Design funny birthday newspaper with your own headlines and photos

Witty headlines are the best way to spice up your birthday newspaper. But what distinguishes a successful headline? We tell you what matters in copywriting and which funny sayings and headlines you can include in your birthday newspaper.

Write funny headlines for birthday newspaper

Headlines & headlines determine the success or failure of a newspaper. If the reader likes the headline on the front page of a newspaper, he picks it up and flips it open. If, on the other hand, the headline seems grey and dull, the newspaper will remain on the shelf unread.

To make your birthday newspaper a real hit, you should follow these tricks for successful headlines:

📢 Short & crisp: A lot of text makes you tired. Get to the point with your punchlines and try to formulate your headline in a maximum of 7 to 9 words. A tip: Delete all filler words that unnecessarily drag out your headline

📢 Easy & understandable: Technical Chinese has no place in a headline. Better use simple words. Your reader must be able to grasp the idea of your headline within 1 second. If he needs longer, your headline is too complicated.

📢 Direct address: Call your reader by name or use the you/they form. This has a sympathetic effect and makes the reader take notice.

📢 ask a question: Who? What? How? When? Where? Why? Question words automatically awaken in us the need to answer. This is another way to attract attention.

📢 Contrasts & Contradictions: Contrasts create tension. Include opposing terms in headlines to specifically trigger your readers. For example:
"Up high and down low."
"Asleep by day, wide awake by night."

11 joke birthday headlines

These funny headlines for a birthday newspaper will help you introduce your text and photos humorously:

🎉 Finally 18 - and not a bit grown up.

🎉 Matured to perfection after 30 years.

🎉 40 years - mid-life & on the brink of madness.

🎉 The first 50 years of childhood are the toughest.

🎉 60 years in & still a spring chicken.

🎉 You don't get older, you get better!

🎉 Here's to you getting as old as you look.

🎉 Can you manage all the candles or do you need a fire extinguisher?

🎉 Smile while you still have teeth!

🎉 The older the violin, the sweeter the sound.

🎉 Were you sad when the dinos died out?

Design birthday newspaper online now & insert headlines

Discover the templates in our online designer and insert your funny headlines directly into the birthday newspaper. Here you enjoy the greatest possible design freedom: write reports, upload photos, move headlines, design your own layouts. With just a few clicks, you can create a creative birthday newspaper on your PC and then have it printed in the desired quantity.

And you don't need to download any software or have professional design skills! Simply choose one of our templates and start filling the pages with your individual ideas and content right away.

Create a birthday newspaper with a colourful tabloid look

Birthday newspaper templates and ideas with fun headlines

Create a birthday newspaper now

Design birthday newspaper with classic template

Birthday newspaper templates and ideas with fun headlines

Design a birthday newspaper now

Design a birthday newspaper in the style of a real daily newspaper

Birthday newspaper templates and ideas with fun headlines

Create a birthday newspaper now

Create birthday newspaper as magazine in DIN A4 or DIN A5

Do you prefer to create your birthday newspaper on high-quality paper in the size A4 or A5? Then our templates for birthday magazines are made for you! Here, too, you can insert your funny headlines as well as individual texts and photos.

Two templates are available to suit the birthday child: one for boys and one for girls. Take a look at the ready-made sample page and start designing today!

More funny birthday newspaper ideas

Witty headlines are a great way to add a dash of irony to your birthday newspaper.Here are more ideas on how to trigger rows of laughs with your newspaper.

5 Funny Weather Predictions

A weather report belongs in every newspaper. Write a small weather forecast for the big day of celebration and make the birthday boy or girl laugh:

⛈️ Weather outlook for today: stay on the couch!

🌧️ Summer in Germany - the rain is getting warmer.

🌈 The weather is like you: briefly friendly.

☀️ Sweating, panting, sticking.

🌋 Heatwave expected: Better get in the fridge!

5 fun short horoscopes

Alber prophecies and predictions are a MUST for a fun birthday newspaper. Interpret the constellations in the sky and design a fun horoscope for the birthday boy or girl:

🦁 Lion: Loud roar, nothing behind

🐂 Taurus: Always feeds more than it can handle

🐟 Fish: Landing on the grill today

⚖️ Balance: Totally out of balance tomorrow

🏹 Shooter: Not as accurate as he always tells

Ironic imprint

An imprint usually stands for the seriousness of the editorial staff. In a humorous birthday newspaper, a few gags and jokes can be hidden here as well to lead the reader up the garden path.

📰 Responsible: Just taking a coffee break

📰 Pressure: Do not feel

📰 Price: Not to be weighed in gold

📰 Design: Pure anarchy

📰 Pictures: Are available, as you can see

📰 Advertisements: Accepted by the police

📰 Appears: Hopefully on time