Print Your Own Notebook as a Newspaper or Magazine

A self-made booklet allows you to tell your personal stories and to bring your fellow human beings joy. It is very easy to create booklets and to print them quickly. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can make your dream of your own booklet come true in just a few clicks with the help of our online printing service.

Why Have a Booklet Printed?

Simple: Because it's the perfect way to put your creativity on paper and share it with the world! Whether it's an inexpensive club magazine, a handy employee journal or an exclusive wedding gift. A printed booklet suits every situation . On top of that, it creates an added value which digital products often can't compete with.

From the special haptics to the longer attention span to the increased recognition value: Printing your own booklet makes you stand out from the crowd and will forever be remembered. You don't need to be a design genius to do this. Thanks to prepared templates or lightning-fast PDF upload, you can design your personal booklet in a short time and send it to print.

Individual Booklet Printing as Newspaper or Magazine

The format and paper quality determine the style of your booklet. Would you like to have your magazine printed on feather-light paper with the flair of a real newspaper? Or do you prefer a booklet in an elegant magazine look with stapling?

There is no clear better or worse. The important thing is that the appearance of the booklet suits the occasion and matches your ideas. For example, if you want to publish a monthly stadium magazine for your football club, the newspaper format is a good choice. If, on the other hand, you are planning a noble commemorative publication for a company's 100th anniversary, a higher-quality magazine would be aesthetically speaking more appropriate.

With us, you can easily have your PDF file printed as a booklet. Here, you will find the most important information about our booklet printing:

Print Booklet as Newspaper

Print your own PDF as a newspaper-style booklet

Icon for self-made magazine in newspaper look Format: 280 x 400mm (≈ DIN A3)

Icon for self-made booklet in magazine look 49 g/m² to 90 g/m² papers

Icon for homemade magazine in newspaper lookFrom feather-light to handy

Icon for homemade magazine in newspaper look Nostalgic charm

Icon for self-made booklet in newspaper look 4 to 40 pages

Icon for homemade newspaper-look booklet Interleaved newspaper sheets

Icon for homemade newspaper-look bookletPrint starting with 1 newspaper booklet

Print Booklet as Magazine

Print your own PDF as a magazine in magazine-style

Icon for self-made booklet in magazine-style Format: DIN A4 or DIN A5

Icon for self-made booklet in magazine-style 135 g/m² paper

Icon for self-made booklet in magazine-style First-class print quality

Icon for self-made booklet in magazine-styleIntense photos & colours

Icon for self-made booklet in magazine-style 4 to 40 pages

Icon for self-made booklet in magazine-styleSturdy stapling

Icon for self-made booklet in magazine-stylePrint starting with 1 magazine booklet

Create & Print a Booklet Online

You are not 100% sure where exactly to start and therefore need a pinch of inspiration? Then the ready-made templates of our online designer are the ideal starting aid for your booklet printing. Here you will find a huge range of templates for booklets that are already tailored to your theme. So, you don't have to start with a blank sheet of paper, but with a creative guide right at hand , with which you can create and print your booklet on your PC in no time. Choose the template that suits you best and start inserting your texts and photos into the pages straight away.

Discover Templates for Booklets in Newspaper-Style

Design and print a booklet as a newspaper with a template online

Create a Booklet as a Newspaper

Discover Templates for Booklets in Magazine-Style


Create a Booklet as a Magazine

How Much Does It Cost to Print My Booklet?

Compared to book or brochure printing, you can print your booklets for little money. The cost savings are particularly noticeable with several copies. The more copies you print, the lower the price per copy. Whether you decide to use our PDF upload or the templates from our designer tool: The printing costs are calculated in advance and displayed in real time. For a first overview, we have listed the costs for our booklet printing here. Of course, you can choose your individual quantity, number of pages, format size and paper type.

Cost of Newspaper Booklet in A3

Format Number of pieces Type of paper Number of pages Price*
280 x 400 mm 1 60 g/m2 8 59,62 €
280 x 400 mm 10 60 g/m2 8 €66.76
280 x 400 mm 50 60 g/m2 8 €100.79
280 x 400 mm 100 60 g/m2 8 142,21 €
280 x 400 mm 250 60 g/m2 8 321,54 €
280 x 400 mm 500 60 g/m2 8 612,97 €

*Gross prices including VAT; shipping costs within Germany already included.

Cost of Magazine Booklet in A4

Format Number of pieces Paper grade number of pages Price*
DIN A4 1 135 g/m2 8 77,23 €
DIN A4 10 135 g/m2 8 90,56 €
DIN A4 50 135 g/m2 8 151,13 €
DIN A4 100 135 g/m2 8 176,72 €
DIN A4 250 135 g/m2 8 257,04 €
DIN A4 500 135 g/m2 8 398,41 €

*Gross prices including VAT; shipping costs within Germany already included.

From Wedding to Graduation: 5 Creative Ideas for Booklets

There are many bright moments in life that are worth printing. And this is where our booklet printing comes into play. Instead of an expensive and bulky photo book, you can create a charming booklet in your desired quantity for little money. Here you will find ideas and events for which you can print your own booklet:

💡 Wedding Booklet: From epic love stories to romantic photo shoots, surprise the bride and groom with a loving wedding booklet that immortalises this special day on paper.

💡 Birthday Booklet: Let the standard greeting cards gather dust on the shelf and rather create a birthday booklet full of anecdotes, quotes and memories for the birthday child.

💡 Graduation Booklet: Graduation is not only a farewell, but also the start of a new adventure. With your own graduation booklet, you will receive an emotional memento that you will be happy to look back on again and again, even after many years.

💡 Club Magazine: Whether as an information sheet for loyal club members, as an advertisement for new members or as a festive commemorative publication for an anniversary. A club magazine can be designed quickly with our tools and printed in an accurately fitting short run.

💡 Photo Booklet: Who needs a bulky photo book when you can create a slim booklet? Collect your favourite photos and combine them in a charming booklet that you can also print inexpensively in larger numbers and pass out to friends and family.

Print Booklets Online Now

You now have a concrete idea of how and in what form you would like to print your booklet? Great! Then go directly to our PDF upload or start designing your booklet in our online designer.

Print Booklet as Newspaper

Print Booklet as Magazine

Create a Newspaper Booklet Online

Create a Magazine Booklet Online