Fake Zeitung online am PC selber erstellen

To create your own fake newspaper, you need a template that looks like a professional newspaper. We have the right templates for you that are best suited for faking a newspaper. Let our real-looking newspaper templates convince you and check out the Newspaper article writing help.

Templates for your fake newspaper

Newspaper is not just newspaper. At the beginning, the question arises whether you prefer a classic or a modern template. Experts distinguish between quality journalism and tabloid press. Serious daily newspapers rely on layouts with a clear order. Tabloids tend to want to entertain the reader with big pictures and sensational headlines.

With our comfortable online designer you can now create your own fake newspaper. Simply choose a template and start our free programme. You can insert your individual texts and photos directly into the prefabricated pages.

You don't need any printing or design skills. Write reports, upload photos, adapt layouts - all this can be done quickly with just a few clicks. And Without an extra software download! Here is a best-of of our templates, with which you can create a fake newspaper in no time.

Create a fake newspaper as a classic daily newspaper

The layout of our daily newspaper is based on classic newspaper formats. The arrangement of the contents is designed as you are used to from a real newspaper from the kiosk. But here, too, the template is not cast in concrete. You can freely move, exchange or remove all objects on the pages.

Create fake newspaper in the look of a classic daily newspaper

🗞 Template for classic daily newspaper
🗞 Serious & professional looking layout
🗞 Various paper types to choose from
🗞 4 to 40 pages
🗞 Printing from 1 copy

Daily Newspaper Design Online

Create fake newspaper with tabloid look

Big pictures, cheeky headlines, bright colours. The tabloid newspaper template uses elements of well-known models from the gossip press. With the tabloid look, your fake newspaper articles will attract a lot of attention.

Create a fake newspaper with the look of a colourful tabloid newspaper

🗞 Template for trashy tabloid
🗞 Make-up for scandals & sensations
🗞 Various paper types to choose from
🗞 4 to 40 pages
🗞Printing from 1 copy

Design a tabloid online.

Create fake newspaper with universal template

Are you a fan of simple and neutral layouts? Then our universal newspaper template offers you a straightforward design into which your fake newspaper articles can easily be inserted.

Create a fake newspaper with a universal template

🗞 Universal newspaper template
🗞 Harmonious & practical layout
🗞 Different types of paper to choose from
🗞 4 to 40 pages
🗞 Printing from 1 copy

Design Universal Newspaper Online

Create fake newspaper with blank template

Templates restrict your creativity too much and you would rather create your fake newspaper completely yourself? In the blank template you will find blank newspaper pages that you can fill with your own text and photos. There are no restrictions here: You build your layouts exactly as you want them from start to finish.

Fake Zeitung mit blank Zeitungsvorlage selbst erstellen

🗞 Blank template for fake newspapers
🗞 Lots of freedom for your ideas
🗞 Different types of paper to choose from
🗞 4 to 40 pages
🗞 Print from 1 copy

Design blank template online

Fake newspapers - what belongs in a real newspaper?

In order for a newspaper to look particularly real and make an authentic impression as a complete package, the following contents must not be missing:

Title page: The title page is the eye-catcher of your newspaper. In addition to the lead article, you can present the reader with a preview of the following topics and reports.

Division into sections: Many newspapers are divided into politics, economics, sports, arts & culture and local affairs. No matter what occasion you want to create a fake newspaper for, these categories will give your newspaper a clear structure.

Topicality: An important factor is topicality. It is best to place the publication date in your newspaper at the top of the newspaper header. Especially with homemade fake newspapers for birthdays or wedding anniversaries, the date should be placed clearly visible on the front page.

Price: Even a small price - whether meant seriously or jokingly - makes your newspaper look real.

Weather report: You can find an outlook on the current weather in just about every daily newspaper.

Horoscopes: What do the stars reveal about our future? Horoscopes also belong in a real newspaper.

Advertisements: No newspaper without an advertisement. Advertising is an integral part of a newspaper and also enhances the impression of authenticity.

Imprint: The imprint is often found on the last page of the newspaper. The imprint includes the name of the publisher, the address, the contact and details of the printing company.

Choose template & create fake newspaper

Writing fake newspaper articles

Now you know all the essential content of a real newspaper. But now how do you make a newspaper article? And in such a way that it reads like it came from the pen of a real journalist? Here is a guide on how you can write and create a fake newspaper article with a few tricks:

Start with the headline, which you position in large font as a so-called headline centrally above the article. The headline gives the most important message of your newspaper article in 5 to 7 words.

Formulate a subheadline that complements your headline. The font size of the subheadline is smaller than the headline, but larger than the body text of the article.

Next comes the introduction, in which you antease your article. The introduction briefly and crisply answers the important W-questions: What happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? Why did it happen? And who are the people involved? To make the introduction stand out from the rest of the text, it is bolded.

The main text of your article starts with the location in italics and a full stop after it. Example: London.

In the main text, you unfold your topic in as complete a presentation as possible. The following applies here: The most important information first! A classic newspaper article uses factual and sober language for this purpose. Try to write short sentences and avoid adorning adjectives and filler words. This gives your text the tonality of a real editor.

Work with columns and paragraphs to make your newspaper article easy to read. In many cases, a newspaper article does not consist of one continuous text with long lines to the margin, but of several columns. 3 to 5 columns next to each other increase clarity and ensure a pleasant reading experience. To further optimise the typeface, you can also break up your fake newspaper article with paragraphs and short subheadings.

In the concluding part, you summarise the core message of your newspaper article and possibly give the reader an outlook on open questions. And you have already created your own fake newspaper article!

Choose template & create fake newspaper

Ideas for creative fake newspapers

Discover templates for creative fake newspapers in webshop

There are many occasions to create your own fake newspaper. Whether as a creative gift for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays or as a self-publication for your village or neighbourhood. No matter what you want to make a fake newspaper for: Your readers will make big eyes in any case. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas for fake newspapers and fake newspaper articles:

🎂 Birthday: Surprise the birthday boy or girl with a funny birthday newspaper that brings all kinds of fake news to the world on the day of the cradle.

💒 Wedding & Wedding Anniversary: What loves deserves its own newspaper. Give the bride and groom a unique gift and design a newspaper for their wedding or wedding anniversary. In the style of a wedding special edition, your fake newspaper will arouse the interest of the guests.

🍻 Bachelor party: The last day of freedom! Create a fake newspaper as a special edition for the bachelor party and say goodbye to being single.

👋 Colleague farewell: A popular colleague is changing departments or companies? Here, too, a homemade newspaper is a suitable printed thank-you gift. Look back on common successes in your professional life and make your colleague happy with a creative fake newspaper. School: Whether it's a school party, open day or graduation - with a fake newspaper you will amaze all guests and visitors.

What makes fake newspapers so special is the ironic break. At first glance, readers expect a newspaper with news from all over the world. The page format, the typical newspaper paper and the familiar look and feel - our templates fulfil all the criteria of a professional newspaper. Only at second glance do people realise that it is a homemade newspaper. Wow effect guaranteed! Take a look at our diverse designs now, start the free online programme and get started right away creating your fake newspaper with your own texts and photos.

Choose template & create fake newspaper