Offset Printing from 2,000 Copies

Industrial offset printing for newspapers

Strong as an ox, swift as an arrow and precise as a surgeon - our offset newspaper printing combines speedy efficiency with maximum print quality. Even large orders are no problem for us. Quite the opposite! Printing large newspaper runs of 2,000 to 250,000 copies is one of our main specialities.
A look at our printing works speaks volumes: printing towers as tall as trees, millimetre-precise ink application and paper rolls that weigh the same as a small car. Modern newspaper printing is brimming with the wonders of technology. Nothing old-fashioned about it at all! Seize the opportunity today and print a professional large-format newspaper for your company or agency.

Offset newspaper printing - ‘right off the roll’

Newsprint on large rolls in the printing house

We offer traditional newspaper web offset printing using a coldset process. In plain English, that means we put your created print file on a continuously rolling paper web and allow the ink to dry naturally. Printing, ink drying and folding - these various work steps take place one after the other at our plant. In doing so, we reduce energy consumption, save on retrofitting costs and improve workflow.
Do you want to print your newspaper for an entire football stadium or trade fair, but are you short on time? Then it’s full steam ahead! We can print up to 85,000 newspapers per hour using double production. Even under time constraints, our printers rotate with maximum precision.

Tabloid or broadsheet? We print newspapers in your desired format

The size and format give a newspaper its character. Would you prefer your newspaper to be a large, centrally folded broadsheet format? Or perhaps you prefer the relatively smaller, unfolded tabloid type? While broadsheets show off with large boxes of texts and pictures, the compact tabloid format fits snug in the hand. No matter which version you choose, we'll print your customised newspaper. An overview of our trusted formats:

  • Berlin format
  • Braunschweig format
  • WAZ format
  • Narrow format

Professional offset printing for custom-made newspapers in large format

Have your own newspaper printed in professional offset

A custom-made newspaper achieves high recognition value. Unlike short-lived digital content, printed newspapers exude a sense of tranquillity and professionalism. Newspapers are more patient than the internet, which is where their greatest strength lies. Whereas digital content quickly fizzles out, newspapers have a lasting effect due to their physical properties.
Set yourself apart from the competition and ride a new wave of success in the print business. Order quantity, format, paper type, number of pages, packaging - choose your individual print options in seconds using our online calculator and configure your newspaper according to your exact requirements. This keeps the costs transparent at all times. The calculator automatically adjusts based on your settings to give you a price in real time.

Environmentally friendly newspaper printing from 2,000 copies

Newspaper printing in the modern printing house

Our offset newspaper printing uses environmentally friendly materials and printing processes. We understand our responsibilities in the face of climate change. Every day, we look for solutions on how to optimise our printing works to be more climate friendly. Here are our approaches:

  • Recyclable newspaper: We primarily use recycled paper to print our newspapers.
  • Energy management as per ISO 50.001: We regularly check our energy footprint. Using detailed analyses, we take targeted measures to save energy.
  • Offset printing using a coldset process: Unlike heatset printing, coldset does not require the use of intermediary drying equipment. After colour printing, the newspapers are transported to the next production step in gripping jaws to dry naturally. This reduces both energy consumption and heat output.
  • Resource-conserving detergents/cleaning agents: Printing fresh, flawless newspapers requires that the printers are kept clean too. That’s why we only use non-toxic detergents as per the EC Safety Data Sheet.