Having your own club magazine printed has two benefits: You strengthen the community within the association and at the same time you advertise for new members. Make your club magazine the promotion piece of your club life and inform your readers about upcoming meetings and events. You can find out exactly how to do this here.

Printing your club magazine quickly and cheaply - 3 solutions

Print your own club magazine

The first thing you need to consider is the quantity and quality of your club magazine print. Do you only need 10 club magazines for the next board meeting or do you want to directly distribute 1,000 club magazines as household advertising in your city? Do you prefer a light newsprint or a high quality magazine paper? Our online print shop offers you 3 solutions to design your individual club booklets and have them produced in precise quantities:

1. Create your club magazine with the template of our newspaper designer. The designer is a free programme with print-ready templates & layouts. Simply load your personal texts and images into the newspaper pages and add your club magazine to the shopping cart.

Design your Club Newspaper now

2. You have already designed your club magazine with your own program like Word or InDesign? Then upload your self-created PDF file now and have your club magazine printed as a real newspaper.

Print your Club Newspaper

3. If you attach great importance to excellent print quality and first-class reading comfort, you can also have your club magazine printed as a magazine.

Print your Club Magazine

Whichever way you go: We print your club magazine as a classic newspaper or as a glossy magazine from just 1 copy. Either open the template of our easy-to-use designer programme or send us your finished PDF file directly. Depending on the product, you can choose from the following paper types:

  • 60 g/m2 paper = thin, delicate, typical for newspapers
  • 80 g/m2 paper = strong, grippy
  • 90 g/m2 paper = brightened, recyclable, colour-intensive
  • 135 g/m2 paper = satin, high resolution, durable

What makes a successful club magazine

For club magazines to be well received by readers, they have to be authentic. This means: open and honest communication, participation of all members, not too much advertising. Of course it is worthwhile to finance the printing costs for the club magazine through advertisements. On the other hand, the magazine should not look like a colourful commercial sales brochure. Therefore, make sure that you use advertisements sparingly and place them in a discreet place. One possibility here, for example, is to collect all the advertising content and print it on the last page as a concluding advertisement


But the main focus of your club magazine should be on the members. Focus on the people who are committed to the association and have done great things here. From volunteers to long-time board members. Tell the moving stories of individuals and patrons who have shaped and helped shape the association.

Another recipe for success for your club magazine: diversity! Try to cover a wide range of topics and appeal to all age groups. In addition to serious and financial topics, you should therefore design a separate page for children and young people. Crossword puzzles, comics and joke pages are also a nice change to liven up your club magazine. The rule of thumb here is: The broader your content, the more readers will be interested in your club magazine.

Printing your own club magazine - 5 ideas

Printing your own club magazine is worthwhile for clubs of all kinds. With a self-made print product, you have the chance to present activities and events related to club life to the public. Design your individual club magazine now and raise the profile of your club. Even beyond the borders of your village or town.

  1. Soccer club: Lace up your football boots and get out on the field! A stadium magazine is an excellent way to mobilise fans and attract more spectators. This applies to small amateur clubs as well as professional clubs. Match reports, table situation, squad planning - a stadium magazine provides spectators with the most important statistics and background reports worth knowing that take place off the football field.
  2. Music club: Music clubs accompany folk festivals and concert evenings with beautiful sounds and melodies. A club booklet is the best idea to announce musical serenades and performances in advance.
  3. Volunteer fire brigade: Fire fighting exercises, training courses, operation reports - for volunteer fire brigades it is particularly important that all helpers are up to date. In your own club magazine you can highlight the merits of the fire brigade and inform your readers about dangers and causes of fires.
  4. Shooting club: Shooting clubs are communities with a long tradition. Every year you organise a shooting match that brings friends and family together in convivial company. Especially on anniversaries, a self-designed club magazine is a warm welcome for the festive guests. In a newspaper for your shooting match, you can have the course of the celebration and photos of the royal couple printed in addition to greetings.
  5. Dance school & dance club: "You have to dance life". In your own club booklet you can explain different dance styles and advertise weekly classes and workshops.

Discover template for club magazine now

Do you want to design your club magazine quickly and have it printed easily? Then you will like the template for our club magazine! Here you will find ready-to-print layouts that you can fill with your own texts and images. All contents and objects can be moved freely on the pages and placed where you want them. It has never been easier to design an individual club magazine on your PC yourself. Afterwards you have the possibility to have your club magazine printed from as little as 1 piece. You do not need to do any formatting or file adjustments. The template for your club magazine is already correctly preset and immediately printable.

Design your Club Newspaper now

Themes & content for your club magazine

Create and print club booklet with template

When it comes to designing the content of your club magazine, all doors are open to you. The important thing is to create added value that on the one hand represents the traditions of the club and on the other hand meets the expectations of the readers. Let yourself be inspired:

  • Facebooks: Show the faces of your club and collect sympathy points. In profiles you can introduce individual members in detail: Height, eye colour, club position, hobbies, nicknames.
  • Calendar of events: When is the next club evening? Which festivals & anniversaries will take place soon. With a calendar you ensure that the members keep all important events in mind.
  • Letters to the editor & forum: An open culture of discussion is a prerequisite for a healthy and functioning club life. Let your members have their say in letters to the editor and create space for critical voices and opinions. You can open a kind of discussion forum on a page where you publish the letters to the editor together.
  • Look into the past: Photos, picture galleries and collages give your club magazine more originality. Photos from the early days that document the beginnings of the club are particularly popular. For example, you can illustrate the development of the club in a timeline that shows the highlights of the club's history with the corresponding year.
  • Annual report: What were the highlights of the last year? Which new members have joined? An annual review takes stock of the past 12 months and revisits unique memories.
  • Sponsors: Patrons and donors also deserve the attention of your club magazine. Name the sponsors who promote and support your club.

Print your club Newspaper or Magazine now

With us you can print your individual club magazine either as a real newspaper or as a noble magazine. Upload your own print data as a PDF and get a non-binding price quote in real time. In the online calculator you select the number of copies, the number of pages and the type of paper. A subsequent print data check checks your file and gives you tips for technical improvement and optimisation. As soon as everything fits, you can order your club magazine online in any quantity and have it professionally produced.

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