Templates for birthday newspapers, birthday magazines and invitation cards

Creative birthday stationery & invitation card templates

Every age is a gift that makes our lives richer. To mark your special day, you can create and print your personalised birthday stationery here. Whether a homemade invitation card, an original birthday newspaper or a festive magazine with photos and memories of the past years. Discover our multiple templates and start the free online designer. With just a few clicks, you can create an individual print product that will put both the birthday boy or girl and their friends and family in the right mood. You don't need to download any extra software for this. Simply fill the templates with your own texts and images and arrange the layouts according to your taste. After designing, you can order your self-created cards, newspapers and magazines in the desired quantity. Also in small and mini editions from 1 copy!

Design & print a birthday newspaper

A birthday newspaper is the perfect gift to celebrate the anniversary child. On 4 to 40 pages you have enough space for all kinds of anecdotes, photo galleries and congratulations. The ready-made pages of our birthday newspapers support you as a source of ideas and starting help. Whether a funny gift newspaper for a 30th birthday or a serious commemorative publication for an 80th birthday. In our online designer, you can tailor the templates to the upcoming birthday celebration in no time at all. All objects on the pages can be flexibly moved, exchanged or removed. After just a few moments, you can edit the pages like a professional newspaper maker.

Customise birthday newspaper with tabloid-style template

Birthday newspaper tabloid

The template for our birthday newspaper is based on the style of well-known tabloids and offers you ready-to-print layouts that you can enrich with your own content in no time at all. Fun stories from your school days, photos from your holidays, congratulations from friends and relatives. Open the online designer and load your ideas directly into the pages.

Birthday Paper Classic

Tell the story of a long friendship and surprise the birthday boy or girl with a classic birthday newspaper. Particularly chic here are the prefabricated chronicles, with which you can set the scene for the most beautiful moments and memories.

Design your own birthday newspaper with classic template

Print your own PDF as a real birthday newspaper

Print birthday newspaper

You can also design your birthday newspaper with your own programme and upload your PDF here. We print your self-created birthday newspaper already from 1 copy.

Design & print Birthday magazine

Do you prefer to create your birthday newspaper as a high-quality and long-lasting magazine? Then take a look at the templates of our charming birthday magazines now. Here too, you can either design 4 to 40 pages online with our designer programme or upload your finished PDF file directly. No matter which way you choose: We print your magazine on elegant and photo-friendly 135 g/m2 paper, which retains its gloss even after repeated reading. Whether as a classic DIN A4 or as a compact DIN A5 - now make a unique birthday magazine that will leave both the birthday boy and the invited guests speechless.

Birthday magazine template design for women and girls

Birthday Magazine Girls

Your best friend or your sister is celebrating a birthday soon? Then start designing a first-class birthday magazine now. The template for our girls' version can be filled with your individual reports and pictures in a flash.

Birthday Magazine Boys

Whether for a good buddy, brother or dad, take advantage of the cool art design of our template and design a birthday magazine as an unforgettable keepsake.

Design birthday magazine with templates for men and boys

Have your own PDF printed as a high-quality birthday magazine

Print birthday magazine

If you don't need an extra template, you can also have your own PDF printed as a real birthday magazine. Simply choose your quantity and format size and upload your print data.

Design & print a birthday invitation card

An invitation card is the beginning of every successful birthday party. But invitation cards only make a special impression when you personalise them with your own texts and photos. This is how you whet people's appetites for the upcoming party. Forget about lame, run-of-the-mill motifs from the card stand and use our comfortable online designer to create your invitations yourself. In our repertoire you will find appropriate templates for every age. Thanks to the flexible tools and templates, you also have the option of completely turning the cards inside out and redesigning them according to your wishes. In combination with an address list of your guests, you can also have each invitation card printed with an individual address. This is a great effect and saves you a lot of paperwork afterwards. Simply select the option with addressing and then start the Designer programme. After designing, you can simply send us your address data as an Excel or CSV file to

Design invitation card for children's birthday with template

Invitation card children's birthday

The template of our colourful invitation card for children's birthdays is an absolute eye-catcher. Simply add a photo of the birthday child and add the date, time and place of the party. And voilà: The homemade invitation for a child's birthday party is ready.

Invitation card 18th birthday

Coming of age is an unforgettable day that deserves a big party. Send your friends a customised Eighteenth Birthday Invitation Card now that they'll love to hang on their noticeboard as a keepsake later on.

Design 18th birthday invitation card with templates

Design invitation cards for round birthdays with templates

Invitation cards round birthday

Whether it's your 20th, 50th or 80th birthday, round birthdays are the occasion for a memorable celebration with family and friends. Take a look at our multiple templates now and create a unique invitation card for your birthday anniversary.

Print invitation card

An invitation card can also be designed in a jiffy using your own programme such as Word, Photoshop or InDesign. In this case, you can also directly upload your ready PDF and have it printed as an invitation card on stable 350 g/m2 postcard paper.

Print your own PDF as a birthday invitation card

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