Smartpaper24 - newspaper printing for everyone

Want to find out more about our philosophy, business model and company history? Then keep reading to dive into the exciting world of our online printing service.

New perspectives in newspaper printing

We are motivated by your print ideas. Our goal at Smartpaper24 is to open up the potential of printed newspapers to a wide market. For many years, the newspaper business has been in the hands of certain publishers and editors-in-chief: those times are now changing. While the circulation figures of daily and weekly newspapers are constantly falling, personalised newspaper products are experiencing a real boom. The print business is not dead - it’s just changing. And that's precisely where Smartpaper24 comes into play.

Online printing service - print smart!

As part of Funke Druck GmbH, we look for innovative distribution channels to enhance newspapers as a medium and increase the appeal of print products. Along with printing in-house brands (WAZ, NRZ, WP, WR, IKZ), our online shop gives you the opportunity to print as many copies of your custom-made newspapers as you like, even from as little as 1 copy! What was once impossible due to high printing costs and a heavy workload is now a reality. Both large and small customers benefit from our services that help you quickly and easily implement your newspaper projects. Whether digital printing for small print runs or high-performance coldset printing for larger runs, Smartpaper24 has the right solution for every print requirement.

From to - a success story

Since 2017, we've celebrated success throughout Germany along with our sister site and have realised thousands of newspaper projects.
Winning the 2018 Print Innovation Award in Berlin was a great moment for us. The jury honoured us in one of the main categories for our small-scale printing services (Smartpaper One) and its associated design programme (Smartpaper Designer).
The Designer provides printable newspaper templates for various occasions, which the user can customise by adding their own content. Print formatting? Negative! Users can insert their text, pictures and QR codes into the layouts at lightning speed without any prior knowledge required.

Smartpaper24 is now taking the step towards internationalisation. Our perspective: global online newspaper printing at affordable prices. We’re pushing the boundaries of the newspaper market and giving customers the chance to create as many of their own, customised print products as they wish, using our online platform. And now we’re going beyond Germany!
Smartpaper24 also features a newly developed newspaper designer tool that gives even greater design freedom. You don’t just add your content to the templates but you also determine the layout. Every text box and image area can be placed where desired. This lets you create a newspaper with a unique composition of images and text and high recognition value.

Print a newspaper and express emotion

Have we sparked your interest? Then become your own newspaper publisher today and use Smartpaper24 as a professional partner for your print ideas. Newspapers are far more than just a source of information. As a firmly anchored cultural asset, newspapers always convey feelings and attract readers. Unlike smartphones and tablets etc., newspapers are an effective alternative in the advertising industry thanks to their physical properties. While digital content only achieves short-term effects, printed messages remain in your readers’ memories for much longer.