Smartpaper One

Print your newspaper however you like

Printing newspapers has never been more flexible. Create your layouts with your own program and upload your PDF afterwards. We will print your file as a real newspaper in any order quantity. Even in small print runs starting at 1 copy. Our smartpaper offers give you maximum freedom for your design ideas. Choose a product now and experience newspaper printing at its best. Whether as Easy Starter at a low price or as a classic Standard Edition. Just click on one of our offers and discover smart solutions for smart newspapers.

  • Print newspaper from 1 copy
  • Upload self-created PDF print file
  • Handy format: 280 mm wide x 400 mm high
  • 4-40 pages
  • Wide range of paper grades
  • Online order process
  • Automatic print data check
Our motto: Printing newspapers made easy. You need help getting your PDF ready for our newspaper printing? Then take a look at our Technical Guidelines. Here you will find all the information about page format, image resolution and font embedding. Adapt your file to the specifications and print your own newspaper now.

Easy Starter - Newspaper printing at a low price

You would like to have your newspaper printed in a quantity of 10 or less copies? Then our Easy Starter is the ideal offer for your small print project. We print your newspapers from a price of 19,80 € and deliver them to your door after 10-12 days. Very simple formula: Print up to 10 newspapers and expect a delivery time of 10-12 days.

Standard Edition - Print newspapers in any quantity

Also in the Standard Edition we print your self-made newspaper already from 1 copy. But you are not bound to the upper limit of 10 copies. You can have your newspaper printed in any quantity you like and benefit from fixed production days and delivery times. If you send us your PDF print file by 2 pm on Tuesdays, you will receive your newspaper the following Monday at the latest. With our Standard Edition you get additional certainty for planning and know exactly when your newspaper is on its way. The price for your individual newspaper starts at 46,20 € in the Standard Edition.

Make newspaper file ready for printing

Technical guidelines

You have decided to use one of our production methods and want to have your own PDF printed as a real newspaper? Great! Then we'll proceed to setup and configuration. You are free to choose the software. Whether InDesign, Powerpoint or Word - you can design the layouts with your program and then conveniently upload them to us as PDF files and order them online. Please note our technical guidelines so that we can produce your newspaper quickly and without detours:

  • Page format: 280 mm width x 400 mm height.
  • Type area: The printable area is 251 mm wide x 350 mm high.
  • Fonts: All fonts must be embedded.
  • images: We recommend a minimum resolution of 145 dpi.
  • Page order: One PDF file, all pages as single pages in correct order one after the other.
You can find more detailed information in our technical guidelines.

Print options in detail

In the calculator you can set up the print settings of your newspaper file with a few clicks:

  • Quantity: How many newspapers do you want to print?
  • Number of pages: Enter the number of pages of your newspaper.
  • Paper type: You can choose between 3 paper qualities. While the 60 g/m2 paper most closely resembles a classic newspaper, the 80 g/m2 and 90 g/m2 paper varieties are slightly thicker and more stable. In addition, your pictures look stronger and more colourful on the extra white 90 g/m2 paper.
  • Format: Handy, practical & compact. The page dimensions (280 mm x 400 mm) are fixed for our newspaper printing from 1 copy.