Newspaper & Magazine Formats

A format is the size (width x height in millimetres) of an unopened newspaper page. In addition to the page dimension, the format also determines the character of a newspaper. Whether as a classic broadsheet with large pages or as a more manageable tabloid with a modern look - each format has its unique recognition value. But which format is the right one for you and your next print project? The decision depends largely on how many newspapers you want to print. While we use a fixed format for our short runs in digital printing, you can choose between many different formats for large runs in offset printing. Get an overview of the whole range of formats in our online shop.

Newspaper format for short runs

We produce short-run newspapers from 1 copy in the smart Smartpaper One format. The page dimensions here are 280 mm wide x 400 mm high. From birthday newspapers to school newspapers and club newspapers to professional employee newspapers: Our short-run format knows how to convince in every situation. Readers immediately recognise the authentic newspaper character and feel directly at home with the format. With us, you have two options for creating your short-run newspaper. You can either upload your print-ready PDF file or use the practical templates of our online programme. Here, all pages are already created in the correct format and you only need to fill the layouts with your personal texts and photos.

Smartpaper format compared to DIN A4

Format for newspaper in piece-rate digital printing
Small-run newspaper format

  • Newspaper printing from 1 copy
  • Format: 280 mm x 400 mm
  • Set area (printable area): 251 mm x 370 mm
  • Upload your own PDF or use online designer
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • 60 g/m2, 80 g/m2 or 90 g/m2 paper

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Broadsheet format for long-run newspapers

Large newspaper broadsheets with great effect. Broadsheets are one of the classics of newspaper printing and give the impression of seriousness paired with a high information content. The full-format pages offer you plenty of space to unfold your content in all its glory. More columns of text, longer articles, larger images. Here you can present your topics and messages in full detail.
The special feature of the broadsheet format is the newspaper-typical crease in the middle of the page. This crease - also called fold in printer's language - makes the newspaper more compact and facilitates transport. In addition, the fold has a fascinating effect on the reader. Those who only see half of the page want to instinctively take the newspaper in their hands and turn the page.

Broadsheet formats in comparison

Classic broadsheet formats for newspapers in industrial offset printing
Formats for broadsheet newspaper in offset printing

The broadsheet format is ideal for traditional reader groups, who want to study a topic in depth and place great value on a classic newspaper feel. In our online shop, you can have your broadsheet printed in either Rhenish, Berlin or WAZ format. The starting print run starts from 2,000 newspapers upwards.

  • Newspaper printing for full formats from 2,000 copies
  • Berlin, Braunschweig or WAZ format
  • Large format pages for premium content
  • 4 to 48 pages
  • 42 g/m2, 45 g/m2 or 52 g/m2 paper
  • Special colouring possible with improved 52 g/m2

Print newspaper in broadsheet format

Tabloid format for newspapers in large print runs

Sometimes less is more. Tabloids are a modern print format that make newspaper products more manageable and attractive. Compared to the broadsheet variant, the pages are significantly smaller. This increases both reading comfort and everyday usability. Tabloids can be comfortably flipped open on buses and trains without looking bulky. Especially with a younger audience, small-format newspapers know how to score, as the pages can be grasped more quickly and the reading effort can be more easily estimated.

Tabloid formats in comparison

Handy tabloid formats for newspapers in industrial offset printing
Formats for tabloid newspaper in offset printing

Having your own newspaper printed in tabloid format is also particularly cost effective. The smaller pages use less paper and ink. Especially with higher quantities of many thousands of copies, the material savings become noticeable in the price. Depending on the number of pages and the type of paper, the newspapers cost only a few cents per piece to produce.

  • Newspaper printing for half-size formats from 2,000 copies
  • Berlin, Braunschweig or WAZ format
  • Practical and convenient page sizes
  • Favourable printing costs
  • 8 to 96 pages
  • 42 g/m2, 45 g/m2 or 52 g/m2 paper
  • Special colouring possible with improved 52 g/m2

Print newspaper in tabloid format

Broadsheet & tabloid - unique selling points

. . . . . .
Advantages broadsheet Advantages tabloid
+ Classic & Popular Newspaper Formats + Modern & handy formats
+ Large & comprehensive pages+ Compact & clear pages
+ Plenty of free space for texts & images+ Best reading comfort
+ Indicator of quality, seriousness & trust+ Refreshing look for optimal reader appeal
+ Side bend for better handling+ Lower printing costs
+ Invitation to intensive reading+ Quick readability

Magazine format for short runs

Our online newspaper printing can also do high-gloss format. In addition to self-produced newspapers, we also print your individual magazines and brochures. Either in the tried and tested DIN A4 or in the charming DIN A5 format. While DIN A4 is the widely used standard size for printer paper, a magazine as DIN A5 is a real eye-catcher. The mini format attracts attention and arouses the reader's interest.

Magazine formats in comparison

Format for magazine in piece-rate digital printing
Small-run magazine formats

In addition to improved paper and print quality, magazines use the entire print area. Where a narrow page margin is left free in newspapers for production reasons, the content in magazines can be printed right to the very edge. Bleed makes it possible. When printing, a 3 mm wide strip is cut off around the pages so that images are flush with the page margin and there are no white flashes. This opens up completely new design and layout possibilities.

  • Magazine print from 1 copy
  • Size: DIN A4 or DIN A5
  • Upload your own PDF or use the online designer
  • Excellent 135 g/m2 paper quality
  • Bright colours & crisp images
  • 4 to 40 pages

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