Employees design concepts for corporate success

Employee newspapers are a key part of a harmonious and open corporate culture. As a print product, they have an effect both in-house and externally. What are your company's values? How have your innovations enriched the market? What are your unique selling points? And what are the benefits of working at your company? All this can be presented in an employee newspaper. As the name suggests, you should focus on one target group when it comes to marketing and image creation: the employees.
Employees are the cog and wheel of a successful business. They keep the wheel in motion through their dedication, sense of responsibility and the odd drop of sweat. Give your colleagues an extra dose of motivation and design a personalised employee newspaper today. We can provide advice on how it works and what to take into consideration.

Design and print your affordable employee newspaper

Smartpaper24 offers an online printing service for custom-made print projects. You can upload your own employee newspaper as a PDF and order it online. Whether 10 newspapers for your department, 1,000 newspapers for the entire company or 10,000 newspapers for a large trade fair - we can print any quantity of your employee newsletter from just 1 copy. We produce smaller print runs as affordable Smartpaper One digital print and larger quantities as Smartpaper Classic high-performance coldset. Our Technical Guidelines found on the corresponding product pages provide detailed instructions on the options to consider when designing your newspaper. Here, you'll find important information about formatting, type area, font embedding and image resolution.

5 ideas for your employee newspaper

All options are open when it comes to an employee newspaper, from an in-house informational sheet to a PR brochure. Design your own employee newspaper today and put the diversity of your company onto paper.

  1. Personal descriptions: Everyone wants to know who they're working with. Age, eye colour, hobbies, company position - personal descriptions let you present your colleagues personally and in detail. Personal descriptions are also a great way of introducing trainees or apprentices to the company.
  2. Readers’ letters: Communication isn't a one-way street. Don’t make the mistake of just reeling off monologues from company management or dry balance statements. An employee newspaper is much more vibrant if colleagues are allowed to have their say. Opinions, thoughts and suggestions for improvement: reader letters are a great opportunity to let employees have their say and encourage discussion.
  3. Fitness, lifestyle and health: People who sit slumped in front of their computer all day and smash junk food won’t feel their best. Dedicate at least one page of your employee newspaper to the topic of sports and health. How do you integrate a healthy lifestyle into everyday working life? For example, you can provide tips on vitamin-rich snacks or occasional exercises in your newspaper.
  4. New projects and products: What does the department next door actually do? Which new projects are in the pipeline? And how's the production strategy looking for the year ahead? An employee newspaper ensures that everyone is kept up to date and gets a better insight into the company structure.
  5. Advertising & PR: Employees are at the heart of your company newspaper. That's for certain. However, you can still use part of your newspaper for offers and advertising purposes. After all, an employee newspaper should ideally pass through many hands, but also reach beyond the company gates. You should always keep the effect of diffusion in mind and put little incentives to buy your company’s products and services in the right places.

Print an employee newspaper and build a community

Employees discuss together in editorial meeting

Large corporations with thousands of employees at different sites find it particularly difficult for everything to work seamlessly. Many employees don’t know the person they speak to over the phone at all and only have a vague idea of what things at the other end of the company look like. It’s precisely here where the employee newspaper comes into play: break down the walls of anonymity and build bridges of communication. A sole employee newspaper enhances the feeling of belonging to a team, brings departments together and creates a pleasant working atmosphere.
Employee newspapers are also a useful tool for announcing events and meetings. Where is the next training session taking place? When exactly is this year's Christmas party? Which team building events are coming up soon? Our tip: design your employee newspaper as a calendar to highlight important dates.

Free Designer tool with newspaper templates

Get the inspiration required for your employee newspaper and try out our Smartpaper Designer. The Designer is a user-friendly layout programme to help you design your employee newspaper in a flash. Original newspaper templates await your text, images and QR codes. From traditional daily newspaper formats and innovative photo newspapers to refined universal newspapers - simply choose a template and fill the layouts with your content. The best thing about it: All newspaper templates in the Designer tool are ready to print right away. This means you don't have to worry about complicated formatting, print space or colour space. Order your newspaper at the click of a button from just 1 copy. What our free newspaper Designer has to offer:

  • Creative newspaper templates
  • Move layouts where you want them
  • Insert your own text, images, logos and QR codes
  • Design 4-40 pages yourself
  • Newspaper printing from just 1 copy

Corporate identity with employee newspapers

Employee newspapers help you to strengthen your company brand and convey it to the world. The success or failure of a company is determined by its public image. An employee newspaper gives you the opportunity to present your colleagues, range of products and the overall company culture. Is your company dedicated towards environmental protection or a social purpose? Then you should also communicate this to the public! Bring your company’s strengths to the forefront and put a face to your employees! Employee newspapers are an excellent way of presenting your company and services.
Identity is achieved through a clear structure and uniform design. Logos, colours and slogans: you can incorporate all of these elements as a recurring theme in your employee newspaper. Your company name and logo play a particularly important role on the front page of your employee newspaper. Readers should be able to instantly recognise it as your company's newspaper. And your company only!

Planning an employee newspaper - a milestone for your company

A good employee newspaper takes time. It's no good printing rushed ideas that haven’t been revised. Doing it alone is also unhelpful. An employee newspaper should always be a team project where everyone is working to achieve a common goal. That’s why it makes sense to clearly distribute tasks among your team beforehand. Who's creating the employee portraits? Who’s gathering surveys and reader letters? And who is proofreading the individual articles? Having a schedule lets you know which task needs to be completed by when. Ideally, topics and research ideas should be carried out in small work groups. This lets each person know what they need to do. At the end, all of the group's content is merged together to create a diverse employee newspaper.

Print your employee newspaper today

Have you gathered enough ideas and your employee newspaper is pretty much ready to go? Then it’s time to get printing! Using our online printing service, you can quickly configure your employee newspaper and upload your file as a PDF. Simply enter your order quantity, number of pages and paper quality into our calculator to receive prices in real time. As a rule of thumb, the more employee newspapers you order, the more affordable each newspaper is.

If you are designing your employee newspaper by using your own software, please read through our Technical Guidelines. Once you have adjusted your print file you can print your employee newspaper from just 1 copy. Here are our Technical Guidelines:
  • Technical Guidelines for newspaper printing from 1 copy - Smartpaper One
  • Technical Guidelines for newspaper printing from 3,000 copies - Smartpaper Classic
Still looking for a suitable template for your employee newspaper? Then take a look at our free newspaper Designer. Here, you'll find creative newspaper templates with moveable layouts. Whether a daily paper, photo newspaper or tabloid newspaper, each template can be used as the basis for your employee newspaper. So, what are you waiting for? Discover our Designer tool today and start creating your own employee newspaper.