Photo booklet as an affordable alternative to a photo book

Are conventional photo books too bulky or expensive for you? Then our photo booklets are a clever alternative for you! Especially if you want to print many copies, the cost advantage of photo booklets is clearly noticeable. While 100 photo books can quickly tear a hole in your wallet, 100 photo booklets can be printed for a small price.

As an alternative to the old-fashioned photo book, photo booklets are a smart idea for capturing your favourite photos on paper. In this article, we introduce you to innovative formats with a magazine and newspaper look that put your snapshots in the limelight with skill and style.

Why photo booklet & no photo book?

Compared to heavy and clunky photo books, photo booklets offer you 3 important advantages:

Cheap printing: Especially with larger quantities, the printing costs for classic photo books quickly shoot up. Photo booklets, on the other hand, can be produced particularly inexpensively. Even with large order quantities, the costs per piece always remain manageable. Depending on the print run, paper and number of pages, the price can even be as low as 1 euro per copy. This is unimaginable for photo books ...

Slim design: Photo books don't take up much space. Whether as a personal photo album, a photo gift for the family or as a professional display in your photo studio - photo booklets are easy to transport from A to B as a souvenir and can be stored anywhere. Where 5 photo books already fill an entire row of cabinets, you can store a whole stack of photo booklets at once.

Cross-page panorama pictures: With many photo books there is a white margin around the pages, which inevitably has to remain free. This is a pity because you lose great design possibilities. In contrast, photo books allow you to print your large-format pictures on a continuous double-page spread. These so-called panorama prints are a chic wow effect that magically attracts the eye.

Create a photo booklet as an alternative to a photo book

Our practical template for photo booklets offers you exemplary collages and samples, which you can fill with your personal pictures in no time at all. Simply start the free online designer, click on the photo areas and load your snapshots directly into the pages. After designing, you can have your photo booklet printed on high-quality 135 g/m² paper. The paper is made for photos and lets your colours shine in all their glory.

Each template presents you with an example arrangement for your pictures. You can either insert your photos one-to-one into the pages or create your own designs. All objects can be moved free and moved to the right place. If you wish, you can also add headlines and texts to your photo booklet at any time. All this makes our photo booklet an inexpensive alternative to a photo book that you can buy with confidence. Fotoheft als Alternative zum Fotobuch günstig erstellen

  • Create a photo booklet as an alternative to a photo book
  • Free online designer
  • Upload images in a flash
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • As A4 or A5
  • Photo-friendly 135 g/m paper
  • Print from 1 copy

Create a photo booklet now

Prices for your personal photo booklet

You can have your photo booklet printed in your precise desired quantity. Photo booklets are especially worthwhile if you want to print several copies. Here you can get an insight into our price table. Of course, you can determine the number of copies and the number of pages in the calculator individually yourself.

format Number of pieces Paper type Number of pages Price*
DIN A4 1 135 g/m2 8 77,23 €
DIN A4 10 135 g/m2 8 90,56 €
DIN A4 25 135 g/m2 8 112,81 €
DIN A4 50 135 g/m2 8 151,13 €
DIN A4 100 135 g/m2 8 176,72 €
DIN A4 150 135 g/m2 8 203,49 €
DIN A4 200 135 g/m2 8 230,27 €
DIN A4 300 135 g/m2 8 285,36 €
DIN A4 500 135 g/m2 8 398,41 €
DIN A4 750 135 g/m2 8 485,58 €
DIN A4 1,000 135 g/m2 8 572,75 €

*Gross prices including VAT; shipping costs within Germany already included.


If you want to create your photo booklet in an attractive mini format, we recommend our template in DIN A5. You can select the format size in advance and then design directly in the designer. Another plus: Thanks to the compact size and the lower paper consumption, you save even more on printing costs. In A5, our photo booklet is a particularly cost-effective alternative to the overpriced photo book.

Create a photo booklet now

Create a photo newspaper as an alternative to a photo book

Have you ever thought about having your photos printed in the appearance of a real newspaper? Whether as a photo newspaper for a wedding, a birthday or a club anniversary - on newsprint, your pictures gain a unique and nostalgic charm that no photo book in the world can match.

The format of the photo newspaper is 280 x 400 mm and is roughly comparable to the size DIN A3. This means: plenty of space for your pictures! To imitate the style of an authentic newspaper, you can combine your photos and collages with headlines and reports. Our photo newspaper template is the perfect start-up aid with patterns and motifs to help you design from the first to the last page.

Fotozeitung als Alternative zum Fotobuch günstig erstellen

  • Create a photo newspaper as an alternative to a photo book
  • Easy-to-use online programme
  • Insert your own photos & text
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • Format: 280 x 400 mm
  • 60 g/m, 80 g/m or 90 g/m paper
  • Printing from 1 photo newspaper

Create a photo newspaper now

Prices for your own photo newspaper

We can also print your own photo newspaper for as little as 1 copy. Please have a look at our price overview. The number of copies, the number of pages and the paper quality can be selected by you before the design.

format Number of pieces Paper type Number of pages Price*
280 x 400 mm 1 60 g/m2 8 57,83 €
280 x 400 mm 10 60 g/m2 8 64,50 €
280 x 400 mm 25 60 g/m2 8 77,83 €
280 x 400 mm 50 60 g/m2 8 96,51 €
280 x 400 mm 100 60 g/m2 8 135,30 €
280 x 400 mm 150 60 g/m2 8 184,81 €
280 x 400 mm 200 60 g/m2 8 251,09 €
280 x 400 mm 300 60 g/m2 8 351,64 €
280 x 400 mm 500 60 g/m2 8 574,77 €
280 x 400 mm 750 60 g/m2 8 748,69 €
280 x 400 mm 1,000 60 g/m2 8 922,61 €

*Gross prices including VAT; shipping costs within Germany already included.


To get the look & feel of an original newspaper, it is best to choose our thin and greyish 60 g/m² paper. If, on the other hand, you prefer a newspaper with sturdier pages and stronger colours, then the 80 g/m² and the 90 g/m² papers are of interest to you. At this point, however, there is no general better or worse. It all depends on how newspaper-like you want your alternative to a photo book to be. As a rule of thumb you can remember: The lighter the paper, the more pronounced the newspaper character.

Create a photo newspaper now