Show grandma and grandpa that you’re still thinking of them during the crisis and surprise them with a custom-made newspaper. Affectionate greetings, uplifting proverbs, family snapshots - discover our four-page newspaper template and bring a smile to your grandparents’ faces.

Create a personal newspaper gift for your grandparents

Design a real newspaper as a gift for grandparents

Using our free Designer tool, you can design a newspaper gift for your grandparents in no time at all. We'll print your surprise newspaper from as little as 1 copy and deliver it within a few days to your loved ones’ address. Grandma and grandpa will be astonished and thrilled. At first glance, they'll think it’s a genuine shop-bought newspaper. Upon closer inspection, however, they'll realise it's something quite different. They'll see the glowing faces and personal messages from their children and grandchildren on the front page.
So, how does it work? It’s quite simple: simply choose the newspaper template for grandparents on Smartpaper24, enter the order quantity and launch the newspaper Designer. Clicking on the red button “Design a newspaper for grandparents online” will take you straight to the layout programme.

Create a newspaper in the Designer - a guide

You've already managed to launch the Designer? Great! How to proceed: in the centre of the Designer, you'll see the newspaper template page that is currently open. All menu items can be found on the left-hand side to help you easily create your newspaper in seconds on your PC. Here is an overview of the key tools:

  • Pages: Keep an overview of everything. The four pages of your newspaper are positioned one after the other. To change the order, simply drag the page up or down using the mouse.
  • Images: Add your personal photos to the library. You can then insert your photos directly into the newspaper. Photos can be placed anywhere in the layouts. Clicking on the photo will open a mini menu. Here, you can move the slider to zoom in or out or apply additional filter settings using the three dots.
  • Text blocks: Add additional text boxes to your newspaper. Clicking on the text item also opens a small menu for editing how your text appears. Font type, font size, font colour - you decide! Just like with the pictures, text blocks can also be placed anywhere in the layouts. You can place them exactly where you want them.
  • Options: This is where you manage the general settings for your layout design. Decide whether to rearrange layout items, enlarge/reduce them or rotate them. Our magnetic guidelines are particularly useful. They help you to neatly arrange your newspaper and symmetrically align individual text and pictures.
  • Load/save: A successful newspaper isn't finished in a day. Use the save function to save your work and recharge your creative batteries. Simply save your newspaper under a unique project name and then start from where you left off later on.

5 tips for your newspaper gift

Grandpa reads a newspaper and smiles

Grandparents are readers with particular demands and expectations. We’ve put together a few key tips to ensure your grandparents’ newspaper is a raging success.

  1. The front page opens the door to your newspaper. It’s best to place large-format photos of your family here and address them directly using their names. That way, your grandparents will immediately see that this is not an advertisement but rather a special newspaper full of love.
  2. Remember that your grandparents might not have the best eyesight. You should therefore use an easily readable font and make your text as large as possible to prevent them from having to get their magnifying glass out.
  3. Pictures speak louder than words: Your newspaper shouldn't look like a boring sea of text. Appealing photos are what you need. Pictures break up your newspaper and really stand out on our extra-white 90 g/m2 paper.
  4. Laughter instead of moaning. Keep this motto in mind and give your newspaper a cheerful, encouraging tone. Your newspaper should convey fun and family comfort rather than stirring up anxiety and worry. You'll find space for funny proverbs and jokes on page four to brighten up the mood a little.
  5. Use our Designer preview feature to make the finishing touches to your newspaper. The preview shows what your newspaper will look like when printed. Have you spotted any spelling mistakes? Are all photos in the right place? Are headlines displayed properly? The preview gives you the chance to iron out any errors.

Newspaper for grandparents - the fight against boredom

The coronavirus has largely put our social life on hold. It seems like anything fun is currently banned. No cinemas, no concerts or barbecues with friends. That’s why our newspaper template is a welcome distraction for young and old alike. The benefits of designing a newspaper gift for the grandparents are twofold. You'll have plenty of fun designing your family editorial while providing your grandparents with a unique joy that might even have them shedding the odd tear.
The crossword puzzle on page four is perfect for combating boredom. A real brain teaser: This will give something for grandma and grandpa to puzzle over.

Order your newspaper online and deliver direct to your grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa are happy

We ensure that your surprise newspaper lands directly in your grandparents’ letterbox. Once you've finished designing your grandparents’ newspaper, click on the preview button to display the final print view. After checking everything and making any final corrections, place your newspaper in your shopping basket. Simply provide your grandparents’ address as the delivery address during the ordering process. A few days later, your loving newspaper gift will find itself on your grandparents’ kitchen table.

Our newspaper template in detail

Front page of the newspaper template for grandma and grandpa

  • Front page of the newspaper template for grandma and grandpa
  • Design your newspaper online
  • Insert personal text and pictures
  • Move layouts where you want them
  • Extra-white 90 g/m2 paper for bold photos
  • Handy size (280mm wide x 400 mm tall)
  • Delivery direct to your grandparents
  • €4.95 per copy