Template with ideas for a primary school newspaper

The farewell from primary school is a big event for all Grade 4 pupils. Because the transition to the new school means more than just a change of class. On the one hand, the pupils are looking forward to a new chapter in their lives. On the other hand, they still think back to the many beautiful moments of their primary school days.

To give the children a wonderful farewell, you can now create your own graduation newspaper with them. From personal profiles and class portraits to an entertaining review of the school year - a homemade newspaper is a paper-made souvenir that will keep the memories of primary school alive forever.

Create primary school graduation newspaper online

A graduation newspaper for primary school is a creative project where students develop a lot of fun in researching, writing and photographing. Especially when the design is as easy as with our online designer for newspapers. Insert texts, upload pictures, move headlines - thanks to the practical tools, a unique farewell newspaper for primary school is created here in just a few steps, on which all the children have collaborated in the end.

All objects can be flexibly moved, exchanged or removed on the pages. After the work is done, you can order your newspaper online and have it printed in the desired quantity. Whether 20 graduation newspapers for your class, 100 gift newspapers for friends and family or 500 copies for the entire primary school. Get started right away and print a unique primary school newspaper

Front page for a graduation newspaper for primary school

  • Design a graduation newspaper for primary school on a PC
  • Template with ideas & examples
  • Free online programme
  • No software installation required
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • Print from 1 newspaper

Create a graduation newspaper for elementary school

Organize primary school newspaper for class 4 farewell

Whether you design your class 4 farewell newspaper as a slim 4-pager or a lush 40-pager, there is a lot to do and organise in terms of content either way. Some students are more likely to work independently, while others need small-step help.

But this doesn't mean that you have to create the paper all by yourself. A smart division of tasks is the key here. These 3 tips will make it easier for you to start your newspaper project for primary school:

Writing assignments, taking photos, filling out profiles - assign the individual work steps as homework and set concrete deadlines for the students. This is the only way to be sure that the final paper will be ready on time. Include the 5 to 7 working days delivery time in the calculation.

Use a day in the PC room where the students transfer their texts and photos to the computer. Afterwards, they can send you their files by e-mail or download them onto a USB stick. This allows you to quickly copy and paste the content into the template. This saves you annoying typing

Actively involve PC-experienced students in the design process. You can give them your user data and let them create individual layouts. So that you don't get in each other's way when logging in, you should agree in advance clear time slots as to when which student may work on the paper.

Grade 4 farewell newspaper - ideas & inspirations

Creating a graduation newspaper at the end of grade 4 has become a popular tradition at many schools. A farewell newspaper can be used both as a review of eventful years and as an encouragement for the coming time at secondary school. Let yourself be inspired by our various ideas for a graduation newspaper and then start your own newspaper project in our online designer.

Farewell Primary School Letters

Profile for a primary school's farewell newspaper

The student profiles are the heart of the graduation newspaper. You can introduce one or two students per page in detail. It is an absolute highlight for the students to see themselves in the printed newspaper. Grandma and grandpa will also be very proud when they see their grandchildren in the primary school newspaper.

Whether as a classic listing or as a self-portrait in the body text: Both are possible in our flexible online designer. In order to be able to immediately assign the profile, it is particularly important to add a photo of the student. You can find out exactly which points belong in a varied profile here:

📋 Name
📋 Nickname
📋 Birthday
📋 Height
📋 Eye colour
📋 Hobbies
📋 Favourite food
📋 That's what I want to be when I grow up...
📋 Best day at primary school...
📋 My talents...
📋 My personal role model...
📋 If I were an animal, I would prefer to be a...
📋 These 3 things I take with me to a desert island...

Create a graduation newspaper for primary school

Class portrait of the 4th primary school class

Class portrait for the final newspaper for primary school

In addition to the profiles, which show each pupil individually, you can also create a class portrait. Here you can either present the individual photos of the students on one page or upload a photo of the whole class directly.

To round off the class portrait, it is also worth writing a short report. What were the best excursions and class trips? Which subjects did the class particularly enjoy? And who was the funny class clown? Write the unique story of your class and insert the text under the photos in no time at all.

Interview with class teacher

Of course, the class teacher also deserves a place in the primary school graduation newspaper. This is where an extra interview page comes into play. To make the interview as interesting as possible, you should present a healthy mix of school and private questions. It is crucial that the teacher gets a clear profile by answering the questions and that his or her close connection to the class becomes clear. Here are a few sample questions for a teacher interview:

Have you always wanted to be a teacher?
What do you enjoy most about your job?
Which subjects should be newly included in primary education?
What is the most common excuse for forgotten homework?
What has been your worst lesson at school so far?
What memories do you have of your primary school days?
What do you wish your graduating class for the future?
Do you have a valuable tip for changing schools after grade 4?

Funny sayings & jokes

From snazzy answers from class to funny student-teacher jokes to the best sayings from the playground. Your graduation paper should make a happy impression, and feel free to make your readers laugh. Here are three jokes from everyday school life for you:

Teacher: "Terms that start with 'un-' often have something bad about them. Like 'storm' or 'calamity'. Who remembers such a word?"
. Pupil: "Lesson!"

Teacher: "If I give you 10 toys and take back 4 of them, what is that?"
Student: "Totally mean!"

Papa: "It's the last day of school after all - why didn't you bring home a report card today?"
Student: "Jan took it, he wanted to give his parents a good scare!"

Class Trip Reportage

An exciting day at the zoo, a tour of the city or a trip to the climbing gym - there's plenty to experience in the 4 years of primary school away from the playground. Have your students write lively reports and diary entries that will make your school trips unforgettable.

You can also give the students the reports as homework. The next day, you collect the reports, redistribute them in the class and have the other pupils proofread them. In this way, the children learn writing and editing in a holistic process. Afterwards, you insert the experience reports into the template and talk about the basic text design together with the class.

Teasers, subheadings, paragraphs, line indentation - Step by step you create a professional article that looks just like a real newspaper.

Knowledge from class

Biology, maths, geography, German - lessons in primary school lay the base for later knowledge. Show parents and grandparents in the final newspaper what the pupils have already learned. Here you can either pick up on concrete questions from class or set exciting research tasks.

Give the students one to two weeks to explore the topic and write a short essay about it. You are welcome to use our creative sample questions to help you get started:

💡 What is a volcano?
💡 When did dinosaurs exist?
💡 Where is the highest mountain on earth?
💡 How many stars are there in the Milky Way?
💡 Which country has the most people?
💡 Why do plants need water?
💡 What do squirrels feed on?
💡 Why does snow fall in winter?
💡 How does an aeroplane work?
💡 What are the causes of climate change?

Printing a graduation newspaper for primary school

template for a 4th grade farewell newspaper

After designing, you can have your primary school farewell newspaper printed in the quantity you want. Simply check your pages in the print preview and add your self-made newspaper to the shopping cart. You can then complete the online ordering process with just a few clicks.

You also have the option of entering the address of your primary school directly as the delivery address. After 5 to 7 working days we will deliver your graduation newspaper to your classroom. Then it's just a matter of opening the package, opening the newspaper and being amazed!

Create your graduation newspaper for primary school

If you prefer to design your farewell newspaper for primary school using your own software, then you can alternatively upload your self-created PDF file. Whether InDesign, Powerpoint or Word. Just create your layouts with a programme you feel comfortable with.

After the upload, our print data check will tell you whether your graduation newspaper is ready for production. If there are still errors or a need for optimisation, the check-up will give you specific tips for improvement.

Print your own PDF