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Lovely templates for wedding stationery & wedding cards

"Love alone understands the secret of gifting others and getting rich in the process itself." Tell the greatest love story of your life and create your custom wedding stationery now. From charming invitations and thank you cards to creative wedding stationery and sleek magazine-look photo albums. Here you can immortalise the most beautiful day ever on paper and share it with family and friends forever. Either use the lovely templates from our online designer or upload your own PDF file directly. We print your homemade wedding cards, wedding newspapers and wedding magazines in the desired quantity. Even from 1 copy!

Design & print a wedding newspaper

What commits itself forever also deserves its own newspaper. A wedding newspaper is the perfect gift to surprise the bridal couple and the guests on the day of the wedding. Our templates present you with a variety of examples and ideas for the design. Title pages, family trees, profiles, wedding quizzes - let yourself be inspired by the ready-made layouts and load your own texts and photos directly into the pages. With just a few clicks, you can create a unique wedding newspaper that your readers will remember for a long time. Especially for silver or golden wedding anniversaries, the newspaper feeling provides a nostalgic flair that appropriately underscores the celebration. Take a look at our creative templates for wedding newspapers now and start the free online designer afterwards.

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Wedding Newspaper Modern

Smart and stylish, our modern wedding newspaper template offers you harmonious designs with a wealth of ready-made content tips. Simply replace the placeholders with your individual reports and images and get a wedding newspaper in a class of its own.

Wedding paper watercolour

Our watercolour style wedding newspaper template allows you to create a uniform and elegant design. Above all, the chic watercolour designs give the newspaper a common thread and make it a real eye-catcher.

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Hochzeitszeitung mit klassischer Vorlage selbst gestalten

Wedding Newspaper Classic

If you're looking for a decent and well-composed template for a wedding newspaper, you've come to the right place. Our classic templates can be designed quickly and will melt any heart.

Wedding Boulevard

The wedding newspaper tabloid template is a real feast for the eyes and is based on the dressing of well-known scandal sheets. Ironic headlines, funny photos, reports from the bachelor party. With little effort, you can create a loose and entertaining wedding newspaper that looks like a real newspaper.

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Silberhochzeitszeitung mit Vorlage gestalten

Silver wedding newspaper

Take your readers on the journey of a long love story and create an unforgettable silver wedding newspaper. On 4 to 40 pages you will find enough space to present the best photos and anecdotes of the last 25 years.

Golden wedding newspaper

50 years of inseparable love! A Golden Wedding Anniversary is the ideal keepsake to celebrate the anniversary couple properly. Look back on a moving time and turn the highs and lows of half a century into a real newspaper that will touch your readers.

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Eigene PDF als echte Hochzeitszeitung drucken

Print wedding newspaper

Do you prefer to design your wedding newspaper with a programme of your choice? Then you can have your self-created PDF printed as an authentic wedding newspaper here. After the PDF upload, our automatic data check will tell you whether your newspaper is ready to go and printable.

Create your Wedding Newspaper as an elegant Magazine

Here you can design your wedding newspaper as a high-quality magazine that shines with bright colours and strong print details. Simply start our magazine designer and make a wedding newspaper for eternity. The photo-friendly and durable 135 g/m2 paper feels comfortable in the hand without tearing or yellowing. Even after repeated leafing through, your wedding newspaper will retain its unique radiance. As a gift for the bride, as a commemorative publication for all guests or as a memorable photo album. Our template is full of imaginative designs and motifs to help you create your wedding magazine. If you feel more comfortable with your own software, you can also upload your PDF directly here. Whether with or without our designer programme: We print your personal wedding magazine from just 1 copy!

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Wedding Magazine Silver

A homemade Silver Wedding Magazine is a special gift that the anniversary couple will remember forever. The template offers you exemplary templates for contact notes, quiz questions and wedding bingos, which you can take over and adapt in no time.

Wedding Magazine Gold

Tell the story of an undying love and design a Gold Wedding Magazine. The template presents itself from the first to the last page in a harmonious gold design that perfectly matches the 50th wedding anniversary.

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Design emotional invitation cards & thank you cards for wedding

Every wedding begins with an invitation card and concludes a few weeks after the wedding with a thank you card. Wedding cards thus form a successful framework that makes the day of celebration complete. In our creative online designer, you can design your personal invitations and thank-you cards as real postcards with little effort. Both in the classic DIN A6 format and in the large maxi format. Our range offers wedding cards for every taste. From cool vintage cards to stylish save-the-date cards and flowery motifs. Each template shows you a ready-made basic idea whose layout you can either adopt or completely redesign according to your ideas. If you wish, your card can also be addressed directly and sent to your guests freshly printed. If you are a design professional and don't need our card designer, you can also use our practical PDF upload.

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Wedding Cards - Invitation

Send friends and family a make your own wedding invitation card. With the help of our card designer, you can load your personal texts and photos into the template in no time at all.

Wedding Cards - Save-The-Date

As an initial invitation or as a reminder of the most important date of the year. Our save-the-date card templates are made to prominently display the date of the wedding in the mailbox

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Dankeskarte für Hochzeit mit Vorlagen gestalten

Wedding Cards - Thank You

Tell your wedding guests a sincere thank you and send them your customised thank you cards. The cards also make a great memory to hang on your notice board or fridge.

Wedding card printing

You have already created your wedding card with your own program? Then go directly to our convenient PDF upload and have your cards printed now in precise quantities.

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Your online printing for custom wedding stationery & wedding cards

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