Design your own birthday newspaper with your own themes and texts

Texts are the decisive piece of the mosaic missing in birthday newspapers, which, when together, create a colourful overall picture. Imagine opening a birthday newspaper without funny headlines, original sketches, or heartfelt congratulations. It would be like a present without a bow. It is the personal and loving texts that make the birthday newspaper a gift worth reading, which you will want to pick up and open again and again.

At the same time, writing entertaining texts for a birthday newspaper is a tricky challenge. How do I find the right balance between entertainment and meaningful messages? How do I adapt the style of my articles to the personality of the birthday child? And what distinguishes a fitting headline?

Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and templates for texts. All you have to do is copy the texts into the newspaper pages, adapt the name and there you have it! The result is an unforgettable birthday newspaper that will be the absolute highlight of the party.

Write Foreword for Birthday Newspaper

The preface is the textual introduction to the birthday newspaper. Here you can write a personal text to the birthday child as well as give the guests a preview of the contents of the newspaper. Choose heartfelt phrases and warm words that express your sympathy and underline the value of the birthday newspaper.

Dear Readers,

Welcome to this unique edition of a birthday newspaper! Today we celebrate [name], a person who always makes us laugh and inspires us with their warm nature. It is the special day of our beloved birthday child.

In this paper, we would like to acknowledge [name] for all the wonderful memories and adventures we have shared with them. Every article, every headline and every congratulation expresses our appreciation and love.

But this day is not only a remembrance of years gone by but also a celebration of the here and now. Let's dance together and enjoy life to the fullest because today is all about our friend [name].

Thank you for being part of this special edition and giving [name] the recognition they deserve. Let's open the pages of this newspaper together and fully enjoy the joy and happiness that this day brings.

Congratulations and three cheers for [name]

Your editorial team

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Wishes & Congratulations for a Birthday Newspaper

Congratulations are, of course, one of the indispensable classics in a birthday newspaper. It is best to ask friends and family to contribute a few kind words early on. If you need help finding an original and personal wording, you will certainly find the appropriate text modules here:

🎉 Cheers to you and to life! May the following year bring only joy, adventure and wonderful moments. Happy birthday!

🎉 Today we celebrate not only another year in your life, but also the countless possibilities that lie ahead. Happy birthday and good luck on all your paths!

🎉 For your birthday we wish you health, happiness and lots of laughter. May all your dreams come true!

🎉 It's the day we celebrate your entry into this world and we couldn't be more grateful that you are part of our lives. Congratulations and much love!

🎉 On this special day, we wish you all the best and lots of love. May your smile never fade and may your days be filled with happiness.

🎉 Another year full of experiences and adventures lies ahead of you. May you embrace it with joy and enthusiasm. Happy Birthday!

🎉 Today we celebrate your birthday and look forward to all the wonderful surprises that life has in store for you. We wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of our hearts!

🎉 Every new year is a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled with beautiful memories. We wish you that your paper will only be filled with happiness and joy. All the best for your birthday!

🎉 We wish you only the best for your birthday. Keep going through life with your euphoria and your charming smile!

🎉 With every birthday, a new chapter begins in your book of life. The next chapter will certainly contain many exciting stories and priceless moments. Happy birthday!

Deep Lyrics & Worldly Wisdoms for a Birthday Newspaper

Worldly wisdom adds content depth and a dash of thoughtfulness to your birthday newspaper. Look back on life's ups and downs, unexpected turns and detours and summarise them in encouraging texts and sayings.

You are only as old as you feel, not how many years you have lived.

Experiences are not defined by what happens to us, but rather by what we make of them and learn.

The art of life lies not in waiting for the storm to pass but in being able to dance in the rain.

To live is not simply to exist and breathe, but to revel in the moments that leave us speechless.

Ultimately, it is relationships with other people that give our lives meaning and value.

The most precious gift you can give someone is your time. Because, in doing so, you are giving away a part of your own life that you cannot get back.

Our character is determined by two things: the will to change and the realisation that it is never too late to make a fresh start.

We have no say over the direction of the wind, but we can decide how to set the sails.

The problem is not that we have too little time, but that we let too much time go to waste.

Even stones, which are an obstacle, can be used to create something wonderful.


Your personal texts can be easily inserted into the birthday newspaper This is how it works: Copy your text with the key combination STRG + C and then double-click on the placeholder text in the online designer. Highlight the entire text so that it is highlighted in blue and then paste your text using the key combination STRG + V. This will transfer your text to the birthday newspaper template.

Creative Quizzes for a Birthday Newspaper

Quiz questions about the birthday child are a great idea to liven up your birthday newspaper. We have listed a whole range of exciting questions for you that will reveal one or two juicy details about the birthday boy or girl.

What was the destination of the birthday child’s last holiday?

With what profession did the birthday child start their career?

What is the birthday child’s absolute favourite dish?

Which famous person has the birthday boy or girl ever met in person?

Which pet did the birthday boy or girl have during childhood?

In which city was the birthday child born?

What is the birthday child’s favourite book?

With what special talent does the birthday child always surprise their friends and family?

Which band or singer has the birthday boy or girl seen live at least three times?

What is their favourite film that moves the birthday child to tears?

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Funny Weather Report for a Birthday Newspaper

Whoever opens a newspaper naturally expects a weather report. To give your birthday newspaper a humorous or ironic touch, you can copy our texts and paste them directly into the templates. In combination with a small picture of a sun or a cloud, the weather report in your birthday newspaper is going to look particularly authentic.

And now for the weather. The forecast for today is exuberant merriment with a risk of loud laughing gales of joy. Pack your sunglasses because the prospects of beaming faces are extremely high. Don't forget to pack your umbrella, there could be a shower of confetti waiting for you. Despite the expected precipitation, high temperatures are to be expected thanks to the warm birthday greetings. Therefore, we recommend a breezy party outfit.

