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There are many reasons why it is worthwhile to print your own magazine. Magazines are beautiful print products with a special appeal. They stand for quality, seriousness and pure reading pleasure. While other printed products quickly fade or yellow, magazines retain their shine even after a long time. This is mainly due to the high-quality paper and the better print resolution. But it is not only the feel and the look that are decisive. Magazines also score with their excellent content. Detailed research, clever texts and impressive photos are their recipe for success. In contrast to hectic online media, magazines convince with interesting articles and comfortable layouts. Each page has a clear order and well-arranged structures. The advantage over the internet: In a printed glossy magazine, no one has to scroll down endlessly to reach their destination.

On Smartpaper24 you can now print your own magazine quickly and easily. Either design with the templates of our designer or upload your own PDF file. Whichever way you go, we'll produce your custom magazine in attractive short runs starting at just 1 copy. Discover our templates for magazines

What makes magazines so irresistible for readers in detail is revealed in our top 5 list:

1. Paper quality

Compared to a classic newspaper, magazines rely on a higher grammage when it comes to paper. The grammage describes the weight of the paper in grams on the surface of one square metre. However, a higher grammage value does not automatically mean that the paper is also better. It always depends on the context and the expectations of the reader. For a daily newspaper that invites quick use and is produced in large quantities, a thinner and cheaper paper is sufficient. In contrast, magazines represent longevity and durability. Even after repeated reading, the paper feels comfortable in the hand without tearing or becoming brittle. That's why this glossy format is a great solution for high school graduation magazines, wedding magazines or corporate brochures. Magazines defy the ravages of time and look as if they have just been printed, even after many years.

2. Reduced mirror effect

Just change the angle when reading and flashes of light will sting your eyes. To avoid such light reflections and increase reading pleasure, many magazines work with a silk matt paper. The pages not only feel soft and smooth between the fingers, but also reduce light reflections to a minimum. Even in the brightest daylight, reports can be read and photos marvelled at on a premium paper without being dazzled.

3. Crisp print resolution

Lifelike colours, vivid images and razor-sharp textures. With their exceptional print quality, magazines succeed time and again in enchanting readers and winning them over. The high print resolution makes magazines a feast for the eyes. All content stands out legibly against the background, making it particularly vivid. Perfect for publishing photos and graphics with captivatingly beautiful detail. The hand-friendly paper and the better print resolution also have a positive effect on the perception of your texts. A higher quality in the print presentation automatically suggests competence and know-how. After all, if you have your reports printed as a respected and prestigious magazine, you know exactly what you are doing.

4. Book feeling - closed & compact

Individual magazines with different themes and designs

A magazine is a uniform and holistic print product that you can open like a book. Thanks to the robust staple binding, the pages remain firmly together as a coherent medium. This not only gives the impression of stability, but also of roundedness. Unlike on the internet, with a magazine you are not lost in an endless desert of links and buttons. Magazines are dedicated to a complex of topics and then try to explain and illustrate it down to the last detail on a few pages. The motto of magazines: compact information in brilliant glossy print. So if you want to present your content to a fixed group of readers in an elegant and at the same time clear format, you cannot do without a magazine. For this reason, many trade & special interest publications appear in magazine form. From car magazines to music magazines and computer magazines to home & garden magazines - there are no limits here, only possibilities.

5. Print image to the edge

With magazine printing, the format and type area of the pages are identical. This means you can have your layouts and images printed right to the very edge of the page. In contrast to newspapers, magazines do not need a free white margin for production. This opens up new possibilities in presentation and design. For example, magazines are ideal for panorama prints. Since there is no white margin, you can easily create printed images with a seamless overflow across two pages. Photos in particular look much more spectacular when printed on both sides. Here you can make full use of the format's size. Harmoniously and without breaks in the print image!

The advantages of our Smart Magazine in detail

The advantages of a printed magazine have made you curious? Then start the free designer now or send us your own PDF file. With us, you can become a professional magazine maker in no time at all. Here is an overview of the technical data of our Smart Magazine:

  • Price-effective magazine printing from 1 copy upwards
  • Classic A4 format (210 mm x 297 mm) or handy A5 mini format (148 mm x 210 mm)
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • Grip and satin 135 g/m2 paper
  • Reduced light reflection for better readability
  • Print resolution of 1200 dpi
  • Print images right up to the edge of the page
  • Stable stapling

Design magazine with template in Designer

Design your own magazine and have it printed in small quantities

You're not a design pro and looking for an online tool to create your own magazine? Then our Magazine Designer is your perfect introduction to print. Simply choose a magazine template, set your desired print options and let your creativity run wild. The Designer is an easy-to-use layout programme for which you do not need any technical knowledge. Click by click, you add your personal texts, images and logos to the magazine pages. All objects can be moved flexibly and freely. In just a few minutes you can create original layouts exactly to your taste. After designing, you can order your individual magazine at the touch of a button. Check the print view of your pages with our preview function and simply complete the online order process.

Choose template & design magazine

Print self-created file as a real magazine

The magazine templates in the Designer are a design aid for beginners. However, you are also welcome to design your magazine with your own programme such as InDesign, Word or PowerPoint and then upload your PDF file. Before you order, a print data check will tell you whether you have done everything right or whether there is still room for improvement on some pages. If everything fits, you can order your self-created magazine online in any edition. We even print for you from just 1 copy!

Upload your PDF & print a magazine