Camera, photos and a photo book

Every picture tells its own story. Be it a birthday, a city tour or a sunset on a dream beach. Photos preserve wonderful moments and moods for eternity. They recall unique experiences that have shaped us and that we like to think back on. Unfortunately, many photos worth showing are forgotten in the digital world. Buried on hard drives or in smartphone memories, they remain there until they finally disappear from our memory altogether.
This is exactly why it is worth collecting the most beautiful photos of the past years and printing them on paper. But photo books are not the only way to present printed photos to friends or family. Thanks to the latest digital printing technology, photos and picture collages can now also be printed as a real newspaper. We explain how you can design your photo book as a newspaper and which tools will help you.

A different kind of photo book - design an original photo newspaper now

Photo book with beautiful nature shots

A photo journal works on the same principle as a photo book. You put together your personal photos on a certain theme and arrange them on the pages exactly as you like. What used to be quite laborious with glue sticks and scissors is now easy with design software. Upload pictures, crop photos, build layouts. Creating your own photo book on your PC is no longer a witch's work. The same goes for a photo newspaper. With the right template, your texts and photos can be inserted in a flash and freely positioned on the pages.
Smartpaper24 is your online printer for inexpensive photo newspapers. Here you have two options for printing your photo book in newspaper form:

1. design your photo book with your own software and upload your PDF print file. Whether it's 1 photo newspaper as a one-off to show off or 1,000 photo newspapers as an advertising brochure for your business idea - we print your newspaper in precise quantities.

Print Your own PDF

2. discover the creative newspaper template for photos and photo collages in the designer and design straight away. You don't need to do any formatting or technical adjustments. At the touch of a button, the designer creates a print-ready file for you, which you can also order from just 1 copy.

Design a photo newspaper in the designer

Create a photo newspaper in the designer - print template for your photos

Design photo newspaper with templates

The Designer is a clever layout programme for individual newspapers of all kinds. You can add your personal content to the templates as well as completely reinvent your own layouts. All objects can be moved flexibly on the newspaper pages with just a few clicks. And all this online. A previous download is not necessary.
Above all, the practical image editing tools help you to edit your photos and create unique collages. Size, zoom, filter settings - the designer has a whole range of useful online tools that make you an absolute design professional:

  • Upload images to library: Collect your images in the library and add them one by one to the template of your photo newspaper.
  • Place photos: Top left, in the middle of the page or close to the edge? In the designer you can move your photos and place them in the right place. This is how layouts are created that correspond exactly to your ideas.
  • Duplicate/remove photos: With a click, you can either duplicate or delete your snapshots on the newspaper pages.
  • Magnify/reduce photos: Whether it's one large photo that fills the entire page or many small photos that work together to create a harmonious collage: Drag your photos in the newspaper template to the right size.
  • Zoom image section: You want to emphasise a perspective or show only a small section of the image? With the practical zoom function, you can bring image details closer and place them in the foreground.
  • Convert image to shape: The image converter is the ideal tool if you want to try out your photo in a comic look. Your photo transforms into the scheme of a silhouette, where you can also choose between different colours
  • Various filter options:From classic black and white to vintage look and inverted colour spectrums, each image filter has its own special charm and adds a different touch to your pictures.
  • Adjust transparency: Use the slider to adjust the transparency factor of your photos. Extremely practical if you want to write text on your photo or layer two image layers on top of each other.
  • Quality smiley: A small smiley evaluates the quality of your pictures. If the smiley is sad, your images may look a little pixelated after printing. If the smiley is laughing, then the resolution of your pictures is perfect for our newspaper printing.

Have you become curious? Then take a look at the template of our photo newspaper. Set up the print options on the product page and jump directly into the designer via the red button. The layout programme is free of charge and offers you all design templates online. You can therefore use the designer to the full and try out all the templates without obligation.

Design a photo newspaper in the designer

Why design a photo book as a newspaper?

A photo newspaper has many advantages over a regular photo book. The biggest plus point is the price, which is especially noticeable when printing multiple copies. While the unit price for an order of 150 photo books is still quite expensive, the cost of a photo newspaper drops considerably for larger order quantities. Thus, hundreds of photo newspapers can be printed where the price per piece is less than 1 euro. Price examples:

50 photo newspapers (4 pages, 90 g/m2 paper) = 75,88 €
150 photo newspapers (4 pages, 90 g/m2 paper) = 119,24 €
500 photo newspapers (4 pages, 90 g/m2 paper) = 324,15 €

Besides the low printing costs, photo newspapers also benefit from their handiness. In direct comparison to a bulky photo book, a photo newspaper is much lighter and space-saving. Where a thick photo book takes up an entire cupboard shelf, 10 or more photo newspapers can be stored at once.
Photo newspapers are also convincing when it comes to image quality. Thanks to the latest digital printing technology, photos shine in all their glory: Bold colours, crisp details, sharp textures. We recommend our renowned 90 g/m2 paper for printing your photo newspaper. On the extra white pages, your pictures stand out vividly from the background, making them look extremely lifelike.
If you prefer the pages to be thinner and more typical for newspapers, you can also choose a lighter grammage (paper weight per square metre). At Smartpaper24 you can order your photo book as a photo newspaper in the following paper types:

60 g/m2 paper = classic, newspaper-like paper
80 g/m2 paper = Thicker paper with more grip
90 g/m2 paper = Recyclable paper for optimal image quality

5 ideas for a unique photo newspaper

Life is full of precious moments. If you can capture some of them on film, then you have already taken the first step towards creating a photo magazine. There are no limits to your choice of themes and motifs. Just show all the photos you would like to share with the world. Whether as a unique memento, a gift for grandparents or a yearbook for your school class. Designing and printing a photo book as a real newspaper is always a good idea. Let yourself be inspired:

  • Breathtaking natural panoramas: Mighty mountains in the Alps, vast deserts in Africa or glowing sunsets in the Indian Ocean. In a photo journal, you can capture the beauty of nature and stage it in coherent collages.
  • Wedding memories: There are countless memorable moments at a wedding. Think of the bride's entrance alone, the kiss after the wedding or the cake cutting together. Research loving snapshots to create in your photo journal as keepsakes for the whole family
  • Dog, cat, horse: Our faithful everyday companions also deserve their own newspaper. Collect the best photos of your pets and have them printed now in a compact photo newspaper.
  • Delicious recipes: From crisp salads and homemade pizzas to irresistible biscuits and cakes - a photo newspaper with great recipes invites you to cook and taste them together.
  • Time-lapse: Review the greatest emotions and experiences of the past year. Holidays, birthdays or professional success stories - create your photo journal now as a personal review of the year.

Print your photo book now as an inexpensive newspaper

Create your own photo newspaper and print it cheaply

A photo newspaper is the welcome alternative to a photo book. If you like it smart and reader-friendly, you will love the photo newspaper format. Whether you create your newspaper file with your own software or design your layouts with our designer's templates, we'll print your newspaper from 1 copy. Either upload your PDF in the calculator on the product page or use the helpful functions and features of our free newspaper programme.

Print Your own PDF

Design a photo newspaper in the designer