Today’s weather is extremely festive! We see a massive front of congratulatory winds heading our way, and the chances of people beaming with joy are as high as ever. A wind of joy is moving in from the southwest and is forecast to cover the entire birthday area. Be prepared for warmth as the love and kindness of those present will definitely cause temperatures to rise. There is also a risk of flooding from all kinds of beverages.

The weather outlook for today's birthday celebration: strong gusts of laughter are coming in from the east, so be careful not to get blown over. The congratulations index is 100% today, which in turn will bring heavy showers of congratulations. Have your glasses ready, there probably will be rain-wet conditions due to champagne consumption. Wherever the birthday boy or girl appears, bright sunshine always shines through. So, throw on your party gear and join in on the celebrations.

Texts for Horoscopes in a Birthday Newspaper

What glorious future is written in the stars for the birthday child? Original horoscopes should never be missing from a birthday newspaper. For each star sign, you will find a suitable text which holds an interesting prophecy.

🐐 Aries: The stars whisper to us that this year you will be the undisputed king or queen of the dance floor. So, get ready for many evenings of rhythmic moves. Your lucky colour is 'disco ball silver' and your lucky number is the beat you can't keep your feet still to.

🐃 Taurus: Your culinary adventure will be in full swing, with an unusual increase in pizzas and cakes promised by Saturn. However, the stars warn of spilt drinks, so be alert!

👨‍👧‍👧 Gemini: Mercury will draw you to more Gemini this year than you thought possible. But don't worry, they're just mirrors. New hobbies could enter your life, some of which are surprisingly fun - think indoor skydiving or learning a new language.

🦀 Cancer: If Venus is in the sign of Cancer this year, it will bring a wave of spontaneous camping trips to the woods. Looks like outdoor gear should be on your birthday wish list.

🦁 Leo: Jupiter promises a year of laughter and good times, Leo. Your smile and generosity will infect everyone around you. But watch your mane, Uranus could send some bad-hair days your way – so you better have some hats ready.

👼 Virgo: Your organisational skills are in high demand, dear Virgo. Mercury whispers that this year you will become the master of perfectly planned dream trips.

⚖️ Libra: Your charm and tactile skills will shine this year, dear Libra. Look forward to a year of interpersonal harmony and maybe even an original DIY project.

🦂 Scorpio: Your passion and zeal are in the sign of the stars this year. Dating apps and hot chocolate could help you succeed.

🏹 Sagittarius: Your adventurous spirit will be racing ahead at full throttle, dear Sagittarius. A year full of discoveries and exciting journeys awaits you. But always keep a compass at hand because Saturn indicates that you could easily get lost.

🐏 Capricorn: This year will be a wild rollercoaster ride for you between career highlights and intense Netflix marathons. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

🌊 Aquarius: Prepare for a year full of creativity and self-awareness, wise Aquarius. From painting to meditation, you'll find new ways to express yourself and find peace.

🐟 Pisces: Your compassion and sensitivity are the focus of the current constellation. A year of deeper connections and valuable conversations is ahead of you.

Fortune Cookie Sayings in a Birthday Newspaper

Short, crisp, funny - fortune cookie sayings as small texts are the ideal gap fillers for your birthday newspaper. Whether wise words, motivating quotes or enigmatic hints: Fortune cookie sayings will give your birthday newspaper extra liveliness and leave a lasting impression on the reader.

🥠 Watch out! Your party will shine so brightly that it can be seen from the International Space Station.

🥠 Your birthday cake will attract crowds of hungry friends. Make sure you have enough for everyone!

🥠 One smile from you and even the most stubborn morning grouch becomes an early riser. Your happiness is contagious! Keep it going!

🥠 There's an element of surprise waiting for you this year! Your dance moves will suddenly be celebrated as a new trend.

🥠 The laughing muscles will be under heavy strain in the near future - training for the diaphragm is strongly recommended.

🥠Be prepared: a high number of moments of happiness will soon befall you.

🥠 Your happiness will be so bubbly that someone will name a champagne brand after you.

Design & Print a Birthday Newspaper with Your Own Texts

Now that you have enough ideas for the topics and texts of your birthday newspaper, would you like to get started with the design? If so, then take a look at the templates of our free online designer and become a real newspaper publisher overnight.

Our program offers you a wide range of templates which you can easily personalise and design according to your own wishes. And don't worry. Even if you've never worked with a design programme before, our tool is easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can add your own photos and texts, which you can then continue to edit directly on the newspaper pages.

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Print PDF with Your Own Texts as a Birthday Newspaper

If you have a creative knack for layouts and design software, you can also have your self-made PDF file printed as a real birthday newspaper. Design with a programme of your choice and adapt your file to our print specifications for newspapers. Here you will find a checklist with all information on format, type area and image resolution.

If you want to print your birthday newspaper in a glossy look, we recommend our magazine look. Bold colours, crisp texts, high-resolution image details: simply upload your PDF in A4 or A5 format and we will transform your layouts into an elegant birthday magazine with impressive quality. The checklist with all the details for print data creation is available here: print specifications for magazines.

Print Birthday Newspaper

Print your own PDF with personal texts as a real birthday newspaper

Icon for self-made birthday newspaper Format: 280 x 400mm (≈ DIN A3)

Icon for self-made birthday newspaper 49 gsm to 90 gsm papers

Icon for self-made birthday newspaperFrom light as a feather to handy

Icon for self-made birthday newspaper Nostalgic charm

Icon for self-made birthday newspaper 4 to 40 pages

Icon for self-made birthday newspaperUnstapled newspaper sheets

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Icon for self-made birthday magazine Format: DIN A4 or DIN A5

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Icon for self-made birthday magazineIntense photos & colours

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