Birthday newspaper cover template

A birthday newspaper is an original gift idea for friends and family. Especially on round birthdays, we often don't know what to give. It has to be something special, closely related to the birthday boy or girl and different from the rest of the gifts. Phew, not so easy. That's exactly why a birthday newspaper is a unique gift that could hardly be more personal. Whether as a serious festschrift or as a humorous portrait - you can tailor the style of your newspaper exactly to the birthday boy or girl. We reveal tips and tricks on how to make your birthday newspaper the highlight of every party.

Design & print your own birthday newspaper

Smartpaper24 offers fast online newspaper printing for all kinds of print projects. In the shop you have two options to create your birthday newspaper and have it printed in small print runs: You can either design your newspaper with the template of our free designer or use your own software and directly upload your finished PDF print file. No matter which path you choose: We print your birthday newspaper in any quantity you want. Even from just 1 copy.
For the printing of your birthday newspaper you can choose between three paper types: Do you like the typical 60 g/m2 paper, or would you prefer an 80 g/m2 or 90 g/m2 paper type with more grip and higher colour application? Each paper has its own character. While the thin paper evokes the classic newspaper feel, the thick paper, for example, is worthwhile for better and more colour-intensive images.


7 ideas for a successful birthday newspaper

To make your birthday newspaper a hit, you need to make it varied and bring it to life. Here are a few suggestions for you: Portrait: Of course, the birthday child is in the spotlight of a birthday newspaper. Use a separate page to introduce the birthday boy or girl in detail. From clothing style to favourite food to extraordinary talents - here you can collect all the characteristics that make the birthday boy or girl so lovable, either in list form or as continuous text. Homemade Birthday Cake

  • Milestones: What were the birthday boy or girl's most memorable experiences and greatest achievements? Look back on an eventful life and present the highlights as a timeline that stretches from birth to the here & now
  • Horoscope: Read the stars and prophesy an auspicious future for the birthday boy or girl.
  • Photo gallery: Birthday newspapers with endless text deserts are off-putting. What your newspaper needs are appealing pictures that lighten up your layouts and bring colour into play. Whether it's shots from your first day at school, wild photos from your first party or snapshots from your last South Seas holiday. Rummage through your hard drives or have the best shots from your friends sent to you. The more colourful you make the birthday newspaper, the better.
  • Birthday gift in blue wrapping paper
  • Interview with parents: A conversation with mum & dad often brings funny anecdotes to light. Create a questionnaire beforehand and record the answers with your mobile phone or a voice recorder. Afterwards, you can write down the conversation on an exclusive interview page and highlight the best quotes.
  • Congratulations: Every birthday child is happy about kind words and congratulations. Ask friends and family for a few nice lines to include in your newspaper as birthday greetings.
  • Stories about the date of birth: Which celebrity was born on the same day? What happened 50 or 100 years ago today? And what does the date say about the birthday boy or girl? Use the date to spice up your birthday journal and tell interesting background stories about this special day.
  • Template for a birthday newspaper

    Ideas and Layouts for a Real Birthday Newspaper

    Our template for a birthday newspaper shows you exciting ideas and sample layouts as far as the eye can see. Just start the free designer and browse through the newspaper pages. The Designer is an easy-to-use programme with which you can design your own newspaper on your PC. Add texts and headlines, upload your own pictures and arrange the layouts according to your personal ideas. All objects can be moved flexibly and placed in the desired position. The big advantage: The template for a birthday newspaper is printable right from the start. The format and type area are already preset for newspaper printing and you do not have to make any technical adjustments. Just jump into the template and start creating a unique birthday newspaper. The sample template is full of design ideas that you can use as a guide. However, if you don't like a layout, you always have the option to remove it and replace it with another page.

    The front page of a birthday newspaper

    The front page is the eyecatcher of every birthday newspaper. Within a few seconds, your readers will decide whether they unfold the newspaper expectantly or put it aside with a tired smile. To ensure that your newspaper does not fall by the wayside, you need to design a convincing cover. The guests must recognise at first glance that this is not a normal newspaper from the kiosk, but an individual gift with a difference. The best way to do this is with a large-format and expressive photo showing the birthday boy or girl in a good pose. This makes it clear that your newspaper is unique and relates to the birthday party. In addition to this catch-all image, it is worthwhile to have headlines and text blocks with easy-to-read type that address the birthday child directly and mention him or her by name. The date also deserves a prominent place on the front page to give the birthday newspaper the necessary topicality. In addition to this must-have content, you can also give a sneak peek into the other content of the birthday newspaper. Teaser a few headlines and articles that will be on the following pages. Small cliffhangers such as "You didn't know that about the birthday boy or girl" or "10 exciting facts about the 30th birthday" arouse curiosity and encourage people to read on.

    Planning and designing a birthday newspaper with friends

    Good and far-sighted planning will save you a lot of work when creating a birthday newspaper. Round up friends and family early enough and give out small research and writing assignments. Who will source cuddly photos from childhood? Who collects the congratulations and congratulations from relatives? And who will write some funny sayings and stories? The best thing to do is to divide the birthday newspaper into many small tasks that a specified person has to deliver by a certain deadline. Keep an editing plan that documents the individual tasks and shows the editing status of the birthday newspaper. This way you can keep track of everything and know exactly which topic of the birthday newspaper is coming up next. In the end, you create a layout and then put all the content together.

    A birthday newspaper is the perfect idea to say Happy Birthday in an imaginative and personal way. Discover the Birthday Newspaper Template in our designer or upload your own PDF printable now. We print your newspaper in any quantity, even as little as 1 copy