Welcoming new employees in our own staff newspaper

Introducing new employees is a big step for successful integration into the company. It is important to show appreciation for the colleague from day one and give them the feeling of having arrived. If the onboarding goes well, you have a good chance of gaining a motivated employee for the company in the long term.

An Embracing.

An own employee newspaper is the best place to welcome new colleagues to the team or the company. Here you can find original ideas for introducing new employees as well as the right templates to fill in. Our free online designer will help you create your individual employee newspaper and give your employees a warm welcome.

Create a profile for new staff introduction

In-house staff newspapers are particularly popular profile for introducing new staff. Whether in concise list form or in body text, profiles give you the opportunity to introduce the new colleague or assistant to the whole company. Here are some points that should not be missing from your profile:

📋 Name, title, date, position: What is the full name, when is the entry date into the company and what position does the new employee hold? These important framework data always belong at the beginning of the profile or the welcome letter.

📋 Phone, e-mail, fax: How can the new colleague be reached most quickly? It is best to provide all important contact details in the profile.

📋 Photo: A likeable photo is an absolute MUST for every employee profile. This way, every employee in the company has a face in front of his or her eyes and can address the new colleague directly in the office corridor.

📋 Previous professional stations: Where did the new team member work before? What were his tasks and projects? Are there any notable successes or awards? A look at the past helps to classify the new employee correctly and quickly give him a firm foothold in the department.

📋 Target setting: What are the corporate goals and what changes would the new colleague like to initiate? Open up the perspective for a promising cooperation in the profile.

📋 Hobbies & Free Time: Chess, football, cycling, yoga - what does the new employee enjoy outside of work? An insight into private interests and passions reduces fear of contact and can be the initial spark for a first conversation.

Now that you've collected enough stake letter ideas for introducing new employees? Then take a look at our employee newspaper template now and load your content into the ready-made templates in no time.

Design employee newspaper with sample for employee introduction

New employee and colleague introduction newspaper template
Template for profile
Template for introduction

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Welcome letter for new employees - example

Dear Tina,

we would like to welcome you to our company and wish you a wonderful first day at work!
Just contact us if you have any questions or need support. We will be happy to help you and explain everything to you.
The team is already looking forward to meeting you!

Many greetings

Your colleagues

Introduce new employees in interview

In addition to classic profiles, you can introduce the new colleague in an interview in your employee newspaper or magazine. Here, too, it's important to explore private interests apart from professional topics and to create a relaxed conversational atmosphere.

If the mix is right, you'll be able to introduce your new colleague in your staff magazine.

If the mix is right, the interview will be a sure-fire success. Here you will find a selection of questions that you can use as a guideline for the get-to-know-you interview:

📋 In which area will you join us and what is your exact job title?

📋 With which topics and questions can colleagues contact you?

📋 What is particularly important to you when working with your team colleagues?

📋 What do you find so interesting about our company and what was your motivation for applying?

📋 What wishes do you have for your first day at work?

📋 Office dogs - yes or no?

📋 How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

📋 Are you more of a tea drinker or a coffee connoisseur?

📋 What do you like to do in your free time?

📋 What is your favourite restaurant near the company?

Design employee magazine with sample for interview

Create your own staff magazine with template for colleague interviews

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Templates for introductions & farewells in your employee newspaper

In addition to a friendly welcome to new employees, you should also give a fitting farewell to deserving employees in your employee magazine. Whether it's retirement, sabbatical or job change - the way you say goodbye says a lot about your corporate culture. Always treat the departure of a valued colleague with respect and appreciation

Our staff magazine offers you prepared designs with which you can clearly arrange the introduction of new and the farewell of old employees on a double-page spread:

Template for introducing new staff in staff magazine
Template for introducing new employees
New staff farewell template in staff magazine
New employee farewell template

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Create & give away a farewell newspaper for colleagues

The introduction and farewell of colleagues are closely related and should therefore both be included as topics in the employee newspaper. This way you keep all employees informed about the dynamics and changes in your company.

Do you want to surprise an honourable colleague with a loving farewell newspaper before he retires or leaves? Then we have the right template for you here. From the obligatory profile to chronicles and annual reviews to photo galleries and heartwarming farewell words. Make a creative gift journal now and show your colleague how much you and your team will miss them.

Template for the front page of a farewell newspaper
Colleague farewell front page template
Template for profile in a farewell newspaper
Colleague farewell profile template

Create farewell newspaper for colleagues now