding newspaper as a gift for a Silver or Golden Wedding Anniversary? Draw from a full source of inspiration and look back on the highs and lows of decades of marriage. A genuine wedding newspaper guarantees a good dose of nostalgia when it comes to a milestone anniversary, which readers will be sure to enjoy indulging in.

Design or directly print your wedding newspaper now

Bridal couple shows a heart with their hands

Have you already gathered enough ideas and want to get started on designing your wedding newspaper? Then Smartpaper24 is here to assist as your online printing service. Create your wedding newspaper using either the templates and examples provided in our newspaper Designer or upload your own PDF print file created with your own programme. Regardless of the option you choose, we’ll print your wedding newspaper in as many copies as you need. From 1 newspaper as a gift for the bride and groom, 10 newspapers for close family or 1,000 newspapers for the entire village. Smartpaper24 has no limits and will promptly deliver your wedding newspaper within 5 to 7 working days.