Variety of newspapers stacked on top

In our digital age, is it even worth printing a newspaper on paper? The answer is: Definitely yes! Because newspapers have an effect on the reader that cannot be compared with digital offerings. Unlike the web, newspapers convey tangible information with which readers engage much more intensively. Here you can find out why newspapers, especially in printed form, succeed time and again in convincing readers and winning them over.

1. attention

Whoever reads a printed newspaper is bright awake. Here there are no flashing buttons, sudden pop-up windows or second screens. The reader concentrates fully on the content while reading the newspaper. This is exactly what makes newspapers so attractive for high-quality editorial articles and advertisements. The reader's focus is solely on the newspaper page he is engaged with at the moment.
So while newspaper readers are seriously engaged with the content, online readers tend to just scan text. They don't really immerse themselves in the text, but merely skim the headlines and the first lines of paragraphs. What online readers are looking for are functional and pragmatic solutions. This often has nothing to do with fun and pleasure in reading. The situation is different with print products. Here, readers allow themselves a moment of rest to read a text from beginning to end and let it take effect on them. Only in this way can important keywords and statements remain in the memory for a long time.

2. Credibility

Newspapers always cut a good figure and make a serious impression. Printed on paper, messages are more credible. On social networks, anyone can publish a post at the drop of a hat. The result is false reports and spelling mistakes that often give us a headache. In contrast, a printed newspaper is preceded by research, planning and a lot of attention to detail. A text on the internet can be changed or removed at any time. But if you have your texts printed in a newspaper, you put more work into the content quality from the outset. Readers also appreciate this. Because we automatically classify the information of printed newspapers as reliable and confidence-inspiring.

3. Reading comfort

Reading a newspaper in a café

Newspaper layouts create structure and overview. On a newspaper page we have all the content at a glance without having to scroll down several times. We can orientate ourselves much more easily and better estimate how much reading time an article will take. On a smartphone screen, we only ever see a small section. Here we often miss the red thread, which we recognise directly thanks to the layout of a printed newspaper page. This is also reflected in our memory. With print media, we have a concrete idea, even at a later point in time, in which section on the page we have read a certain piece of information. We lack such orientation with digital media. Since we are always presented with the content in small chunks on a small screen, we lose sight of the big picture. As a result, we perceive a large part of the information only fleetingly. In the next moment, however, it is already forgotten again.

4. Haptics

Newspapers are an experience for all the senses. The smell of the newsprint, the delicate pages in our hands and the typical crackling when we open the newspaper. All this makes reading a newspaper so enchanting. Due to the special feel, we perceive the contents of newspapers as handsome messages to which we build a strong connection. The hectic flickering of the screens of our smartphones, tablets & co cannot keep up with this.

5. Tradition

Different newspapers rolled up next to each other

Even though the printed circulation of daily newspapers is shrinking by a few percentage points every year, newspapers continue to be one of the most well-known and at the same time most popular sources of information in the media landscape. Newspapers have shaped our social life for over 300 years. It is simply impossible to imagine our everyday life without them. Whether in the morning at the breakfast table, at lunchtime with a cosy cup of coffee or in the evening in the underground on the way home: printed newspapers are omnipresent in public. They are a familiar product that everyone has held in their hands at some point. Their familiarity and simplicity make them so indispensable. While the internet overwhelms older people in particular with its complexity and abundance of links, the clear layouts of printed newspapers are a pleasant alternative.

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